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  1. Need to get phreddy's contact details to do my smd's on my 2004 Calais
  2. VX Lighter wiring
  3. Starter motor sparking against engine
  4. vs wires to the ecu
  5. Vz ute central locking problems.
  6. vx cranks, fires then cuts out
  7. Opening VX calais ABS module
  8. Amp is staying on while car is turned off
  9. Id this sunroof??
  10. vx calais cruise control harness voltages
  11. Vr v8 cold air sensor, where's my plug???
  12. 2 VS questions: Oxygen sensor & small fuse box wire
  13. I want to fit level 3 dash and power windows to my vs v8 s PAC ute. What bcm and loom
  14. Speedo out by 15kms and cruise control doesnt engage but on dash says activated on vy
  15. 96 bcm details needed
  16. Help with the VT
  17. Power window lacking power
  18. no power at diagnostic plug
  19. VS fuel sender wires
  20. Vt v6 auto cutting out
  21. Cluster Light Problem (Picture)
  22. vq head light problem
  23. Ls1 alternator battery light wire please help searched forever!
  24. Vy head light LED switch
  25. VP buick wiring
  26. fuel pump power issues
  27. Vp wiring diagrams wanted
  28. Rear window switch WL statesman.
  29. Central lock system intermittently works
  30. URGENT! Car won't start after stereo fuse blow
  31. led strip
  32. Power window problems
  33. VP interior light won't turn off
  34. Vy commodore won't start after engine change!! HELP!!
  35. vx senator windscreen wippers wont stop at correct position
  36. Help Please With My Tacho
  37. Anyone have experience with Ex Fleet Cars?
  38. vk 308 wiring conversion help please.
  39. Basic Buick Wiring for hilux conversion
  40. VZ 5.7 Calais ecu issues
  41. vs v8 stato blowing the srart fuse
  42. Sealed Battery Venting Question
  43. Fitting Cruise Control/Indicator Stalk...VX to VT.
  44. new headunit in VX
  45. VS V6 running on test stand - sensor question
  46. Davies Craig EWP install
  47. Intermittent Instrument Guage Failure
  48. VN Ignition Switch Wiring diagram
  49. Horn and Steering Wheel Control Wiring
  50. Electrical Gremlins
  51. New Antenna question for statesman WL
  52. vt thermo fans
  53. indicators sometimes fail - advice appreciated !
  54. Convert manual windows to power windows VT Commodore HELP?!
  55. Engine wont turn off
  56. vn s1 to vr engine conversion
  57. Covering antenna hole vz sv6
  58. Hids staying on even with car turned off keys out
  59. Think my temp gauge has a ghost in it(vs caprice 5L)
  60. Cd player not working, brake lights stuck on, vb commodore.
  61. How to keep my steering controls with dvd player vy s2
  62. No power at all, continuity from engine to battery (+ve)
  63. Stereo back light staying on when car locked
  64. VN-VS electric windows
  65. Alternator isn't charging battery replaced with second hand from wreckers.. Help!
  66. ex cop ve ute problems with internal lighting
  67. Move Power window switch to the door VT
  68. Fuse blowing
  69. Not just another Immobilizer Issue
  70. HTD RR WDO relay? WTF?
  71. VX Berlina Brake light problem...
  72. Vx wiring bcm issue
  73. Key problems/ reprogramming ????
  74. spark plugs
  75. Cruise issue??
  76. Reverse camera in 08 ssv ute
  77. power supply in 08 ssv hardtop
  78. Horn relay location?
  79. Wiring up a rear park/tail lamp socket on a VT Commadore ?
  80. Stereo Shorting & Blowing fuse, please help!
  81. Main Engine fuse keeps popin
  82. Can some one do me a small favour?
  83. what kind of resistor would I need
  84. inhibitor switch wiring for Auto conversion?
  85. VT SS manual add cruise?
  86. Vt 304 conversion wiring problem
  87. Trans wiring
  88. led to boot and sub
  89. Mirror wiring
  90. Manual vz conversion
  91. diagram for the traction control button wiring loom
  92. VT Calais Electric Seats
  93. Led light bar
  94. VY Calais - Auto Dimming Interior Lights
  95. VZ Calais seats into VY Acclaim
  96. Rear Spoiler light not lighting up
  97. Headlights cause car to loose 4th gear
  98. Spark Cut / Misfire Rev limiter onto VR V6
  99. parker lights dash lights and tail lights not working vs commodore
  100. Vs calais sII power windows and central locking shorting out, help!!
  101. P0008 code vz alloytec
  102. Fitment of rear fog light to SSV Ute
  103. ds electric window not working vu ss
  104. 2009 ve omega engine light trouble
  105. Wiring Holden WH Clock into VX Berlina
  106. Aftermarket Power window setup problems
  107. Volt meter wiring help
  108. Need help!!!!!!!
  109. holden vl
  110. Desperate need of manual speedo sensor VR 3.8
  111. wiring vp auto speedo sensor
  112. Help new battery no power to ignition?
  113. What type of bulbs in vs caprice/statesman fog lights?
  114. Wiring up roof lining - help!
  115. VZ power train mode, safety mode, complete shut down
  116. Help with Power windows in vr exec
  117. VIM Rework
  118. Trouble with Power Windows!!!! HELP!!
  119. Alarm up grades on bace models commodores
  120. URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help
  121. Dash lights
  122. can I do this?
  123. alternator buzz with engine off
  124. Stage 3 cluster issues VR
  125. Electrical issues......among other things
  126. vr wagon wont start HEEEELLLLPPPP
  127. HELP NEEDED VX Clubsport wont start!!!
  128. Thermo fan switch
  129. please, tell me this.
  130. Projector lens for VY Head Lights
  131. VS Extra Cables and Plugs in under dash Fuse box
  132. zero power at all
  133. Help Needed!!! No Power for Cigar lighter and Side Mirrors, all fuses o.k.
  134. Ve ute number plate lights not working
  135. VT Interior Light Switch Not Working
  136. VY intermittent dash lights - please help
  137. Battery Cut Off Switch/Isolator Switch
  138. Wiring independent interior light
  139. VE front door wiring harness
  140. Manual vu Reverse lights
  141. colour code for all wires from ecu. Desperate!
  142. Help bcm trouble vs ute
  143. Help with head lights
  144. Vy wiring diagram for vt
  145. Cant get my vl to start
  146. Need help please vs wont start
  147. Wiring diagram for VE Calais / Berlina power seats
  148. VS Commodore Antenna Box with Midi in?
  149. ballast/transformer of vz ss strut tower??
  150. Hid
  151. Radio and Heater Died
  152. VP Level 3 Cluster & Cluster Switch Block Wiring Harness
  153. VT Clubsport no reverse lights or inner brake lights
  154. Interior light problem
  155. What's your favourite type of connection?
  156. Reverse lights, HELP
  157. Vr statesman high beam problems
  158. software for aldl cable
  159. done engine conversion now car wont start
  160. Please help identify this black wire
  161. oxygen sensor wires
  162. wh Statesman indicator and curb light problem
  163. Fairy lights/clearance lights
  164. help with identifying unknown buttons on vc sle
  165. Holden commodore vz cigarette lighter fault
  166. The missing brown wire for tacho signal
  167. Custom Headlight switch using VT wiring
  168. VT V6 5spd wired for speedway - NO SPARK!!!
  169. VT V6 5spd wired for speedway - NO SPARK!!!
  170. VS Statesman cluster to VP Calais
  171. Vu
  172. HID issue in VK
  173. OBD2 Scantool
  174. VT/VX Relay
  175. vp immobiliser
  176. VZ head unit issues
  177. VX Dash cluster change
  178. 96 Clubsport Horn
  179. Another fogligt problem
  180. VT l67 loom on VY pcm
  181. Vy fog light switch
  182. Low Beam HID Which brand is best
  183. What's this plug!!!
  184. Removing the harness from Y series senator
  185. Autronic SM4 ECU into VT
  186. Brake light warning on dash going off (vs caprice)
  187. Vr V6 and v8 body looms, difference?
  188. VX Calais headlights dim when driving
  189. Random Fuse wiring plugged into interior fuse
  190. Do both h4 filaments light up on high beam ?
  191. Holden vx Rear number plate lights, parking lights and dash lights not working
  192. HQ Kingswood spark problem, only runs for couple of seconds
  193. vp v8 into vr v6
  194. VT cruise wire in custom job
  195. '97 VS alternator light flickers
  196. VE Weird Electrical Things Happening
  197. VR Statesman wiring failure whilst car is parked for 3 days
  198. VZ Headlight & Mode switches not illuminating on changeover
  199. Vk calais starting problem
  200. VE S2 USB Connection
  201. Engine Stuttering when floored from a standstill
  202. Traction control Ss ute
  203. VE SS No Electrical power after one days rain
  204. Power window/ central locking issue
  205. Blowing head light bulbs - VS V6
  206. vz motor into vu ute bcm linking issue
  207. WH Stato horn drama
  208. Adventra gearbox
  209. VN Calais Dash malfunctioning
  210. help needed
  211. Speedo wire question
  212. Vs berlina rear lights not working
  213. VZ headlight plug
  214. vz power mirror plug
  215. VT - Checking Climate Air Mix Motor
  216. WM Caprice reversing camera
  217. Are all actuators the same in a 91 Vn?
  218. All Locks and Doors Jammed
  219. Aeriel not working after custom head unit installed
  220. VS V6 ECU questions - running in a Buggy
  221. VN SS ECU Plug
  222. too many wires
  223. Hazards/central locking problem VS COMMODORE SERIES 1 EXEC
  224. rear park assist
  225. Not Commodore Related but tworth a try anyway Its About A Rav4
  226. Help
  227. VS interior light upgrade to reading light style from standard
  228. Issues with brake lights - ve sv6
  229. vz svz update q&a
  230. VN Commodore Indicator Issues
  231. WL Dash Cluster Problem
  232. Headlights staying on?
  233. vy lvl3 cluster lcd
  234. VN 5.0l to VP SS wiring dilemma
  235. Using the car key's 'Unlock' button to power other electrical items.
  236. what cluster is this from?
  237. led brake lights ect
  238. window switch light
  239. Odometer Led Display Back Light Intermittent.
  240. kelvinthomas
  241. Interior lights - 2005 Statesman
  242. VE Omega Series II interior lighting -PLEASE HELP_
  243. VE Omega Series 2 Interior Lights -HELP PLEASE-
  244. Reverse lockout wiring help
  245. Push button ignition
  246. Green plug
  247. VZ ute exterior LED's
  248. VS 5L Auto to Manual wiring.
  249. Drivers Door not locking with Remote 98 VT.
  250. vy commodore battery test fine still wont start occasionally