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  1. Fuel gauge problem
  2. High beam issues
  3. pre-apprentice needing help
  4. Footwell LED wire up
  5. overiding imobiliser
  6. remote operation of hard lid
  7. traction control
  8. o2 sensor 1 wire up to 2
  9. VY engine into VS series 3 Statesman
  10. VY V6 Cruise Control ... Series 1 vs Series 2 different somehow?
  11. converting VP 3.8 to 5.0 - alternator plug ???
  12. installing footwell lights
  13. Alternator condenser - electrical noise????
  14. Issues with lights and indicators on vp Calais
  15. Vs stato dash into vn calais wiring help
  16. No blinkers
  17. Starter motor wire thickness?
  18. Replacing wiring
  19. Having trouble finding a 12volt ignition swtiched positive
  20. Charging battery in vehicle??
  21. VP interior illumination fuse blowing
  22. VS stalled while driving. Won't start. No spark
  23. what pins to bench test vy cluster lights
  24. Electric Window Switch Problem - VY
  25. 5v to close a 12v relay, low amp climate control signal wire to A/C comp clutch
  26. Headlight Wiring Connector Pin Out help
  27. Vn hid troubles
  28. Right Tail light and Number plate lights gone?
  29. headlight wiring issue
  30. VS ALDL port not working.
  31. computer codes flashing through demister light
  32. VZ ute BCM pin out/wiring diagram
  33. Alternator is dead??
  34. Headunit Dramas!!!
  35. VY Air Con Won't Blow Air
  36. How to Reset Aerial Height in VS Statesman
  37. VS Airbag Light stays on after cluster removal
  38. mounting fog lights on front bar.
  39. VE Buzzing Noise from power socket
  40. Buzzing when using cig lighter in VE
  41. O2 sensor wiring gremlins?
  42. Adventra engine swap
  43. VS power windows
  44. VS Commodore ute engine conversion first start issues.
  45. 06 vz wagon gas conversion wiring
  46. steering rack in VR
  47. Vg ute
  48. VX poping fuse after about 10min of driving
  49. VY 5 beeps on start and stop, system check ok though.
  50. VX Executive 2 Boot Lock & Alarm/Immobilizer Not Working
  51. VN starting problem
  52. Vb sle injected 5ltr 5spd electrical problem?
  53. Best way to remove/bypass centre light for VZ roof conversion?
  54. flashing warning lights on vx dash
  55. VP Fan and check engine light stay on 1 min after startup
  56. Reverse camera and monitor wiring + OVERRIDE for when NOT in reverse
  57. 'Blower Fan Relay' wire colours?
  58. vs commodore electrical trouble
  59. Vs Commodore S1, Immobiliser not working yet still able to start car.
  60. ls1 conversion help
  61. VX Berlina Rear lights help
  62. Cant understand wiring diagram..
  63. VP interior lights not working.
  64. What's this plug and wire?
  65. Urgent Vl rear window switches wire order
  66. 1995 V6 Ecotec cooling fan not starting
  67. Car shorting out why???
  68. Fuel gauge/temp. gauge/dashboard lights/ lighter problem Statesman Ecotec 1995
  69. Vy hsv bcm wiring diagram wanted asap
  70. VY LS1 Main Engine bay Fuse/Relay Box disaster!!! Anyone have some diagrams...
  71. Vl engine wiring trouble! Where does this go??
  72. Where does this wire go?!? Vl commodore wiring problem
  73. Vy ss engine loom dash plug
  74. Vr 304 auto engine loom converting to manual
  75. Wiring/Fuse Problem with Head unit
  76. ECU Help
  77. Ls1 + th400 into vn using t56 engine loom.
  78. Indicators please help
  79. VT 304 Metal Insulated Spark Plug Leads Required?
  80. RB26dett In Hr Holden
  81. 3v LED with resistors
  82. vy clubbie interior light
  83. Car wont start
  84. Where is the internal fuse block ???
  85. WHII Statesman - Analog clock and High Beam Indicator not working. Are they related?
  86. t10 vs t20
  87. HID H4 VY HI/LO or Single Beam?
  88. Mechanical Speedo with gear box with electric VSS - what to do?
  89. Infection problem Hilux conversion
  90. VK Calais - Coolant Level Sensor wiring
  91. VT S2 indercater problem ??
  92. VT Interior light Problem
  93. "PRESS REMOTE" light shows up on VN dash??
  94. Crank angle sensor plug no voltage?
  95. Car won't turn off
  96. VT Berlina LED Light Installation - Boot
  97. Elec prob alarm blows lotsa fuses! NEEDS HELP!
  98. Power Socket
  99. Wiring up 20amp sockets for VY
  100. no constant power to head unit
  101. Battery Vs Audio System
  102. wh electruc front seats
  103. Holden VZ sunglasses holder wiring question
  104. hey im new here and doing a Rb30 conversion and auto in my vk 202 efi
  105. Installing a USB connector in a VE Series 1 to charge a GPS
  106. VX air con issues, take to auto elec or air con place?
  107. VE Series II interior lighting fuses
  108. Engine loom to main body harness plugs, are they the same on VN V6 and V8?
  109. Lost VS Maloo keys with immobolizer - by-passing immobilizer and new key
  110. earth wires.... can there be to many???
  111. VS only cranks when bridging starter relay
  112. VC Commodore SL/E Electric Door Lock Relays OEM
  113. vx pwr window motor or relay (clicking)
  114. Full VT Air Condtioning Wiring Diagram.
  115. VY2 SS 5.7L Ute AIr Con trouble????
  116. Fuel Pump Wiring.
  117. Intermittent starting problem vs 5.0L statesman
  118. VU maloo remote door lock
  119. Vt wiring diagram
  120. V6 conversions wireing loom (need help)
  121. VN power windows???
  122. crushed wiring harness
  123. Vs s2 no reverse lights after wiring harness change
  124. BCM Help
  125. coil not firing
  126. engine wiring for supercharged v6 manual conversion.
  127. Approach lights
  128. Monaro not starting ??? Technical
  129. Accelerometer needle light don't work when lights are turned on
  130. VZ - Door Wiring Diagram
  131. lh tail light wiring
  132. VX Brake lights not working????
  133. VR blade fuse connectors supplier?
  134. HID Help Please!
  135. Help needed stalling and error code 73 vt 1999
  136. wiring diagram
  137. How do I take out the cigarette lighter in a VE Thunder?
  138. Engine fuse shorting when ignition turned on
  139. Vu ss to Vy ss dash conversion
  140. HID High Beam/Flash Issue
  141. ve ss head 1
  142. VS T5 memcal in vt/vx pcm. custom tune?
  143. Low spec S1 vs ute with unknown dash plugs
  144. best coil for a vs v8 statesman
  145. Vh sle
  146. vz ssz binnacle guage
  147. vr statesman remote door lock
  148. help cluster drama's vy equipe
  149. Cranecams hi-6 ignition module!!!
  150. i'm stuck
  151. Install cruse control to VX Excetive?
  152. VS V6 4 Wire O2 sensor earth modification
  153. aftermarket driving lights
  154. VS Statesman V6 to V8, Auto to manual wiring help...
  155. In East Gippsland with TECH2
  156. VR Statesman electric deats
  157. Several question for VH SL/E
  158. connect ls2 coil packs to my ls1 wiring harness
  159. Bad earth??
  160. Spotlights / driving lamp wiring
  161. How to wire reverse camera power wires.
  162. Could bad wiring stop my car from starting ?
  163. VS Commodore stop light swtich
  164. Holden vx r8 sedan to vx commodore wagon power windows transfer
  165. oil pressure gauge
  166. Using a VP V6 starter loom in a 304 V8 conversion
  167. How do you pair a BCM and key?
  168. VT Central Locking not opening/closing
  169. cruise control not working
  170. SRS module problems
  171. vx fuel pump blowing the fuse
  172. Battery being drained
  173. Tacho/Kill switch?????
  174. CAn you replace a HI BCM with LUX?
  175. help- cluster f**** (literally)
  176. old school alt brush change
  177. auto to manual reverse lights
  178. Autometer electrical temp sensor
  179. Vl rb20 turbo needs wiring
  180. rewire vl
  181. Remote cental locking
  182. battery wont stay charged
  183. Wiring diagrams.
  184. Speedo question
  185. looking for vy wiring diagram
  186. VT Charge Voltage.
  187. Projector headlights vy
  188. reversing camera problem
  189. A fool needs to know an answer on how to wire a simple circuit
  190. Unknown connector and GPS tracker
  191. 5 spped Vs Berlina Stalling after Manual conversion?
  192. vk 308 can i use this harness
  193. vs s3 motor, g-box, loom and ecu into vn
  194. VX Intermittent power loss when starting
  195. Dash Lights and Parkers - Ignition
  196. starter tap???
  197. Some questions about the Statesman V6 cooling system
  198. VS ECU wiring diagram
  199. wh statesman warning lights
  200. vk carbie what are these wires
  201. Driving light wiring
  202. clutch causes problems??
  203. Newbie question
  204. Grey male plug with 1 pink and 1 brown wire
  205. HELP only 0.03 volts to low beam on my vp calais
  206. Replacing in-glass radio aerial with bee-sting.
  207. vn parkers stay on
  208. Wiring loom question
  209. vectra v6 opel engine
  210. Vs clubby engine bay fuse box
  211. VS Acclaim power window setup into VR SS
  212. cruise control fuse blowing
  213. Need to know which Crank Angle Sensor wires are which degree
  214. VT Interior Light upgrade
  215. vy center console power outlet access and removal
  216. VT Seties II Berlina
  217. Ve clubby alternator light not goin away
  218. VS commodore faults?
  219. Vs wiring diamgram
  220. Help wiring angel eye lights
  221. VT2 GEN111 dash issues.
  222. Fuse 8 VS Acclaim
  223. VT/VX Smokers Pack (Ashtray and lighter)
  224. Commodore BCM's
  225. Vx fog light wiring?
  226. how do I access the rear window LED brake light and wire on a 2009 VE sedan?
  227. Ac
  228. melting fuse holder
  229. rocker switch light not working
  230. Vt power window conversion
  231. blowing globes randomly
  232. My VS interior light doesnt work any help
  233. VT-VX tail light conversion
  234. LHR door wiring
  235. VS Climate control no power
  236. VY EXEC parker lights not worrking...?
  237. VS commodore high beam issue
  238. vt mode/security diode voltage
  239. infotaiment screen
  240. VE ABS reset?
  241. vp calais not starting every thng flashing
  242. Vn ecu
  243. VP calais climate control and engine fan wont work
  244. problem with drivers side door lock (2002 vy sedan)
  245. VP Engine earths
  246. gauges
  247. battery + in a ve
  248. Looking for Carscop alarm wiring diagram
  249. BOSCH ignition coil....
  250. Vn engine plugs issue