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  1. vk dash cluster change
  2. vx commodore serv error
  3. Vy dash install and car won't start
  4. After VZ wiring diagram or Accessories wiring diagram
  5. Handbrake light glows at night
  6. Fuse
  7. VX - Instrument Cluster Wiring for Park, Neutral, Drive etc
  8. VX - Airbag Alarm beeps when weather is cold
  9. Problems with HID headlights.. plz help!!
  10. WH 5.7 litre Hard starting after filling tank
  11. Ipod / Horn issue
  12. VS Aircon fuse keeps blowing
  13. Vt module v8 - Vs ute 5L
  14. Battery voltage @ 12.2v by morning, car is hard to start. WHY
  15. DIY aldl cable with FT232RL chip on VS commodore
  16. Power Mirror Switch - VU ute
  17. VX Lumina V6 auto - multiple electrical issues...
  18. vy electrical drama
  19. VX Master Window LED light issue
  20. VE tow bar wiring
  21. Can someone please tell me what this code is on a vx commodore
  22. vt Hazard light issue
  23. WH Caprice - WEIRD Electrical Issues... Please help, it's driving me crazy...
  24. Does anyone have a tech scanner in the newcaslte area
  25. I have a v6 1999 Vs commodore ute and it has recently been playing up. with the batte
  26. alternator light for L98 VK
  27. VZ ute Tacho issues
  28. What are these plugs
  29. vl interior light staying on
  30. Vn ss wiring
  31. problems with VE radio door interface?
  32. VE radio and console lights playing up
  33. vy wiring
  34. Changed fuel pump and CAS. What else?
  35. hazzard light issue on VY ss ute
  36. Fuel pump
  37. Vr fuel problem
  38. vr v6 alternator issue
  39. Electrical issue with alternator in vr v6
  40. electric window loom vy ute ?
  41. Tacho wire
  42. Convetion of a V8 5.L memcal chip needs fan option turned on
  43. Installing calais power windows/mirrors/locks on vg ute
  44. VT Tail light/braking issue
  45. VE adding the caprice mirros with lights to standard commodore
  46. Holden VN Speedo adapater for Tremec
  47. VT V6 Auto Wiring Diagram
  48. Vn manual conversion
  49. vr v6 keeps draining battery flat
  50. WL Climate Control LCD in VZ
  51. Random plug
  52. l67 v6 and 4l60e won't start...?
  53. HSV Tail light swap(into a G8) Fast flash confusion..
  54. VT Berlina will not kick over
  55. Change what lights flash with central locking
  56. Vt to vy
  57. No dash lighting after head unit install
  58. Wiring of powered struts using the GM VE Loom 0034
  59. electrical system dead after engine swap
  60. vx acclaim fog lights
  61. VT Commodore will only start if ignition on for 5 minutes first
  62. Vh light wiring diagrams
  63. Steering wheel controls
  64. Vu to vy
  65. Vn windows sometimes work, and work with no fuse?
  66. vn 5l into vs v6 wiring
  67. Check power train light on
  68. Stand alone loom
  69. Fans keep running when engine is cold or car turned off
  70. 2004 Statesman/Caprice interior lights stay on
  71. VZ crewman window won't go up
  72. DVD Security Error
  73. Vt tech 2 scan tool
  74. Vz thunder alternator not charging battery
  75. VS series 3 Cruise control
  76. engine light issue
  77. Vy wiring help
  78. WL Dash and Accessories Electrical Issue: Intermintently powers on / off
  79. SV6 steering controls no go
  80. Fuel pump not getting power
  81. VL starts and runs on 9 volts, have to rev over 3200rpm to make it start charging
  82. VY SS Cruise Control and Traction control not working
  83. wh statesman not starting
  84. Vy dash conversion paying cash!!!
  85. Can I put a VZ SS cluster into a VZ acclaim
  86. Factory Hollandia H700 HSV/HBD Module wiring
  87. My interior light not working
  88. VY Power windows go UP but not DOWN-? Hold 5 secs it goes down?!
  89. Power windows on the fritz
  90. Holden v8 TPS sensor/ Aftermarket one.
  91. Short.........somewhere
  92. Auto to Manual
  93. Electrical Gremlins
  94. Urgent help plz
  95. 304, 1000cfm T/B sensor and questions
  96. ve rear reverse sensors
  97. Parking lights staying on even after ignition is off.
  98. Park/ dash lights coming on with break lights
  99. Senator elec seat question
  100. Help with pcm change.
  101. VN V8 engine harness to VP calais body harness
  102. Ls1 Fan Setup
  103. Start ya bastard
  104. Vy key ring light
  105. VY Aerial will go UP but not DOWN.
  106. car will not start and no power at obd2 port
  107. VX Airbag Light?
  108. VE S1 Rear power window fault
  109. interior lighting issues
  110. vu loom, vy ute
  111. Have a 2000 model VX, and a 2000 model VT commodores, are accessories compatable
  112. VE S1 with S2 IQ HU. What are these 2 plugs?
  113. [VS Ute] Window Wiper Speed - Would it be the motor?
  114. Will i have issues with coil packs here?
  115. Vy dash in vt. Wiring switched
  116. Vz calais roof into vy
  117. Warning light in VR commodore keeps coming on
  118. Power antenna vy commodore wiring help
  119. Rb30 conversion, wiring help needed, VK commodore
  120. VZ Dash cluster tacho wire
  121. wh statesman eurovox stereo
  122. body control module
  123. vn loom diagrams
  124. VS 3.8 ECU pinouts
  125. Ve s2 no power to headunit and a/c controls ??
  126. How do I make my vr hold first
  127. DIY re wiring question
  128. Help Needed for power window fault
  129. Vu commodore no aircon fan
  130. Hilux / VP commodore 6 Conversion, Engine check light
  131. vq climate control issues
  132. alternator regulator is hot to touch on cold car?
  133. WM Grange rear DVD Screen Security Error
  134. How to replace the vz aircon dash?
  135. a LED 12v T5 wedge bulb spastic needs a wiring hand
  136. Need help with coil wiring vp 5L
  137. Reprogramming E1 HSV
  138. vs commodore cruse control.
  139. auto ride level sensor
  140. VS & VN Series 1 Pinouts
  141. VY Dash and LS1 custom install, wiring advice needed
  142. Crossed wires while installing new head unit
  143. Getting Roof DVD / Headrest screens from WM Caprice to work in VE Berlina
  144. Brake warning light on constantly
  145. Power not reaching fusebox on steering wheel stereo fuses 16 and 23
  146. vs station wagon headlights,tail lights not working
  147. cluster dry joint help
  148. LCD display won't illuminate
  149. Vs dual fuel computer
  150. putting traction control into a VT1 calais
  151. ve lumina blinker problem
  152. replace abs module-reset codes?
  153. VQ statesman ecu pinout / wiring
  154. Installing B&M Shifter into Column Shift VS Ute?
  155. Vs ss stolen..- Abs engine light. Help please!!
  156. Urgent help needed
  157. VP 3.8 Wiring
  158. Interior Light cabin Switch Calais into VS V6 Executive
  159. Installing Cruise Control, Manual VS III Ute???
  160. will vs speed sense work with vn ecu
  161. VZ: short between left indicator and dash/parking lights
  162. Is there a constant +ve and -ve wire in power window switch?
  163. VK heater fans not working
  164. WM Caprice Not Charging Battery
  165. vr motor transplant into hilux
  166. wiring foglights to highbeam
  167. VY instrument cluster plug wiring diagram
  168. Broken wire
  169. Need to get phreddy's contact details to do my smd's on my 2004 Calais
  170. VX Lighter wiring
  171. Starter motor sparking against engine
  172. vs wires to the ecu
  173. Vz ute central locking problems.
  174. vx cranks, fires then cuts out
  175. Opening VX calais ABS module
  176. Amp is staying on while car is turned off
  177. Id this sunroof??
  178. vx calais cruise control harness voltages
  179. Vr v8 cold air sensor, where's my plug???
  180. 2 VS questions: Oxygen sensor & small fuse box wire
  181. I want to fit level 3 dash and power windows to my vs v8 s PAC ute. What bcm and loom
  182. Speedo out by 15kms and cruise control doesnt engage but on dash says activated on vy
  183. 96 bcm details needed
  184. Help with the VT
  185. Power window lacking power
  186. no power at diagnostic plug
  187. VS fuel sender wires
  188. Vt v6 auto cutting out
  189. Cluster Light Problem (Picture)
  190. vq head light problem
  191. Ls1 alternator battery light wire please help searched forever!
  192. Vy head light LED switch
  193. VP buick wiring
  194. fuel pump power issues
  195. Vp wiring diagrams wanted
  196. Rear window switch WL statesman.
  197. Central lock system intermittently works
  198. URGENT! Car won't start after stereo fuse blow
  199. led strip
  200. Power window problems
  201. VP interior light won't turn off
  202. Vy commodore won't start after engine change!! HELP!!
  203. vx senator windscreen wippers wont stop at correct position
  204. Help Please With My Tacho
  205. Anyone have experience with Ex Fleet Cars?
  206. vk 308 wiring conversion help please.
  207. Basic Buick Wiring for hilux conversion
  208. VZ 5.7 Calais ecu issues
  209. vs v8 stato blowing the srart fuse
  210. Sealed Battery Venting Question
  211. Fitting Cruise Control/Indicator Stalk...VX to VT.
  212. new headunit in VX
  213. VS V6 running on test stand - sensor question
  214. Davies Craig EWP install
  215. Intermittent Instrument Guage Failure
  216. VN Ignition Switch Wiring diagram
  217. Horn and Steering Wheel Control Wiring
  218. Electrical Gremlins
  219. New Antenna question for statesman WL
  220. vt thermo fans
  221. indicators sometimes fail - advice appreciated !
  222. Convert manual windows to power windows VT Commodore HELP?!
  223. Engine wont turn off
  224. vn s1 to vr engine conversion
  225. Covering antenna hole vz sv6
  226. Hids staying on even with car turned off keys out
  227. Think my temp gauge has a ghost in it(vs caprice 5L)
  228. Cd player not working, brake lights stuck on, vb commodore.
  229. How to keep my steering controls with dvd player vy s2
  230. No power at all, continuity from engine to battery (+ve)
  231. Stereo back light staying on when car locked
  232. VN-VS electric windows
  233. Alternator isn't charging battery replaced with second hand from wreckers.. Help!
  234. ex cop ve ute problems with internal lighting
  235. Move Power window switch to the door VT
  236. Fuse blowing
  237. Not just another Immobilizer Issue
  238. HTD RR WDO relay? WTF?
  239. VX Berlina Brake light problem...
  240. Vx wiring bcm issue
  241. Key problems/ reprogramming ????
  242. spark plugs
  243. Cruise issue??
  244. Reverse camera in 08 ssv ute
  245. power supply in 08 ssv hardtop
  246. Horn relay location?
  247. Wiring up a rear park/tail lamp socket on a VT Commadore ?
  248. Stereo Shorting & Blowing fuse, please help!
  249. Main Engine fuse keeps popin
  250. Can some one do me a small favour?