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  1. Taping into dome light
  2. VR Crankshaft sensor
  3. Installing usb outlets in VT in centre console
  4. need a good sparky for 308 vk in perth
  5. vy to vt 99 wagon
  6. Remote door locking schitzo on VE 09 Omega Wagon
  7. Seat wiring VX to VY
  8. power windows
  9. Vs calais climate control globes
  10. VE wiring in overhead console
  11. vy ecu
  12. Wiring electric aerial (VT sedan)
  13. VR commodore battery light on !!!! Frustrating the hell out of me
  14. VU Fog light to driving light swap.
  15. vx exec garnish to vx calais
  16. URGENT VS Suddenly turned off NO POWER AT ALL
  17. VE Brake lights stay on at night, OK during day
  18. faulty lights ???
  19. Bypassing VY Calais seat memory
  20. Aerial not playing nice.
  21. vs stateo audio problem
  22. Need Help - Security lockout vehicle data mismatch
  23. Electrics/BCM problem????
  24. VR disable VATS please help
  25. Dash lights when braking
  26. ignition condenser wire where to?
  27. vn charging problem
  28. VT LY6 ECU security override for conversion
  29. vs statesman seats
  30. vx ss coil pack harness
  31. VE Omega adding a Bluetooth module
  32. HID head lights.
  33. Led lighting helpp!!
  34. Vn right side dash switches converted to Calais but inductors won't work
  35. indicator problem
  36. 2011 VE SV6 number plate lights and tail lights not working
  37. series 3 vs ute power window conversion
  38. Electrical problems
  39. Parker lights
  40. Vt ecu problem
  41. Vz Cluster Change . ?? Help
  42. VT rear left door electrics not working? please help.
  43. voltage stabiliser
  44. whats the difference between engine harness wiring loom
  45. vt projector head lights burnt out wires???
  46. Is my PCM dead? Only odometer works
  47. Vs loom or vx loom??????????????????????
  48. how to install level 3 dash climate control in a vg ute
  49. RB30 into VH wiring
  50. help no pulse after conversion
  51. No Electrical Power to VR
  52. vr engine and 4l60e trans into vn series 2
  53. Blew up alternator and now no stereo
  54. Vp running gear in Vr exec body
  55. fireball ignition system vk 308
  56. Help in changing dashboard lights in vy
  57. Auto meter gauges
  58. Need help
  59. vz foglights
  60. Vn ecu into vs
  61. Vz Ss hi-beam hid lighting
  62. relay wiring
  63. vuII alternator bolts,
  64. Level 3 dash conversion for VR SS
  65. 5.0l vt v8 conversion starts for a few seconds then stops??!!
  66. vn wiring problems
  67. VY Head Light Issue?
  68. auto meter dash
  69. Starter motor wiring
  70. VR "Upgrade Alarm" Help
  71. Vy S pack fog light looms?
  72. No engine or oil light globes fine, no power to gas or petrol?
  73. Problem with rear brake lights
  74. Power cable from tub to cabin!!!
  75. indicator fuse
  76. HID Kits
  77. InstallingDaytime LED's. Please help.. !!!
  78. Vp series 2 v8 bcm
  79. alternator wiring help please.
  80. Can It Still Be The Actulator On My VZ SV6
  81. N13 *pulsar* tacho/speedo issues
  82. Which Ohm resistors should I buy ?
  83. electric window door looms
  84. RB25DET Wiring Into VS Calais
  85. 08 VE SSV radio climate and ICC keeps tripping out! Help!!
  86. cluster lighting problems
  87. level 3 dash cluster
  88. Fuse blowing when ignition turned on.
  89. wiring a vr stage 3 cluster
  90. VS Commodore earthing troubles?
  91. LED bulbs
  92. vy ss wiring conversion
  93. The pink wire
  94. Headlights
  95. VZ 05 Calais - current leak - electric seats HELP
  96. VE Calais (2008) LH Side Mirror Control
  97. Wiper arm question
  98. Vx power window wiring
  99. stock tacho not working. need help
  100. power window suddenly stopped working. where do i start?
  101. where is my bcm???
  102. ECU/BCM issue questions!
  103. wiring gauge in for wideband?
  104. vx calias parker help!?!?
  105. Ignition problems
  106. HID Lights hsv maloo vz ( same as vz ss)
  107. help in installing daytime LED's
  108. Re-wiring a Vy commodore
  109. '96 VS Cig Lighter Socket - Slight Issue
  110. aibag light on
  111. Vn horn not working
  112. 2006 VE SSV Manual map light fuse
  113. vu ss
  114. Vc led's
  115. VT power issues?
  116. alarm goes off all the time!! help
  117. Bunch of wires under VY centre console...
  118. 96 vs reverse light fuse sparks help please
  119. Wire Size!!!
  120. Auto Headlights - VT/VX Commodore
  121. VT HSV Fog lights
  122. VN V6 Trying to get it to run on the floor
  123. Relay wiring, is my diagram correct?
  124. vp headlight problems help
  125. do i need to...............
  126. Indicator Issue (Highbeams Flash)
  127. vu ss pcm pin outs/ wiring diagram
  128. Air/Fuel Gauge doesnt read right
  129. VY VZ Executive head light switch.
  130. Ex Police Car revert Internal lighting to standard
  131. sound system making electronics become faulty
  132. intermietent starter engagement vz v6
  133. ecotech bench test help
  134. Remote ignition
  135. wiring diagrams
  136. Ex police vz wagon lighting issue
  137. Ex vz wagon lighting issue
  138. Holden nova globs
  139. vs custom power antenna
  140. Hid lights for Vs questions
  141. Fuel gauge not working.
  142. Trailer plug wiring... VP same as VT?
  143. Boot light + Locking light issues
  144. fuse rail help (vk)
  145. Level 3 Cluster - Connector Wiring
  146. Thinking of using fog light button for angel eyes
  147. VY II Calais Climate Control Problem
  148. VU Fogs / Seperate Relay
  149. Injector pulses
  150. VY Fog Lights
  151. vn commodore wiring connector just above brake booster (black and green wires)
  152. [VN] Central Locking Kit
  153. eBay VZ Berlina remote start kit off factory remote
  154. Help vs commodore problem
  155. Head unit not charging iPad
  156. HELP!! No Injector pulse! VN V8 Conversion
  157. im a lil confused
  158. I keep finding capacitors!! WTF
  159. Alternators - battery sense wire
  160. vn custom thermo fan setup
  161. another LED footwell lighting thread - couldnt find what i was looking for
  162. Relocate LPG Gas Switch Position
  163. VS Dash Into VP
  164. interior light dimm off slowly when closing door? vs
  165. Engine swap help
  166. 03 VY fuel gauge, trip meter etc. problem??
  167. Do ve's have canbus wiring for headlights?
  168. 97VS Fitting Electric Arial (What do i need)
  169. Philips X-treme Vision +100 headlights
  170. LED Dash conversion questions
  171. vx headlights
  172. vr-vs under dash fuse box terminal
  173. Is anyone on here an auto electrician?
  174. VY steering wheel controls
  175. Divers side door led saying on? Fml
  176. Dashboard led lighting gold coast
  177. VX SS headlights Fluctuating in brightness
  178. Where do I find a VS V8 auto to manaul conversion kit for a t5?
  179. VP Calais illumination wire fault
  180. VS Commodore Immobilised!! HELP!
  181. How do you fit and wire Pod guages on VE
  182. vx berlina brake lights - opposite
  183. constant +12v in doors
  184. Interior light
  185. High beams make lights go on?
  186. Engine fault light?
  187. Car Alarms!
  188. VY Aerial problems
  189. Diagnose me!!
  190. Aerial goes up, Aerial goes down!!!!
  191. VS series 3 ute
  192. finding vs electric window wiring
  193. 5.7 dropping out passenger side coil bank WTF????
  194. BCM removal from loom
  195. Oil Pressure Gauge Wiring (What have I done wrong)
  196. how to make windows auto maticly go up
  197. VT - wiring electric brake controller, locating a direct + / - cable to splice into?
  198. vz wagon trailer wireing harness
  199. Wiring up a new ECT Sensor for my LS1
  200. LPG dash light with aftermarket Impco system
  201. Checking for shorts on wiring loom?
  202. wirig diagrams
  203. Diodes for Door trim lights
  204. VT wont start
  205. Recommended Sparkies in Western Sydney?
  206. hot wire condition
  207. VT Electrics.
  208. VY LED Mod
  209. Airbag light on VU
  210. Electrical performance items (fuse box question.)
  211. Help please!!!
  212. keyless entry on a vh??
  213. central locking
  214. [HQ/HJ] Car rewiring questions
  215. H4 Headlight Super Loom ???
  216. VT engine in VX wiring issue
  217. ipod connectivity
  218. Fog light switch on WK 2004 Staesman
  219. [96 VS COMM UTE] Cig Lighter is Shorting the AC out
  220. VT Central locking wiring colours and alarm installation negative trigger from BCM
  221. VY Central locking wiring colours and alarm installation negative trigger from BCM
  222. vl loom question
  223. Re-wiring VT for VXII stalks
  224. After A Wiring Diagram For A Vl.....Fitting An Alarm
  225. Break lights malfunctioning Vs calais
  226. Vr commodore reverse lamp issue
  227. v6 buick to gemini help please
  228. VZ Flating battery????
  229. VT Tail Light
  230. VX wont start properly!!
  231. Relays - what one do i replace ?
  232. blew up central locking on VT commodore
  233. vx headlight issues
  234. Battery keeps dying possible electrical problem?
  235. VS wiring
  236. Vp Calais -no speedo after manual conversion
  237. vk mechanical dash conversion
  238. Retrofitting calais stereo buttons on VS, need wiring help.
  239. Fuse rating for aftermarket gauges
  240. VY rear power window switches
  241. VS Boot Remote Lock and remote arial.
  242. VX gauge cluster
  243. gas research straight gas wiring help desperatley needed
  244. 5ltr vn no spark
  245. VS Wagon S2 BCM/Key issues
  246. wiring for WK rear dvd screens
  247. Hard wiring spot lights
  248. Flat Battery - fully charged to dead flat in 12 hours???
  249. HELP..does your dash have to be plugged in???
  250. indicators not workin on vn