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  1. VT Towbar Wiring
  2. engine light on vs
  3. vn dash into a 86 navara?
  4. HID lights vs commodore, high/low beam
  5. VY Instrument Panel Display blacked out
  6. VT wagon rear locking doesnt work
  7. neons in boot
  8. Just bought lights off ebay, any good?
  9. Vu Headlights
  10. vs ignition into vt
  11. blown deck fuse?
  12. under car neons for a vt
  13. Need the "pin outs" on VR/VS LVL 2 and LVL 3 clusters.
  14. Whats this plug for - vs mian wiring
  15. vz incar lighting
  16. help with my vt 98
  17. VT Drivers Side Window
  18. Holden Vt2 V6 Service Error
  19. Help with power windows install
  20. VT air-conditioner fuse
  21. headlight help!
  22. VH Charging Issues
  23. wrong size fuse? or....
  24. HELP!! Horn and Interior Light not working???
  25. VT error code 73 pressure control solenoid current
  26. 253 conversion vl 6 cly wiring problem please help
  27. trans wiring loom
  28. Where is the electrical short?
  29. Cruise Control earth
  30. wiring number plate lights on a vn with vp garnish
  31. led cluster for vp
  32. VS 4L60e wiring issue
  33. vy drivers side electric wondow not working.. any help?
  34. 0 gauge
  35. VT V8 charging problems
  36. fooywell lights
  37. cannot get passenger side firewall grommet back on....
  38. vn berlina converted to maual with crusie control?
  39. SL/E Calais interior light WIRING ISSUE! Please Help.
  40. electric windows
  41. VX Commodore - Cheapo alarm installation/central locking/immobiliser
  42. speaker wires fuggered in door loom
  43. VY HID drivers side constant, quick flicker
  44. tachometer signal in a VX
  45. Need to know! vn calais dash to vs calais
  46. Need to know! vn calais dash to vs calais
  47. VT Dash Lighting Issue
  48. alloytec into 89 rodeo computer issues
  49. best way to removing wiring loom in a vn
  50. Helpl error 48
  51. vs fuel tank sender unit to vk fuel gauge
  52. Run single bean H4 HIDs in VY ss lights??
  53. VT electrical issue
  54. My power window wiring stuff up
  55. Cruise lights both come on but cruise dosnt actually engage?
  56. VR brake lights
  57. VS Power Window/Lock wiring diagrams please
  58. vt rear spoiler brake light
  59. VR v8 conversion
  60. URGENT, Looking for my IAT Sensor locatin and signal wire???????
  61. VRii Calais wiper fail
  62. ps2 in vz
  63. VP Commodore Dash Lights??
  64. WH/VT starting problem
  65. USB diagnostic cable
  66. VY SS Gauges????
  67. Rear window de-fog problem
  68. Replacing ls1 r/h side coil pack/injector wiring
  69. no flashing lights when door locks
  70. Urgent please help wiring question for seats
  71. starting problems i just pulled motor and box outa my vr ute
  72. VH Wiring Help
  73. opinions on good Sealed/Maintenance-Free batteries.
  74. car wont start in park but it does in netural. gay problem
  75. installing foglights in a vt
  76. VY 11 centre LCD in instrument cluster
  77. In Car Neon Problem
  78. Streering control problem
  79. body control module
  80. Recommendation - Canberra
  81. Holden VN SS Neutral/Inhibitor ECM connection HELP!!!
  82. VU S pac wiring loom
  83. Battery Light on while driving.
  84. delete LP Check relay VN V8 loom for VH conversion
  85. VS V8 BT1 Immobiliser Issue
  86. Vr berlina dash problem
  87. neon boot light
  88. URGENT HID question please
  89. HELP! Installing WH elec seats - fuse or circuit breaker
  90. Daylight running lights wiring help please
  91. Looking for VS Stereo wire colour code.
  92. VN Level 3 Dash Lights
  93. Changing speedo cluster
  94. Installing VZ factory cd player in VX Berlina ... advice please
  95. Cruise control
  96. BCM simulator - used by thieves?
  97. Alternator problem
  98. adding switch to factory footwell lights
  99. Vs Commodore Wiring Harness
  100. reverse lights
  101. Speed sensor on t5 in vt
  102. Brake lights and cruise control died fuses are all fine please help!!!!!!!!
  103. vs ecotec in vr
  104. VX Series 1 wiper switch
  105. Front Park light earth problem
  106. Custom Power Antenna Buttons
  107. Dash conversion (expert advice needed)
  108. vr custom ecu help needed
  109. Coil packs
  110. recommend an auto electric shop in vic (eastern)
  111. Is it ok to run a thermo constantly
  112. Car alarm help please
  113. Installing VL fog lights
  114. installing some LEDS in the boot
  115. Footwell LEDs in VE SV6
  116. Car keeps blowing Radio Fuse
  117. Headlights Not Working
  118. horn not working
  119. Strange VS Electrical Issues after Body loom change and extra gear installed...
  120. VY2 Calais drivers seat wiring
  121. VS Statesman 5 ltr
  122. vr v8 to vn v6 help
  123. WH Grange wiring diagram
  124. VS V6 100amp alternator.
  125. battery drain
  126. V6 Holden Mini ecotech wiring?
  127. VZ sc6 steering wheel controls
  128. need help my check engine light dont come on when the key is switched on
  129. vq factory alarm
  130. vx fog light upgrade
  131. VTII Wagon - rear wiper not working
  132. Ignition problems
  133. Beeeeep?????????
  134. V6 VS wont fire
  135. Kill Switch Mod With VN Power Window Child Lock
  136. window switch not working...
  137. Vs rear door power window mounting points?
  138. Thermo fan bypass switch
  139. Installing aftermarket electric antenna
  140. Heater Fuse
  141. vx high beam blacks unexpectedly
  142. Installation of a VS Series 3 Dash
  143. Junny's HID FAQ and chat...
  144. VX Series 1 DASH LOOM - Gen III Manual
  145. WK Caprice Power Mirror Trouble
  146. vz parker light wire's?????
  147. vx park lights
  148. Trailer brake controller for VY Belina
  149. no speedo in vp calais
  150. Converting a VS Auto wiring loom to a manual wiring loom.
  151. Burning Smell..now vr wont start
  152. VERY URGENT: VR electrical issue
  153. Alarm/ Central locking
  154. VS Commodore. Rear Window Heater Fuse Melted, Now No Indicators.
  155. VP SS central locking issue
  156. vs t5 vss
  157. VS wiring diagram
  158. VP Commodore Berlina LX -Ignition and courtasy lights eathing problem
  159. vt series 2 thermo fan -how does it work????
  160. 1996 vr commodore immobilizer problem
  161. Red battery light wont go out
  162. Car alarm DIY or go for a Pro?
  163. No backing lights on Level 3 cluster
  164. low beam headlights earth in a vy
  165. 94 vr statesman tail light problem
  166. how do I wire up driving lights on vx commodor
  167. Electric Trailer Brakes
  168. Horn wire disconnected ??
  169. VZ Sv6 Active Shift button not working
  170. VR 1993 Headeck wiring colour
  171. VY Commodore Cig Lighter issue
  172. vp remote clicker wont switch on computer or unlock doors sometimes
  173. anybody know much about relays i need one that can be turn on by 3.4v for sec and off
  174. Adding secon earth to battery
  175. VS Courtesy Door Lights
  176. vb v6 conversion. wireing diagram for vb v6
  177. VT - ABS and Battery light on.
  178. forwarding odometer on a captiva ?? HELP PLEASE
  179. rear brakelight
  180. NEED electriacain about AC and DC...
  181. headlight issues
  182. faulty vx mirror switch
  183. Vy amp wiring questions and wk caprice stereo wiring
  184. Please Help! Dash Lights and Tail Lights Failure...
  185. vz roof light wire location.
  186. fuel pumps not arming & ignition not kicking
  187. Battery Light Comes On With Indicators
  188. kill switch??? how to and are they worth it
  189. Car Alarm Problem - VY
  190. kill switch with red led flashing
  191. Loosing Charge
  192. Spitfire Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
  193. Can you complete the picture??
  194. Help
  195. VY-VZ climate control
  196. Right indicator remains on when car locked VZ
  197. Fuse Box Terminals/Crimps
  198. Dash lights malfunction
  199. Intake mod please comment
  200. Vs commodore blowing fuses
  201. Vt ls1 auto starts sometimes then cuts out other times it just wont start at all??
  202. Power windows playing up
  203. Vy Sunroof control part no.
  204. Power windows playing up
  205. ext mirror not working
  206. an easy way to hook up a switch to have controll of the thermo fans??????
  207. HID Headlight upgrade kits
  208. help.. VC Commodore, Horn won't work
  209. help....Cannot undo main wiring harness
  210. random plug under center console
  211. VQ Stato Headlamps Very dull but High Beam works....
  212. VP Brake lights
  213. vr commodore alarm install help needed
  214. Battery Light wont go out !!!!!
  215. Undercar Lighting Wiring Help
  216. Reconnecting the HSV LED interior lighting effects
  217. stop lamp not working properly??
  218. VL cigarette lighter wiring
  219. Vr ss cig lighter issue
  220. Wiring able to handly 100/90W light bulbs?
  221. vt 5.7ltr into an overlander
  222. VZ SV6-Indicator blub melting
  223. courtesy light wire for footwell lights.
  224. VS Electrics going crazy
  225. VN fan wiring diagram
  226. Ext mirrors Q
  227. Boot light
  228. white plug behin vl glovebox help
  229. Cruise control not working after upgrading my level 2 dash to level 3
  230. change vs dash??
  231. head lights going crazy !!
  232. Coil Pack/Ignition Wire VT?
  233. Help Needed VE HVAC
  234. VE Dash Gauges
  235. No idiot lights, will crank but not start.
  236. calais door trims
  237. where is the best place
  238. VS series 2 ecotec ECM codes through ALDL
  239. Problems with Instrument Lighting in VP SS
  240. vt acclaim no lights
  241. Battery Light Dim - WH
  242. Electric vq caprice seats into vn calais
  243. Cabin Foot Rest lights............Help needed
  244. Cruise control not working with new instrument cluster
  245. Alternator voltage regulators
  246. Anyone know anything about this wire?
  247. VZ Seats into VT
  248. Pcm
  249. ALDL Cable For Vs Commodore - Where To Buy ???
  250. rb30 into vn wiring questions .