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  1. MSD dizzy
  2. Good Alternator not supplying charge
  3. vt calais sunroof
  4. vn dash/ console light help
  5. vx steering wheel controls
  6. Ignition assembly
  7. VY electric seat wiring diagram?
  8. vt wiring diagram / aircon problem
  9. VS SPEAKER INSTALL: help needed!
  10. VX Power Winow Install
  11. bypassing a vr immobilizer permanently
  12. Project VH
  13. 3rd brake light plug? where is it?
  14. VT wiring diagram
  15. Universal electric antenna wiring
  16. Some help
  17. VZ Central Locking Alarm!
  18. How to check if Clock spring is faulty
  19. whats an easy place to source lighting for guages vk?
  20. VP Fan Speed Resistor
  21. vx commodore power train light?? help
  22. vx commodore power train light?? help
  23. Brake light (stop lamp) fuse keeps blowing
  24. Negative Battery Wire extension
  25. VT commodore electrical fault, reverse, brake and head lights
  26. VY Cigarette Lighter Removal
  27. VY Possible wiring Fault (FIRE)
  28. Last few wires left!
  29. VZ Blaupunkt radio question
  30. volts jumping all over the place 10 to 16v help needed please
  31. air con cuts out? maybe electrical fuses?
  32. VN Dash Lights Stay on Without Key in ignition
  33. Connections..
  34. Sticky indicator problem on a VZ Commodore
  35. vk temperature gauge
  36. Lost all my interior lights, head and tail lights
  37. ASR/Phreddy counterpart in Melbourne?
  38. Fuse box replacement
  39. RHF Park Lamp not working, but getting power?
  40. power Aerial
  41. V6 in Vk temp gauge
  42. odometer light not working
  43. VE V6 battery verses a V8 battery
  44. Help With Vl Carby Engine Loom
  45. vs caprice vanity mirrors
  46. VS L67 engine fuse blowing
  47. How much to wire up my car??
  48. wiring aftermarket fog/spot lights properly ?
  49. no power to starter
  50. no power
  51. Help with footwell LED install
  52. theft deterent missing-can i put a new wire from bcm to ecu?
  53. Park lights vs brake lights vs cruise control
  54. Where is the 12 volt ignition wire in VL commodore (Connect fake alarm light)
  55. sterio and trip metre wont turn off /a power window problem also
  56. Indicators come on (continuous light) when thermo fan cuts in??
  57. Wh caprice 2002 5.7l - dash lights coming on intermittently
  58. Wiring A Kill Switch On A VN Exectutive
  59. no power to my fuel pump
  60. Incorrect wiring for interior lights
  61. heater fans wont stop
  62. flooded vx elec parts
  63. Speedo problem never seen before...
  64. VX Exec Neon Wiring questions
  65. Problem with speedo, need help ASAP!!!
  66. how to perform a simple engine diagnostic scan on 94 VR V6
  67. VR SS 1994 5L auto to manual conversion trouble
  68. Cig Lighter powerboard thing
  69. VS level 3 dash
  70. VR Berlina to Executive dash
  71. vk dash lights
  72. radio & lights staying on
  73. Thermo fan problems VS Statesman
  74. vs twin thermo confusion
  75. need help can't find answers, twin thermo wiring
  76. Swapped DFI/Coil Pack, car only starts when wiggling plug leads, Replace plugs leads?
  77. Little help please vs instument cluster wiring
  78. installing fog lights on exec using factory calais/ss switch
  79. Changing my VT lights interior/exterior ebay globes.
  80. Aftermarket foglights
  81. VN factory cruise control onto LS1 in VN ??
  82. Power lock problems...
  83. battery proablem
  84. VK window wiper problem
  85. please help urgent !!!!!!!
  86. Vq statesman v8 error codes
  87. Digital air temp gauges
  88. VT to VN tail lights
  89. memcal for s2 vs auto disable security function
  90. Vn v8 - vr v6
  91. help wiring up pcm vs ecotec motor
  92. HELP wiring pcm into 73 galant burnout car?
  93. PLEASE HELP ME!! vs ecotec into 73 galant burnout project wiring help
  94. Vr s/2 V6 Auto to t5 Manual Conversion. Help Needed
  95. burnt out fuse wire
  96. Adding dome light supervision to VN
  97. Ignition switch problem
  98. !!HELP Burnout of fuses/wiring
  99. vs cruise control
  100. need advise
  101. Ve led lighting in Boot problem
  102. Power Windows (VN)
  103. tech 1 info
  104. how to add a 26" screen to a ve commy boot lid
  105. vx cd stacker connectors
  106. Can't get fuel pump relay for my 1984 Calais
  107. Looking for a Respected Auto Electrician in Melbourne
  108. Sub/amp fuse in car??
  109. Need help asap with my vr 5ltr
  110. vx commodore electrical fault?? help
  111. VN LS1 melting fuses in the engine bay panel
  112. Relay Problems
  113. what bulb are the ve parker lights?
  114. Relocating battery to boot
  115. Vn 5ltr - vr v6 conversion
  116. air bags vt 8
  117. Roof mount dvd player
  118. christmas dramas - Any ideas how I can disable the immobiliser?
  119. VS Supercharged V6 conversion
  120. how hard is it to fit an alarm into a vp commodore also activating the central lockin
  121. Power window wiring harness
  122. Possible to splice a voltage gauge to pre-existing voltage gauge in dash?
  123. Accessory wires!
  124. fog / driving light install.. vt wagon
  125. Highbeam electrical problem, vl
  126. VY - Electric Window Install
  127. vc wiring
  128. VN-VS Rear Power Window Switches
  129. How do I install Rear Map lights in my vx exec??
  130. VY SS Issues
  131. indicators triggering horn
  132. vs v8 oil pressure probs
  133. power switch vt!
  134. vx led brake light conversion,resistor??
  135. VZ SV6 Ute Central Locking Diagram
  136. vy ss ute lightforce driving lights
  137. Optima 17" monitor in my VP
  138. vx starter motor
  139. VT into VG
  140. Erattic fan speeds
  141. vn wagon no brake lights, but the parkers are working
  142. Temperature sender.
  143. VY Berlina Projector Headlights
  144. electrical issue
  145. vx fuel gauge
  146. vn rpm fault
  147. Evil high pitched squealing from front speakers when car is running
  148. wiring diagram for vx v6
  149. VR-VS engine convertion problems NEED HELP ASAP
  150. Running a pure sine wave inverter from VZ commodore
  151. 1998 vt, acc wire doesnt have power
  152. lights on alarm for vp commodore
  153. VT Calias - drawing current from battery while off
  154. Electronic Speedos and Getrag 5 Speed.
  155. VS V8 won't start, everything has power that should and still no spark.
  156. vr v8 into vs v6 wireing loom
  157. Replacing VS statesman heater fan
  158. VT Electrical Problem
  159. 1991 VN-Lexen window regulator
  160. VR lights and tacho problems
  161. Help fitting cruise control
  162. vl alternator wiring
  163. i have a vs commo and it has been cutting out and randomley willnot start
  164. VT VX deadlock trigger wire
  165. VX electrical problems
  166. VY foglights
  167. vt elec ariel with aftermarket head unit
  168. vr 5.0 ltr conversion prob??
  169. rear spoiler wiring - vt
  170. VX Foglight question
  171. VN - Extra cigarette lighter/accessory socket?
  172. adding neons to my vt...
  173. VR V8 into HQ wiring querie.
  174. Need advise
  175. VE berlina head unit issues HELPP :(
  176. Headlight Upgrade
  177. Power wire from central power windows??
  178. VT dash, no illumination.
  179. Battery overcharging, dash died while driving
  180. VZ No power to cigarette lighter socket
  181. VT - Wiring a 3.5mm Audio jack to handsfree kit?
  182. pretty basic wiring question
  183. Vy dash computer/odo disappeared??
  184. PLEASE help ?? - BCM - solar sensor remote receiver problem i think
  185. Boot switch to alarm
  186. Commodore VR Loom and Cruise Control
  187. v6 calais to v8 cluster ecu bcm question
  188. Wiring diagrams for vz ss crewman
  189. Tips for Consistent Flat Battery
  190. Battery to Boot
  191. Gas system Wiring Parnell vn-vp V6 V8
  192. Thermo fan wiring - series/parallel
  193. vr central locking connector differant from vs
  194. 308 idle stop solenoid wiring
  195. Electric winow stuck down n switch is buggered. Help!!!!
  196. Help Please! VY Commodore Headlight problems...
  197. auto window up/closer
  198. What are these plugs for? Vs comm
  199. Indicator Problems
  200. my headlights flicker when indercator turns off
  201. VR rooflight harness
  202. Commodore VN CPU Question (Ozzy vs NZ - any difference?)
  203. vc - vh tacho dash conversion question
  204. VY S 2 Calais headlight help!
  205. Problems with power supply
  206. How do I wire driving lights
  207. boot light not 12v?
  208. Need help with LED Tail Lights on VX Calais.
  209. new holden fan please be nice :0)
  210. Please help with the following
  211. New Head Unit
  212. Complete car wiring diagram required.....
  213. vx s pac to calais interior light upgrade question
  214. VN Need a power source for install of extra car charger
  215. WL statesman V6 TO V8 conversion
  216. killswitch problems.
  217. Kill switch Qs
  218. indicator light VY SS.
  219. Hot Relays
  220. problem with VL headlights
  221. Fuel & temp guage
  222. Air-con lights
  223. VZ BCM replacement or repair
  224. "Opera Lights?"
  225. air con/ heater stuck on windscreen (vy)
  226. engine immobiliser
  227. BCM Help?
  228. driving lights on vr commodore exec
  229. VX Passenger Rear Electric Window URGENT HELP NEEDED.
  230. MSD 6AL into vrss ss v8????
  231. HELP! Seat memory module wiring
  232. VT Towbar Wiring
  233. engine light on vs
  234. vn dash into a 86 navara?
  235. HID lights vs commodore, high/low beam
  236. VY Instrument Panel Display blacked out
  237. VT wagon rear locking doesnt work
  238. neons in boot
  239. Just bought lights off ebay, any good?
  240. Vu Headlights
  241. vs ignition into vt
  242. blown deck fuse?
  243. under car neons for a vt
  244. Need the "pin outs" on VR/VS LVL 2 and LVL 3 clusters.
  245. Whats this plug for - vs mian wiring
  246. vz incar lighting
  247. help with my vt 98
  248. VT Drivers Side Window
  249. Holden Vt2 V6 Service Error
  250. Help with power windows install