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  1. Heater Fuse
  2. vx high beam blacks unexpectedly
  3. Installation of a VS Series 3 Dash
  4. Junny's HID FAQ and chat...
  5. VX Series 1 DASH LOOM - Gen III Manual
  6. WK Caprice Power Mirror Trouble
  7. vz parker light wire's?????
  8. vx park lights
  9. Trailer brake controller for VY Belina
  10. no speedo in vp calais
  11. Converting a VS Auto wiring loom to a manual wiring loom.
  12. Burning Smell..now vr wont start
  13. VERY URGENT: VR electrical issue
  14. Alarm/ Central locking
  15. VS Commodore. Rear Window Heater Fuse Melted, Now No Indicators.
  16. VP SS central locking issue
  17. vs t5 vss
  18. VS wiring diagram
  19. VP Commodore Berlina LX -Ignition and courtasy lights eathing problem
  20. vt series 2 thermo fan -how does it work????
  21. 1996 vr commodore immobilizer problem
  22. Red battery light wont go out
  23. Car alarm DIY or go for a Pro?
  24. No backing lights on Level 3 cluster
  25. low beam headlights earth in a vy
  26. 94 vr statesman tail light problem
  27. how do I wire up driving lights on vx commodor
  28. Electric Trailer Brakes
  29. Horn wire disconnected ??
  30. VZ Sv6 Active Shift button not working
  31. VR 1993 Headeck wiring colour
  32. VY Commodore Cig Lighter issue
  33. vp remote clicker wont switch on computer or unlock doors sometimes
  34. anybody know much about relays i need one that can be turn on by 3.4v for sec and off
  35. Adding secon earth to battery
  36. VS Courtesy Door Lights
  37. vb v6 conversion. wireing diagram for vb v6
  38. VT - ABS and Battery light on.
  39. forwarding odometer on a captiva ?? HELP PLEASE
  40. rear brakelight
  41. NEED electriacain about AC and DC...
  42. headlight issues
  43. faulty vx mirror switch
  44. Vy amp wiring questions and wk caprice stereo wiring
  45. Please Help! Dash Lights and Tail Lights Failure...
  46. vz roof light wire location.
  47. fuel pumps not arming & ignition not kicking
  48. Battery Light Comes On With Indicators
  49. kill switch??? how to and are they worth it
  50. Car Alarm Problem - VY
  51. kill switch with red led flashing
  52. Loosing Charge
  53. Spitfire Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
  54. Can you complete the picture??
  55. Help
  56. VY-VZ climate control
  57. Right indicator remains on when car locked VZ
  58. Fuse Box Terminals/Crimps
  59. Dash lights malfunction
  60. Intake mod please comment
  61. Vs commodore blowing fuses
  62. Vt ls1 auto starts sometimes then cuts out other times it just wont start at all??
  63. Power windows playing up
  64. Vy Sunroof control part no.
  65. Power windows playing up
  66. ext mirror not working
  67. an easy way to hook up a switch to have controll of the thermo fans??????
  68. HID Headlight upgrade kits
  69. help.. VC Commodore, Horn won't work
  70. help....Cannot undo main wiring harness
  71. random plug under center console
  72. VQ Stato Headlamps Very dull but High Beam works....
  73. VP Brake lights
  74. vr commodore alarm install help needed
  75. Battery Light wont go out !!!!!
  76. Undercar Lighting Wiring Help
  77. Reconnecting the HSV LED interior lighting effects
  78. stop lamp not working properly??
  79. VL cigarette lighter wiring
  80. Vr ss cig lighter issue
  81. Wiring able to handly 100/90W light bulbs?
  82. vt 5.7ltr into an overlander
  83. VZ SV6-Indicator blub melting
  84. courtesy light wire for footwell lights.
  85. VS Electrics going crazy
  86. VN fan wiring diagram
  87. Ext mirrors Q
  88. Boot light
  89. white plug behin vl glovebox help
  90. Cruise control not working after upgrading my level 2 dash to level 3
  91. change vs dash??
  92. head lights going crazy !!
  93. Coil Pack/Ignition Wire VT?
  94. Help Needed VE HVAC
  95. VE Dash Gauges
  96. No idiot lights, will crank but not start.
  97. calais door trims
  98. where is the best place
  99. VS series 2 ecotec ECM codes through ALDL
  100. Problems with Instrument Lighting in VP SS
  101. vt acclaim no lights
  102. Battery Light Dim - WH
  103. Electric vq caprice seats into vn calais
  104. Cabin Foot Rest lights............Help needed
  105. Cruise control not working with new instrument cluster
  106. Alternator voltage regulators
  107. Anyone know anything about this wire?
  108. VZ Seats into VT
  109. Pcm
  110. ALDL Cable For Vs Commodore - Where To Buy ???
  111. rb30 into vn wiring questions .
  112. Engine FAN Relay Melts, Help needed....
  113. vr/ vs engine loom and ecu differences????
  114. Blue LED Number Plate lights for my VX Commodore Equipe?
  115. Hookup1
  116. Jaycar Central Locking
  117. New Regulator.....Smoke??? New Battery.Can you work this out? Battery light off 4 now
  118. wont start, starter motor won even try to crank
  119. Need help tapping into light switch..
  120. Footwell Neon / Leds
  121. VX RH Headlight
  122. PCB number??
  123. Starter keeps clicking over when ignition off in a VK
  124. vl calais headlight wiring
  125. Map Light wiring in vx problem
  126. Alternator light stays on
  127. VS Berlina-Warning light on and off.
  128. VY Power Window Module Bypass Help PLEASE
  129. vs hsv ss driving lights not working
  130. engine transplant
  131. Ecotec in boat Tacho question
  132. Is a Vy 2003, OBD2 compatible, looking at buying a SCAN tool off ebay.
  133. Extending Engine Harness / Noticable Voltgage Drop??!
  134. VY SS Issues
  135. headlights stay on when the car is switched off and locked?
  136. VR issues
  137. detailed info on the insides of a VE
  138. Vy seat to vt wiring
  139. VT commodore - Brake lights suddenly not working
  140. SENATOR Auto level suspension information
  141. do fused relays ever spark?
  142. Volt meter on a PCM
  143. starter motor
  144. taking out engine wiring loom?
  145. holden vp taco prob
  146. What is color coding of cross cable?
  147. Make your own 4L60E Transmission Manualiza plug for $6.00
  148. Will a VS stat'o dash loom plug into my VS berlina and How do I wire up caprice seats
  149. VS 5 ltr no spark
  150. VE Aux Power socket fuse location
  151. tacho wiring.
  152. vt/vx electrical shift kit
  153. head lights cut out head unit.
  154. VS 5lt and VT 5lt engine harness same?
  155. wiring a vn motor and ecu
  156. Vr converted from auto to manual
  157. !!Many problems after electrical short :(
  158. Shift light installation on ve ssv ute
  159. VT Brake light issue
  160. VT berlina to VX berlina Boot conversion
  161. a few weird problems in my vs
  162. new parker lights
  163. vr v6 t5 conversion wiring
  164. vs 5liter
  165. fairly dodgy questin, hack wiring of thermo fans
  166. few electrical problems after loom conversion
  167. extending the length of neon wire..
  168. Headlights use to switch off when door opens NOT working
  169. VN box with VS loom???
  170. LED lights legal or not... ANSWER
  171. How do I get my indicators to flash at normal speed after swapping to led lighting?
  172. VS Calais cruise/brake light issues
  173. Dash lights
  174. What's this plug for ? (Power window loom...)
  175. Trans cooler fan
  176. LED Parking lights
  177. VYSS engine cutout
  178. o2 sensor wire colours on vt commodore
  179. VS Stato keeps blowing instrument illumination fuse
  180. LED Blinkers
  181. Vy steering wheel onto a vx
  182. VX S pack fog lamps install?
  183. VR Aftermarket Power Antenna
  184. Blinking Brake Light
  185. VP auto- manual gear box (getrag) conversion
  186. VZ car speed signal wire???
  187. battery drain new alternator help ???
  188. wiring for el/ef falcon thermo fans in vs v6
  189. vq security light ticking
  190. VY Storm Wiring
  191. VR/VS Calais/statesman/Caprice door trim light wiring
  192. VT indicators not working when headlights are on
  193. Wiring for head unit.....but parkers permanently on?
  194. isues with dash on WL caprice
  195. help spy eurolab alarm
  196. VX Commodore Cruise COntrol not working and TRAC OFF
  197. VX to VY sunroof switch
  198. thermo diagram
  199. VR/VS Caprice roof wiring
  200. ve roof mounted dvd wiring needed
  201. Unhappy Dash & tail lights not work or parkers but main and high do, help
  202. Car not starting - Relay problem
  203. VS V8 Auto Neutral Swith
  204. water temp gauge question ????
  205. 1981 VC stereo wiring
  206. fitting vy clubby indicator (stalks) 2 my vs clubby
  207. Kicker tweeter wiring with crossover
  208. VN remote locking connection to hazard lights
  209. turbo 700
  210. Vl Calais Pop up lights wiring????
  211. VS passenger electric window not workin.
  212. Putting new rear speakers into my vt
  213. vt A/T kickdown switch
  214. Connecting antenna wire to radio antenna
  215. Hj 1 Tonner igntion prob
  216. main wires?
  217. VS series 3 wire diagram
  218. low beam, dash illumination lights and turn signal wiring diagram needed for a vr
  219. VT l67 non starter. unsure on engine wiring
  220. vs BCM wiring diagram
  221. VN2 VP Calais climate control wiring needed
  222. wiring
  223. Power Window Module
  224. Urgent!
  225. Can anyone give me some insight into this dilemma? Cars broke and so am I.
  226. VT v6 starter motor solenoid wiring
  227. vs air bag light
  228. vn vp window wiring
  229. VP exec V6 to YN57 HILUX wiring conversion? :(
  230. S=cheap jumpstarter
  231. vt dash warning light.
  232. Alarm system
  233. VR/VS Wiper motor wiring
  234. anyone used a solar trickle charger?
  235. Ignition wire to coil.
  236. VR Voltage problem
  237. thermo fans to suit a vs 5ltr?
  238. Wiring in vs - vn 5ltr
  239. Help! Indicators not working!
  240. NEED HELP...HZ tonner EFI 5L/turbo700 conversion/No injection pulse.
  241. Battery Dies Overnight
  242. Vl immobiliser problem.
  243. Transplant VS Wiring loom into a VR
  244. Commodore Attempted Theft Ignition Not Working
  245. Retrofit RGB LED wireless controller
  246. Door speaker wiring advice
  247. vx s pac foot well lights
  248. vt holden series 1
  249. VX starts OK, but wont start again when hot
  250. Door loom short