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  1. [VB-VK] Sle window trim problem
  2. [General] Quick gutter rash repair
  3. [VT-VX] Power Steering Rack Replacement VT2 - VY
  4. [General] How-To: Cable to Hydraulic Clutch Conversion - Borg Warner T5
  5. [General] Turbo PCV and catch can setup VP-VS
  6. [VY] How to fix starter motor
  7. [VN-VP] Airconditioning Compressor Pulley Bearing Replacement
  8. [VZ] Replacing oxygen / O2 Sensors complete instructions
  9. [VZ] How to fix & clear SVS alarm (service vehicle soon) code
  10. Replacing oxygen / O2 Sensors complete instructions
  11. [VE] How to install a digital gear indicator
  12. [General] How to fix fibreglass bumpers
  13. [General] How to install puddle lights in doors
  14. [General] T5 Manual problems.
  15. [VR-VS] How to: Replacing the PCV Valve on a VR V6 Commodore (March 1994 Model)
  16. [VT-VX] Commodore VX-VT /// Installing 6x9 Speakers
  17. [VE] LSA upgrade - from SS to GTS
  18. [General] Removing Tail Light Tint
  19. [VR-VS] Replace/rebuild a VS ignition switch with VT-VZ parts
  20. [VZ] How to fix faulty horn
  21. [VT-VX] Interior light/s staying on when doors closed, when all else fails to fix.
  22. [VT-VX] Repairing cigarette lighter socket
  23. [VT-VX] Manual Tailshaft Centre bearing replacement
  24. [General] How To Post Attachments (Pictures etc). Very detailed, but very easy to do.
  25. [General] How To....Check Knock Sensor Operation.
  26. [General] Restore Window Rubber Weather Strips
  27. [General] HOW-TO wire up a relay in varying shapes and sizes.
  28. [VT-VX] Water Leak Between Engine & Gear Box
  29. [VT-VX] Blinkers won't flash - how to fix flasher relay
  30. [VT-VX] How To Replace Lower Intake Manifold Gaskets VS-VY Ecotec
  31. [VY] How to replace crappy power accessorys cigarette port with a far better Jaycar port
  32. [VT-VX] Changing Front Rotors and Pads
  33. How To: Change a VF Steering Wheel
  34. [VZ] How To Carry Out Basic Servicing On A VZ V6
  35. How to Change VZ V6 Oil Pressure Sensor
  36. [VT-VX] VTII + VX + VY + VZ - Remove Front Lower Control Arm Steel Sleeved Bush
  37. [VB-VK] How to remove mouldings from VB-VH Commodore doors
  38. [General] when commodores leave our shores
  39. [General] Removing door bumper strips
  40. [VT-VX] Ecotec coil pack removal and testing [video]
  41. [General] [VT/VX/VY/VZ/VE] Everything to know about OBD2 (ELM327) Diagnostic Cables
  42. [General] [VF] How to remove VF front door trims
  43. [General] [VR/VS/VT/VX/VY/VZ] Everything to know about ALDL Diagnostic Cables
  44. [VZ] Extensive wiring guide for installing LED footwell lights
  45. [VZ] Hooking LEDs into dome light switch
  46. [VE] Changing/accessing tail light assembly on Sportwagon
  47. [VZ] How To: Change the Gear Boot on a 6 Speed VZ (Monaro/Commodore)
  48. [General] How to change Supercharger oil on l67
  49. [VZ] VY-VZ broken radio buttons
  50. [General] How To Remove and Install the Harmonic Balancer on a VR Commodore
  51. [VE] Clean VE 3.6ltr Throttle Body
  52. [VE] VE SS V8 coolant flush how-to.
  53. [General] Close
  54. [VT-VX] HOW TO: Repair your blower motor
  55. [VR-VS] Remove / Install v-belts (304 / 5 Litre)
  56. [General] How to paint rusted wheel hubs
  57. [General] How to Paint your Brake Calipers - While Still Attached to the Car
  58. [VT-VX] How to wire a WH Clock into a VT-VX
  59. [General] How To: DIY Cleaning Injectors and replace filter/o-rings (with pics)
  60. [VE] How to remove and install a VE Ute tailgate
  61. [VT-VX] How to install an aftermarket tacho in VT/VX (I've been told it is the same in VY/VZ)
  62. [VT-VX] VT series 1 sedan fuel pump problem solved
  63. [VT-VX] VXII (Maybe VT,VY,VZ): How to replace Lower control arms, Radius rods and Castor bush
  64. [VZ] Removing/Replacing Door actuator and mechanism
  65. [VY] how to install a single din cd player into a VY. Easy.
  66. [General] [VT-VX-VY-VZ] How To Replace/Change The Ignition Light
  67. [VT-VX] Replacing Throttle Cable VT 5 Litre. With Pictures (Very similar to VT-VX V6)
  68. [General] How to use Plasti Dip for Carbon Fibre Effect
  69. [General] VS-VY Pulley Replacement And Lower Mount Replacement
  70. [General] [VP - VZ] How To Put Together An IRS Diff DIY Style + How To Identify An LSD
  71. [VE] Full exhaust install on VE SS
  72. [General] How To Wash Your Engine Without Drowning It.
  73. [VT-VX] How to install VY/VZ tail lights into your VT/VX wagon.
  74. [General] How To convert known Wattage to Amps and known Amps to Wattage.
  75. [VT-VX] How to install Cruise Control into your VT/VX
  76. [General] Main charge wire replacement howto based on VN/VP/VR same principle VS/VT/VX ecotec
  77. [VT-VX] Photo Essay - Removing Stuck Wheels and Flushing Brake Fluid
  78. [VE] How to replace HVAC Module - VE Commodore
  79. [VT-VX] How To Change Trans Fluid (PIC HEAVY)
  80. [VR-VS] How To Install Polyair Airbag Suspension in a Live Axle Commodore (eg VR-VS)
  81. [General] How to: Change bonnet struts, a beginner's guide.
  82. [VT-VX] Running wire(s) from battery to inside the car. VT-VX. May work on other models.
  83. [VT-VX] How to change the Ignition barrel
  84. [VY] Cleaning VY air conditioning evaporator without removing dash
  85. [General] How To Diagnose HVAC Fan Problems VT - VZ
  86. [General] How To Determine Tyre Speed Rating.
  87. [VT-VX] How To Change Your Wing Mirrors (May apply to most cars)
  88. [General] VT-VZ Cabin filter mod.
  89. [VT-VX] How to flush fit the fuel filler flap/door VT/VX
  90. [VT-VX] Install Catch Can on Ecotec without blocking PCV.
  91. [General] How To Install Auxiliary Lights. (Driving/LED's) Wiring Diagram.
  92. [VT-VX] How to Replace a Tail Light Loom - VT/VX/WH
  93. [General] Cool Climate Control Self Test VN->?
  94. [VT-VX] HOW TO: Remove the garnish from a VT boot lid.
  95. [General] Hinge Pin Remover
  96. [VN-VP] How to rebuild a power steering pump VN-VP-VR.
  97. [VZ] VY-VZ How-to: Customise ac/heater dials from grippy to smooth
  98. [General] HOW TO: Custom LED high mount brake lamp
  99. [VN-VP] Fitting Oil Pressure Gauge to 304
  100. [General] [VY/VZ] Everything to know about Changing Clusters!
  101. [VE] Replacing Battery on VE Sedan without needing to reprogram radio etc
  102. [VT-VX] How to change welsh plugs in vt
  103. [VT-VX] How to paint Cluster trim and Vents
  104. [General] Read your VIN Number
  105. [VT-VX] How to Fix Rear Door Striker when its backing plate falls away from inner bracket
  106. [VT-VX] How to fix broken fuel door.
  107. [General] [VS-VY] How to change Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) with PICS
  108. [VT-VX] How To Remove LPG Mixer & Replace it with The Standard Intake
  109. [VT-VX] Multicolour Footwell LED Install
  110. [General] Installing VR/VS lvl 2 tacho and fuel/temp gauges into VP lvl 1 cluster
  111. [VN-VP] VN VP VR VS Auto Shifter selector lever
  112. [General] SHaving and painting rocker covers
  113. [VN-VP] Electric mirror switch VN VP
  114. [VY] VY2 Pod gauge install guide with own wireing Watertemp/Oil Pressure gauges photos....
  115. [General] How-To Check Error codes VIDEO
  116. [General] How To: Debadge Your Car
  117. [General] 4L60E tear down guide
  118. [General] DIY painting engine cover or similar (properly)
  119. [General] How to remove a ROUNDED SUMP PLUG
  120. [General] How to replace broken fuel line quick release clips without dropping the tank. LS1+
  121. [General] ecotec v6, top and bottom radiator hose,thermostat replacement,flush not d/u friendly
  122. [VR-VS] How to install high ratio roller rockers from MACE
  123. [VZ] How to remove Exterior door handles (Pics included) (VY-VZ)
  124. [VT-VX] how to remove and replace gen 3 rocker cover gaskets
  125. [VT-VX] how to oil and filter change vt ls1 gen3 (dual stage flush method)
  126. [VY] VY Series 2 Wiring Foglights
  127. [VY] How To: Wire Foglights for VY series 2
  128. [VT-VX] Gauges for VX/ VT
  129. [VT-VX] Custom VX Parcel Shelf
  130. [General] Match your original key to a replacement ignition lock for VN VR VT VX
  131. [VT-VX] VT Commodore Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement IRS
  132. [VN-VP] Pro comp Gilmer belt drive kit A/C and P/S how to
  133. [VT-VX] How To Replace Power Steering Cooler
  134. [VE] Usb, aux cable in front compartment on a series ii
  135. [VR-VS] how to make your own power window wiring harness
  136. [VN-VP] Giving your VN/VG/VQ/VP headlights a aftermarket look.
  137. [General] Bosch alternator, fix/replace regulator brushes
  138. [General] Removal & Replaing internal fuel pump VL - VS sedan
  139. [General] How to - convert timing cover/water pump bolts to metric. 304, 253, 308
  140. [VT-VX] [VT-VX-VY] How to Change front stabilizer Bushes
  141. [General] How to, Remove flaking clear on wheels.
  142. [General] Another VL (and possibly more) High beam fuse fix
  143. [VR-VS] How to fit Clarko's 20% underdriven pulleys onto a ecotec engine
  144. [VR-VS] VS Headrest removal
  145. [General] How to remove moisture from your lights without removing your lights!
  146. [General] has your seat dropped or sagged"?
  147. [General] Changing Engine mounts ECOTEC V6 (THE EASY WAY)
  148. [VT-VX] VS - VY Series 2 Inlet Manifold Gasket Replacement 6hr+ (Includes Pics)
  149. [VR-VS] Changing VS fuel reg.
  150. [VT-VX] Fitting a Magnefine Filter to VX v6 Transmission
  151. [General] Cheap DIY flywheel/ring gear locking tool
  152. [General] Replacing the tailshaft center beaing
  153. [VR-VS] Install a catch can on a ecotec V6
  154. Custom Console Guages
  155. [General] Service and Checkover (Detailed)
  156. [General] How to Vinyl Wrap your bonnet.
  157. [General] VY Ignition Removing Video
  158. [General] How to save your seats from rubbing against the seat belt.
  159. [VZ] Save your SS seat bolsters from getting squashed
  160. [General] Holden Commodore/Statesman Service Lamp Re-set Procedures VT-VE
  161. [General] How To Restore Cracked Clear On Wheels
  162. [VT-VX] How to change front sway bar mounting bushes
  163. [General] Removing window tint
  164. [VT-VX] How to install El-glow dials. + pics
  165. [General] How To Paint your Engine Cover
  166. [VT-VX] How to install Mace CAI on VT-VX.
  167. [General] How to install front LED footwells (and setup for boot, undercar etc) the safe way
  168. Holden VS Aircon Master Bypass switch
  169. [VT-VX] How to roll guards with the ebay tool.
  170. [General] [My VX] How to make your stock lights look aftermarket
  171. [General] [My VX] How to make your stock lights look aftermarket
  172. [VR-VS] Rebuilding/painting your alternator.
  173. [VR-VS] Clean the PCV valve.
  174. [VR-VS] Installing Mace insulators and spacers.
  175. [General] Removing pins and balancing rods
  176. [VT-VX] Idler Pulley Air-Con. (With out damaging)
  177. [VE] How to replace an external mirror on a VE Commodore
  178. [VT-VX] How to change sway bar link rods
  179. [VR-VS] HOW TO: change a serpentine belt (vs)
  180. [VY] How to Install Front Power Window Regulators into a VY
  181. [VY] How to repair door actuator
  182. [VT-VX] How to remove VX grille
  183. [VY] VY/VZ Dash LED Conversion!
  184. [VE] Carputer install (Macbook Pro)
  185. [VL] How to fix VB-VL Indicator Auto Cancel/Return
  186. [VT-VX] Install a VZ SS Automatic shifter into VT/VX (working Button)
  187. [VR-VS] How to replace the front struts.
  188. [General] How to calculate overall rolling diameter
  189. [VT-VX] How to change your Tie Rod Ends and Steering Arm Boots
  190. [VR-VS] How to replace/upgrade Front Swaybar Links
  191. [VR-VS] How to replace lower and upper trailing arms
  192. [VE] Changing The Battery Or Buttons
  193. [VR-VS] Re-tinting faded reflectors
  194. [VT-VX] VT/VX/VU/VY/WH/WK 3.8L V6 Engine mount removal and replacement.
  195. [VZ] VZ and VE - How to change the oil and filter on your Alloytec. (Detailed pictures)
  196. [VT-VX] VS-VY Fuel Line Disconnect
  197. [General] How fix 1 type of diff whine and to disemble a IRS Diff
  198. [VY] How to change transmission filter and fluid.
  199. [General] Polishing your car old skool with corn starch?
  200. [VL] How to fix that struggling vl calais pop up lights!
  201. [VZ] Broken VZ glove box handle
  202. [VT-VX] Installing an aftermarket Head Unit
  203. [General] Ecotec Power steering Pump Replacement
  204. [General] 4L60E Simple in Pan Maintenance Tutorial
  205. [VT-VX] [VX] How to drain excessive Tranni Fluid
  206. [VR-VS] How to change your suspension/lower your live axle commodore
  207. [VT-VX] HOW TO - VT-VY S1 Foglight install
  208. [General] ve, HOW TO PAINT A FRONT LION BADGE :)
  209. [VT-VX] VX - how to clean air intake and such
  210. [VY] VY VZ Front Storage Compartment Lid Repair
  211. [VT-VX] HOW TO: Custom Blue Cluster Install
  212. [General] QLD To NSW Rego Transfer
  213. [General] Charcoal Canister flushing and inspection HOW TO
  214. [VB-VK] Removing Alternator brushes from a VK w/out removing alternator.
  215. [VR-VS] How To Install AU Thermo Fans Into VN-VS V8
  216. [General] how to instal reverse camera and monitor Vy.VZ etc - Crewman specifically
  217. [General] How to change the oil in your auto transmission VN-VS
  218. [General] Vehicle identification numbering system
  219. [VT-VX] [Ecotec] How to install a smooth intake from MAF to the throttle body.
  220. [VN-VP] [VR-VS] How to modify statesman/caprice rear seat side bolsters for a regular sedan
  221. [General] Make your own EGR pipe!
  222. [VT-VX] Making a removable VT Y piece
  223. [VR-VS] Adding a switch to courtesy light.
  224. [General] How to detail and maintain your cars paint
  225. Drag Racing 101
  226. [General] Changing 3.8 V6 Engine Mounts (VS-VY)
  227. [General] HOW to race your car
  228. [VE] WM Caprice High Beam Light Upgrade
  229. [General] how to improve your 1/4 miles times
  230. [VR-VS] Installing LSD Diff Centre into VS
  231. [VR-VS] How to Replace a Flat Battery in a VS Key
  232. [VT-VX] How to fix intermittently failing power window switch
  233. [VT-VX] Changing front struts on a vt/vx Commodore
  234. [General] How to get scratches out of clear plastic
  235. [VT-VX] How to change aircon actuator in VT
  236. [General] Complete(well almost) wheel PCD reference
  237. [General] How to make your own air box!
  238. [VR-VS] Vr inlet gasket replacement
  239. [General] how to tell a good 2nd hand commodore from a bad one
  240. [VZ] Replacing plugs on your alloytec( Not dial up friendly)
  241. [VE] How to install LED's in Footwell of VE Commodore
  242. [VT-VX] removal and replacement of 4 speed auto transmissions
  243. [General] How To: Write a How To!
  244. [VY] Splice in LED light strips to your fog light wires.
  245. [General] How to bodgey you car to get home or for other reasons
  246. [General] Fitting a Maloo/Monaro Twin Exhaust (each side) to VY/VZ Ute
  247. [General] How To Fit HM 4 into 1 headers 5.7l/6.0l
  248. [VT-VX] Replace Ecotec valve seals.
  249. [VY] HID H11 INSTALL for VY Calais / Berlina / HSV adsl only!
  250. [VY] how to remove door moulds (and sikaflex) the Joe Blow way.