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  1. VS_Pete
    Looks go mate. Is the hood abit open? The hard lid will look good.
  2. afstruct
    That looks fantastic, just right really clean and nice. Yeah remember one of my mates father had a vh sle 4.2 in red nice. Also vaguely remember ,although not the circumstances of trip but traveling in the back seat of a white hdt. Later model...
  3. SashaA
    Pictures? (I've got one too :) )
  4. SashaA
    Nice Looking Wagon! Any mods? More Pics?
  5. Captain Commodore
    I love it!! :) My 37 year love for Commodores started when I was just a kid. I vividly remember dreaming over my neighbours 2 tone blue/silver VH SLE and the other neighbours HDT's that he had over the years including the blue VK SS. It...
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  6. Skydrol
    What about a modern beat, "455 Rocket" [MEDIA]
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