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Thread: Fixed Red Light Speed Cameras

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    crazywog, u r crazy, too much time on ur hands...well done though for highlighting locations for members in melb...

    there should be more of them, but then u would need more staff to process the increase in fines...

    i'm amazed how many ppl nowadays are running the gauntlet just to save a five minutes....

    my philosophy is - is 5 minutes (+) worth someone's life....

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    Its actually fairly hard to get done by a fixed speed camera in NSW cause there are three big warning signs before the cameras
    How ppl get done by these amazes me as it couldnt be more blatantly obvious that they are coming up.
    I went to Melbourne one weekend and got done for doin 5 KM over in a 60 zone which was also at the bottom of a hill.
    The gov down there are obviously concerned with revenue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren View Post
    There are infra red camera's I believe being used in SA which gives them the ability of getting you from both directions, I reckon I saw one last week out the front of work on Park terrace at Bowden, it's like a flash looking thing sitting on the passenger side.
    The infra red speed cameras can book you going either direction. In Vic (at least) all of the red light cameras book you from behind and the photo is set up so that 2 frames are taken with the red light in the shot to show you entered the intersection while the red was illuminated. One shot is taken as you pass over the white line and another is taken a short time after that to prove you have entered the intersection (and not just rolled your front wheels slightly over the line).


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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewmac View Post
    Its actually fairly hard to get done by a fixed speed camera in NSW cause there are three big warning signs before the cameras
    How ppl get done by these amazes me as it couldnt be more blatantly obvious that they are coming up.
    I went to Melbourne one weekend and got done for doin 5 KM over in a 60 zone which was also at the bottom of a hill.
    The gov down there are obviously concerned with revenue.
    i know! i was in sydney a while back and it goes:

    Warning Speed Camera Ahead
    Warning, your getting closer to a camera
    SLOW THE **** DOWN, theres a camera
    50meters till a camera
    You have just passed a camera
    Next camera 1km

    its a joke around there

    Wanted to buy:

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    PM Me if you got what i need...

    Quote Originally Posted by ryno_vrx View Post
    honestly i doubt it will happen cause kanye west will just interrupt Armageddon anyways

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    yeh mar d mac i have more info on more locations of cameras just gotta find the site to post the info up.
    here we go more coming ur way:
    Speed Cameras
    These are the latest locations for fixed speed camera's in Victoria.

    Location Direction(s)

    Ardeer On Top Western Highway Exit Gantry Geelong bound
    Geelong Bound
    Laverton North Behind Signs at Boundary Rd Exit Geelong Bound
    Laverton North On top of signs at Boundary Rd Exit Greensborough Bound
    Wondong Hume Highway 55km nth of Melbourne, prior to Whittlesea-Wallan
    Westgate Bridge Cameras in all lanes, both directions City & Geelong
    Caulfield North Cnr Dandenong & Orrong Rds City Bound Lanes
    Glenroy Pascoe Vale Road Overpass, Western Ring Road Both Ways
    East Keilor Behind Keilor Park overpass on Western Ring Road Out bound
    South Yarra Monash Freeway, behind signs just before Punt Rd cross-over
    City Bound lanes
    Rowville Intersection Stud Rd & Wellington Rd All directions
    Albert Park St Kilda Rd-Union Street Intersection (All directions where
    Armadale Dandenong Rd-Kooyong Rd intersection Specified)
    Armadale Cnr Dandenong & Orrong Rds (see Caulfield North)
    Ashburton High St-Summerhill Rd Intersection
    Balwyn North Doncaster Rd-Gardenier St Intersection
    Bayswater Baywater-Canterbury Rd Intersection All directions (4 way cam)
    Bayswater North Canterbury & Dorset Rd Intersection
    Bendigo Calder Highway-Loddon Valley Highway intersection
    Box Hill North Elgar Rd-Arnold St Intersection
    Box Hill North Station-Thames St Intersection
    Brighton Thomas St-North Rd Intersection
    Campbellfield Hume Highway(Sydney Rd)-Barry Rd Intersection
    Caulfield Kooyong-Glen Eira Rd Intersection All directions (4 way cam)
    Caulfield North Hawthorn-Inkerman St Intersection
    Cheltenham Charman-Park Rd Intersection
    Clayton Centre Rd-Springs Rd Intersection
    Clayton Centre Rd-Buckley St Intersection
    Collingwood Jonhstone St-Wellington St Intersection
    Coburg Gaffney St-Syndey Rd Intersection
    Coburg Sussex St-Chea St
    Croydon Mt Dandenong Rd-Dorset Rd Intersection
    Dandenong Heatherton Rd-Gladstone Rd Intersection
    Dandenong Princes Highway-Walker St Intersection
    Dandenong Princes Highway-Webster St Intersection
    Doncaster Eastern Freeway, Middleborough Rd overpass and intersection
    East Kew Harp Rd-Bourke Rd Intersection
    East Kew Bourke Rd-The Boulevard Intersection
    Echuca Oglvie Avenue-Murray Valley Highway Intersection
    Ferntree Gully Burwood Highway-Selman Ave Intersection
    Fitzroy Smith St-Alexandra Pde Intersection
    Fitzroy Alexandra Pde-George St Intersection
    Fitzroy North Brunswick Rd-Nicholson St Intersection
    Footscray Gordon St-Barkly St Intersection
    Geelong Shannon Av-Noble St Intersection
    Geelong La Trobe Terrace-Fyans Rd Intersection
    Glen Iris Toorak Rd-Glen Iris Rd Intersection
    Glen Waverly Springvale Rd-High Street Rd Intersection
    Greensborough Para Rd-Main St Intersection
    Hawthorn Denmark St-Barkers Rd Intersection
    Hawthorn Glenferrie Rd-Barkers Rd Intersection
    Hawthorn Burwood Rd-Glenferrie Rd Intersection
    Kew Burke Rd-Cotham Rd Intersection
    Lower Templestowe Manningham Rd-Macedon Rd Intersection
    Lower Templestowe High St-Lynwood Parade Intersection
    Tullamarine Airport Drive & Arrival Drive
    CBD Flinders St-William St Intersection
    CBD William St-Little Collins St Intersection
    CBD Elizabeth St-Victoria St Intersection
    CBD Elizabeth St-La Trobe St Intersection
    Mentone Nepean Highway-Warrigal Rd Intersection
    Mildura Deakin Avenue-Eleventh St Intersection
    Mildura Deakin Avenue-Thirteenth St Intersection
    Mont Albert Whitehorse Rd- Intersection
    Narre Warren Princes Highway-Webb St Intersection
    Noble Park Princes Highway-Heatherton Rd Intersection
    Noble Park Heatherton Rd-Corrigan St Intersection
    Noble Park Corrigan Rd-Lightwood Rd Intersection
    Northcote Seperation St-Victoria Rd Intersection
    Oak Park Pascoe Vale Rd-Devon Rd Intersection
    Parkville Flemington Rd-Gatehouse St Intersection
    Rowville Stud Rd-Wellington Rd Intersection
    Scoresby Stud Rd-Ferntree Gully Rd Intersection
    South Melbourne Montague St-Normanby Rd Intersection
    St Albans Furlong Rd-St Albans Rd Intersection
    St Kilda East Alms Rd-Chapel St Intersection
    St Kilda East Carlisle St-Hotham St Intersection
    Sunshine Ballarat Rd-Duke St Intersection
    Surrey Hills Canterbury Rd-Elgar Rd Intersection
    Surrey Hills Union Rd-Mont Albert Rd Intersection
    Thornbury St Georges Rd-Normanby Avenue Intersection
    Wantirna Mountain Highway-Wantirna Rd Intersection
    Wantirna Boronia Rd-Wantirna Rd Intersection
    West Melbourne King St-Hawke St Intersection
    Windsor Dandenong Rd-Chapel St Intersection
    Yarraville Geelong Rd-Somerville Rd Intersection
    Yarraville Melbourne Rd-The Boulevard Intersection
    Yarraville Williamstown Rd-Francis St Intersection

    Here's a quick summary of on what roads the cameras can be found:

    Westgate Freeway - Princes Highway - Operational.
    1. Top of Westgate Bridge
    2. Hoppers Crossing Overpass
    3. Point Cook Overpass
    4. Point Wilson Overpass
    5. Little River Overpass
    6. Corio
    7. Norlane - (just before the waterslide)

    Note: These are elapsed time trigger cameras, they estimate your average
    driving speed between checkpoints. So slowing down before each overpass
    will not fool them.

    Western Ring Road - Operational
    1. Boundary Road - Laverton North
    2. Western Highway - Ardeer
    3. Calder Freeway - Keilor East
    4. Tullamarine Freeway - Tullamarine
    5. Pascoe Vale Road - Glenroy
    6. High Street - Thomastown
    7. Plenty Road

    The Eastern Freeway 5 cameras, operational.

    The Monash a further 5 cameras in addition to the one that has been
    operational since 28/12/01. This one is approximately 600 metres from the
    entrance to the Burnley Tunnel.

    The Calder Freeway from Keilor Park Drive to Kyneton has been earmarked
    for 9 cameras, estimated operational date to be advised.

    The Hume Highway to Albury has been earmarked for 11 cameras.
    Other Highways and main Arterials on the proposed list are as follows;

    State Highways
    Western Highway - Ardeer to Ballarat
    South Gippsland highway - Dandenong to Phillip Island
    Goulburn Valley Highway - Seymour to Shepparton
    Princess Highway - Pakenham to Traralgon

    Melbourne Metropolitan Arterial Roads
    Mount Alexander road
    Nepean Highway
    Dandenong Road
    Burwood Highway
    Geelong Road
    Sydney Road
    Springvale Road
    Ferntree Gully Road

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    yeah they only get ya from behind i have photographic proof lol from when i got done by one grrr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grennan View Post
    Its pretty funny when most of them have a sign saying "Speed Cameras Are Used In Victoria" or some crap about 50 meters before it.
    They're the square shaped ones and are mounted to a pole before EVERY intersection that has a camera. They say something like, "Road Safety Cameras Operate in this Area".

    They are placed before EVERY intersection that has the cameras installed, even if the camera isn't checking your direction of traffic flow. It's amazing how blind people are though. They also don't realise that it's not just one of those deterrent signs that never delivers what it says, it is a genuine warning that there is a camera ahead.

    It also makes them look like an idiot at court later on if they bounce the ticket and contest it. The prosecution can mention to the magistrate that there was a warning sign erected prior to the intersection and it was clearly visible. Makes the defendant look rather silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewmac View Post
    Its actually fairly hard to get done by a fixed speed camera in NSW cause there are three big warning signs before the cameras
    How ppl get done by these amazes me as it couldnt be more blatantly obvious that they are coming up.

    I think if you get done by one of these then you should also be charged with driving without due care and attention because you cant be paying too much attention to the road if you dont notice the half a dozen signs.

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    got a question on the unmarkd cop cars that r on the side on the road with the camera set up.. how many metres away from the car do they flash.. i drove past 1 2nite n was bout 10 to 30 m away from it.. n it flashed... now ther were a few other cars around me but wasnt sure if it was me or the guy behind me.. it was a 60 zone n i was goin about 59 to 63..

    so the Q when u drive past em does it flash straight away or is it wen u get futher away it flashes??

    also on the same road 2nite like 1 min b4 i past the camera my m8 was driving 90ks but it didnt flash seems strange y it didnt..

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