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Fanga Dan places 3rd at Mad Mike’s Summer Bash

Discussion in 'XFORCE' started by Motorculture, Mar 15, 2017.

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    Held at Hampton Downs, Mad Mike’s Summer Bash is the biggest standalone drift even of 2017. Mad Mike, the stylish, young Kiwi drifter with his instantly recognizable Mazda drift cars, held an massive motorsport event where 16 hand picked drifters go head to head with Mad Mike and his cars RADBUL and MADBUL. Fanga Dan was one of the handpicked drifters, and after a few tough rounds, managed to place 3rd.


    The day wasn’t over though. Joining his fellow competitors Gaz, and Cole, they entered the Nitto Triple Threat Team Drift, where three drifters navigate the judged section in their own style. Pulling off the ‘Avocado Sandwich’ brought the impromptu team first place!


    For all of the action at Summer Bash, check out the video below:

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