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VE System on a tight budget

Discussion in 'Car Audio' started by Tequie, Mar 13, 2017.

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    Jun 16, 2015
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    VE SS 2007
    hi folks,

    I drive an SS VE 'odore and gave up with the stock headunit after 2 long years. It seemed the only choice I had was an Alpine unit, which I've always preferred anyway, so I went a little over the top and acquired the INE-W960a spending money I don't really have but I'm glad I did.

    Now I'm left with the dilemma of speakers. I thought I had some equipment from years ago when I was in my audio-addiction days (and before I had children eating all my money) but after digging it up from my archives, it seems my beloved 12" JL 'woofer is totally useless from old age. I have a couple of Infinity kappas I could probably throw in the back doors and I do have a nice pair of Cerwin Vega 10" subs that I installed in my loungeroom speakerboxes which I no longer use. I also have an Alpine v12 amp which I hope will still work, it takes 4v input and is 40w RMS I think. I had the head unit installed (it came with free installation) and I got 2 sets of RCAs and a trigger wire sent to the boot. The battery is also in the boot. I have power wire, fuse box, and enough cabling. I also have a couple of JL 6x9's but unsure if I can/should use them.

    I need two things, (again, on a tight budget before the wife throws me out of the house completely) :-

    1. Splits for the front. Was shown some Alpine Type R's for around $350 which is twice what I cant to spend. After reading some posts in here, I am thinking Focal R165S2 6.5" for $133 from ebay or perhaps some Nakamichi speakers which are below $100 on ebay. I was a big fan of Nakamichi growing up but I thought they only made cassette decks (if you dont know what they are, it's probably means I'm just old. They are things we used to use to record our LPs on so we can play them in the car. If you dont know what LPs are then I'm probably really old!)

    2. Build some boxes for my Cerwin Vegas. Questions there, I would love to keep the centre of the boot accessible from the back seat so I was thinking of building two sealed boxes (no ports, one for each subwoofer) and have the sub facing upwards towards the parcel shelf. I could remove the metal inserts there so the sound will come straight into the cabin. This also gives me space to mount my amp and a 2nd amp if I come across one cheaply (another v12 on ebay for $45 but the seller doesn't even know if it works). I am currently searching around for designs for these, I thought I'd keep it simple and go unported but you may try and convince me otherwise.

    Specs of my amp below. I could use this for my fronts and the two subs, perhaps until I get enough money to buy another amp dedicated to the subs.

    MAX Power (at 14.4V,EIAJ)

    Per channel into 4 ohms- 120W x 4
    Bridged 4 ohms- 320W x 2

    RMS Power (at 12V,20Hz-20kHz)

    Per channel into 4 ohms- 40W x 4 (0.08% THD)
    Per channel into 2 ohms- 50W x 4 (0.3% THD)
    Bridged 4 ohms- 100W x 2 (0.3% THD)

    RMS Power (at 14.4V,20Hz-20kHz)

    Per channel into 4 ohms- 60W x 4 (0.08% THD)
    Per channel into 2 ohms- 80W x 4 (0.3% THD)
    Bridged 4 ohms- 160W x 2 (0.3% THD)

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