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Thread: Doing Up A Vr Commodore

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    Hey guyz, new member here and ive post things on that so many different parts, your all gonna get sick of me but ah well! he he he

    I wanna do up my VR (1993), but being a chick i dont know heaps about cars and the mechanics of them etc, so dats why im askin your advice! I want my car to be a beast. Im getting a kit put on it next year in febuary possibly, its a GTA 1 kit, costing me a good $2500. Its a straight V6 but i wanna make it sound gruntier then it actually is. Its lowered but i think it can go a bit lower. ive got da wheels etc. any ideas help advice whateva! plz reply!



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    are you sure its a straight V6 ? VR's came out with the 3800 Buick V6 from the factory

    other than that start with the basics like exaust and wheels, Cold Air induction.....get a chip..........get it dyno tuned then lower it and then put kit on there
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    $2500 for a kit?? Lets hope that is including the spray job. Anyway, l'm in the same boat as l'am currently doing up a stock VS II.

    If you want it to sound tough, l've been told a dual exhuast setup is the best, that or get a cannon, either way it will sound tough. The advantage of the dual exhaust is that when your just sitting at the lights, your car will "sound" better.

    If you want it to run better, get a cold air intake system (around $50-$70, not fitted) then extractors (prices vary for what you want) and then a chip (l picked one up for $250, its second hand though, new you might be looking at around $500, correct me if l'm wrong their guys). That will make your vr pretty mean. If you want you could even get a limited slip diff, l'm pretty sure it would increase acceleration from the lights by a considerable ammount. A mate of mine has it on his vs wagon and it goes pretty hard from the lights, beats my vs (that was while it was stock ).

    If you have a photo of the bodykit you want to get please post it!!!
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    sic_chick Guest


    My car is an ex cop pursuit car and I have been told that particular year that model vr came out they still left the performance chip in, i have been told numerous times. but hey what do i know! lol

    P.S. the body kit price does include paint and fit!

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    That looks like a Clubsport rear wing and the Clubsport/Senator and something else style of front bar.

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    Remember the VR V6 is louder then the newer ecotec engines. I think you should get a Gene stainless steel 2 and a half inch exhaust with extractors. Get a bigger throttle body, i bored mine out to 68mm, originally 60mm. But you can get a V8 version, which is 65mm. This will give a awesome sound in the engine. And get a K and N airfilter and make sure you make more holes in your air filter box. There are more, but this is a start...

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    Robbie Guest



    That kit looks quite nice.. where you getting it form?



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    jenkto Guest


    personally i would get a better exhaust, would bother with a dual exhaust (im presuming a twin system is what is meant). a twin system on a v6 is overkill, even if it does sound half decent when the car is idling it will sound like shit when it gets some rev's up...

    As for the ex pursuit upgrade chip, i am not to sure either... correct me if im wrong but only the v8 puirsuit cars came out with the better chips, your car could have just been a normal cops car (as its only a 6) certain ways to find out wether it was a pursuit is to look for the following - 2km increments on the speedo, fe2 suspsion (check the compliance plates) and i think they also had diff and sump guards....

    If i was doing up a 6 cyclinder i would put a single 2.5" system, with a high flow cat and now rear muffler (i.e a single resonator). that will get it sounding as good as it will get, and should be good enough for the minor mods your going to do.....more mods would have to include better chip and cam etc

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    Post some updates, I am doing the same thing and am interested in what you have found. I have been doing some research and have quite a list of mods to make a VR rock, but always open to suggestions.

    Let's see now.

    1. 22mm or larger (tough) front strut bar for stability,

    2. K-mac Australia 20mm rear sway-bar, and 30mm front sway bar - this will reduce the major body roll these cars get.

    3. K-Mac progressice coil-over shock/spring combos (made to any height you want) which will lower the car and offer progressive suspension which is soft initially for bumps and take-off, then stiffens up big-time for cornering etc.

    4. K-Mac Panhard Rods, you'll need these if you lower the car, otherwise your back end (wheels and driveline) will slide around and thats not good,

    5. DBA Gold performance cross-drilled and slotted disc rotors, these will handle the stopping of your worked car... much better performance under stress than others I've seen around.

    6. Wheels - to show off your struts and rotors... - but then... you already have these, I was going with a set of AMG 17" chrome Techart-Lace (17"x8&quot rims wrapped in Bridgestone Potenzza G3 225x45x17 rubbers.

    7. Body kit - not much in the way of performance, but will look really nice, I particularly like the range of stores I have near me that offer gel-formed kits, and I can get a tricked up Senator front and rear bar for $720.00 in a ready to go state.

    ...... That takes care of the externals, now we have the other mods......

    8. Maybe a 71 degree or 81 degree cooler running thermostat, will lower the tempreture at which water is allowed to flow through the engine... stock the water is very hot, and therefore doesn't really cool your engine. And heat is bad.

    9. Something like an "SS Inductions" big-mouth cold air intake kit - to help you engine draw in cooler air - which will increase power.

    10. Replace the stock air filter with a "wet" high flow filter like a kingdragon or K&N... a lot of people stick vortex conical filters or similar under their bonnet and remove the cold-air-box... yes they get more air... but it's hot air, and doesn't help them any. Unless you mount through a wheel arch or something, your wasting your time.

    11. HSV V8 Throttle body... you can get these in the 65-80 range, while this is a bit fidly, it will improve the throttle performance/response considerably - and there will be a few kW of extra grunt added.

    12. V6Supercharged heat shields, these bolt on top of your exhaust manifold and stop the exhaust heat from messing with your throttle body - because that sucks power.

    13. Extractors/headers - go a set of nice formed extractors like PaceMaker or Genie - this will make a big difference.... attached to that you have....

    14. A 2.5" single exhaust system. If you have a V6, go two or whatever... I have the V6 as you do... so a single 2.5" system with a hollowed or street performance cat convertor and something like a Lukey high-flow muffler.... or any brands really that allow you the cleanest simplest most direct (high flow) exhaust path.

    15. Memcal... after all these mods, you need to tune your "computer" to the new parts, and possibly a new fuel octane level... without this it will try to restrict your engine to make it standard again. If your keen, add a KalMaker chip to your computer so you can whack on a laptop and re-program the thing... this way you can re-tune as you add more performance parts.

    16. The big one.... the engne swap, while the above should see you hit around 160kW or so (maybe a lot more depending on parts and tuning), you can always go the supercharged engine. Imoirted like will grab you a supercharged V6 Buick engine from America, and sell you accessores to make it haul ass.

    Yes... in case your wondering... the lesser known, but much sought after Holden XU6 or Supercharged V6 uses the exact same motor.... and legally, you can bolt the thing straight into a V6 V6... fitting is difficult as you need to swap out a few yankie parts to make it work... but your looking at between 190kW and 240kW for about $5000.00 - I'd like to see a rice-boy or a HSV/FTR owner's face when your VR blows them away.....

    Take care,


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