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    Not used to working on Commodores...more familiar around FB EK Holdens...

    I just knocked the drivers side mirror clean off a VS . Mirror and casing is all intact except the springs that hold it onto the car body have stretched. What are my options?

    Can I pop the glass out of the mirror and replace the springs and reconnect the wiring OR

    Do I have to buy a whole new unit and replace?


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    hmm I've actually had berlina mirrors apart before and in the service manual, they say you can't pop the glass out and they're non-serviceable, but with a bit of care, you can, quite easily.

    you need a flat blade and just stick it straight under the glass and you'll feel some plastic mouldings you can push on with the screwdriver. if you feel around it, you'll feel 2 lugs (one for each motor) and it pivits in the centre on a little ball (very similar still to how an EK one works but now it's all enclosed and high tech and stuff!)

    You can pry / unclick / pop the mirror off all 3 of these mounts one by one and the mirror pops off.

    Installation of the mirror itself is the same, you just click the big ball back on first then the 2 smaller ones. You'll hear them slip on the motors first before the click into place.

    It might be easier just getting another mirror because the springs are a real pain to get out and I lost my patience with it at this point and broke the whole base to get it all apart.

    If it's black and you're in brisbane, I might have another one.

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    Thanks for your reply nugatory. Patience is not a strong point of mine but I'll give it a go. Thanks for your offer - I'm in Sydney and its burgandy.


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    Ebay or wreakers should be able to help you out with a total replacement at a good price.

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    HI there
    I have had a mirror apart and while I thought it looked easy to to put back together it was a nightmare to get all the pins and springs organized to fit
    back in again. I even took it to Holden here in Blacktown and asked them to get someone to look at it. Well I wont go into the screw ups in there and what they did but in the end I had a mirror I couldn't even try to fix myself.
    End result I bought a mirror from the wreckers and had the brother in-law paint it. Now I have matching mirrors that are white like the car and I think it looks
    so much better than the black ones.
    Bottom line here is you don't have small enough hands and enough pairs of hands to get this mirror back together again easily. I wish you good luck and
    I hope you have a good amount of time to spend.
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