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Thread: VT power steering pump

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    Default VT power steering pump

    hi guys,
    I have a '99 VT Commodore
    I was really needing some help on some power steering pump info....
    My father and I are going to replace the seals on my power steering pump tomorrow(because of a leak), and what we needed to know was how much fluid will we need to refill the pump and resivour.

    All help is much appreciated

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    Capacity of a V6 is 0.70 litres

    Capacity of a V8 is 0.65litres

    You will need to bleed the power steering system and add more fluid as required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9C1pack
    How do you bleed the power steering system?
    Jack the vehicle up and turn the steering wheel from lock to lock with the engine off until the fluid level remains the same. Then start the engine and let it idle while turning the wheel from lock to lock until no more bubbles appear.

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    can you please tell me why you have to do this when disconnecting hoses? and how will it help??

    I want to remove the system by disconnecting the hoses and reservoir coz i want to clean em to accurately pin point the leak i got at the moment..

    I was going to disconnect the hose clamps and drain the oil into a little bucket and throw it away once ive connected the hoses again ill refill oil.. is that right or not? what else would i need to know or need to have prepared for such a job>

    thanks for your help

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    Alright im sitting here writing straight out of a work shop manual,

    Power steering system - Bleeding

    1 - Fill the resovoir to the correct level with the fluid of the recommended type and allow to remain undisturbed for at least 2 minutes
    2 - Start then engine and run it for 2-3 seconds only, check resovoir and top up as required
    3 - Repeat the operations described in the preceding paragraph until fluid levels remain constant
    4 - Raise front wheels until wheels are clear above the ground
    5 - Start engine and increase revs to approx 1500rpm and gently turn steering wheel stop-to-stop, be sure to check resovoir level
    6 - Lower the vehicle to the ground and, with the engine still running, move the vehicle forward sufficiently to obtain full right lock followed by full left lock, recheck fluid level. If the fluid in the resevoir is foamy allow the vehicle to stand for a few minutes with the engine switched off (or if your impatient like me suck the fluid out and put fresh fluid in). The repeat the previous operations. At the same time, check belt tightness and check for a bent or loose pulley. Check also to make sure the power steering hoses are not touching any other part of the vehicle.

    Just a few key points they dont tell you when doing this,

    holden is gay and still uses imperial so make sure you use the correct size spanners
    the high pressure line on the power steering pump is very easily rounded
    i done a rebuild well a reseal kit on my pump a while back and it still weeps slightly apparently all commodores have a slight weep
    and it may take some time to fully fill the lines and pump with fluid

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    can anybody tell me if the pulley will come off easily by hand once the bolts are undone, or will i need a pulley removal tool? also, if a tool is needed, would a cheap universal pulley removal tool do the job? hopefully someone can help me here. thanks.

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