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Thread: Yet another'check powertrain' - Misfiring thread for VZ commodore -

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    Vzniko Guest

    Angry Yet another'check powertrain' - Misfiring thread for VZ commodore -


    allow me to apologise to the moderators as there are at least 3 threads that talk about the same problem I am experiencing.
    The reason I started the new thread is to share with others what I have done so far about the problem and where I am today.

    I had the misfiring/check power train errors since I bought the damn thing back in 2008 with 63000K on the clock. (A small note here, I will never buy anything with a Holden badge on it as long as I live).

    It is now 2011 and after hundreds of dollars short I am back to where I started, the fault has come up again today and I feel like
    driving the car into a tree and be done with it. Seriously I am so mad at Holden right now (But I guess this is not the focus of the topic here).

    To make long story short, I have taken it to many workshops, including a holden dealer and the last time even a performance tuning workshop
    that specialises on Commodores and Falcons.

    I have so far attempted:

    2008 - Holden dealer Code P0460 - Carried out TL1164-0608 and reprogrammed ECU - send me on my way - No charge under warranty
    2009 - Holden dealer Code 33 - Cleared - $55
    2010 - Fuel pump change (Not sure if that was related to this problem $155)
    2011 - Fault codes P0300 (Mylticylinder misfire) and P0303 (Cylinder misfire 3) - cleared fault - $55 - Midas
    2011 - The very next day!! Unkown error - replaced spark plugs and inlet manifold gasket - $300
    2011 - Performance tuning workshop - Replaced coil pack - $175

    These date do not include parts I have replaced myself including leads and another set of spark-plugs.

    Now here I am, error came up again the other day. Is there a Holden representative that can come into this forum and shed some light?
    I do not believe this is rocket science, any good mechanic with experience and know-how should be able to fix this right??

    One note, out of all the places I went for the problem to be fixed, the MOST hopeless ones were the Holden Dealer, who did not even
    bother to replace anything (I guess they saved me money which can be a good thing), cleared the fault in a hurry and send me home!

    Clearing the fault will not fix the problem, why would I have to pay $55 each time to do that?

    Does anyone have a definite solution here or do I drive the car off a cliff and be done with it?


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    You never said if it actually missfires or not, is it only codes or physical symptoms?
    Originally Posted by Little Red VZ Go-Kart
    1. Why would you want to floor it, or move it to the red line? Especially with the lack of airbags and ABS features!? What do you hope to achieve by that??
    Originally Posted by HoldenV8
    give everything a spray with wd40 wheels brakes that should fix the squeaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vzniko View Post
    2011 - The very next day!! Unkown error - replaced spark plugs and inlet manifold gasket - $300
    2011 - Performance tuning workshop - Replaced coil pack - $175
    These are very expensive bills!!
    spark plugs for 6 cost me $45 and the inlet gasket is about $20, not even an houris work, $150 max... $65 if you DIY
    Replaced a coil pack for $165??? Rip off..

    Possible solution, injectors...
    Life starts at 200km/h

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    Vzniko Guest


    I agree, I shouldn't have let them changed the spark plugs should have done it myself...

    With all the physicals symptoms are all there, you name it, revs not idling properly, Car no accelerating as its suppose to, and also now there is a new one,
    the car will shut down and that small symbol on the bottom right hand corner will come on (Check emission system) Which has never happened before.

    Also I have replaced injector 2 i remember, it was done under warranty, so yeah had tried that as well, Any ideas?
    I am thinking of replacing the leads never done that before since I bought the car.


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    is there any smoke coming from your exhaust?
    the hose that goes into your intake pipe, does that have smoke coming out of it?
    Life starts at 200km/h

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    Vzniko Guest

    Default Coil packs

    Hey guys,

    Took it to another guy today. Said that the coil packs are usually what's causing it as it is a common fault with the vz.
    The problem is that the other mechanic replaced only one coil pack, which I was told its stupid. Once you do them, you do them all.
    I had misfiring on cylinder 1,2 and 6.

    So anyone know on how to change them? Any guides at all? Because I was told they are quite expensive for a whole set (Around $150 each) not including labour.


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    Air intake duct off
    6 13mm bolts to undo inlet manifold
    Take TB connectors off and all hoses on the manifold.
    Split the manifold upper section by lifting it upwards. You'll likely have the revised metal gasket as you've had the manifold off before.
    You dont need to totally remove the manifold, it can just be lifted and blocked up with a hammer handle or piece of wood.
    Disconnect the connectors
    Undo 10mm bolt
    Lift out coilpack.

    Refit is just reverse of above.

    I dont completely agree with the "change one, change all" principal
    Quote Originally Posted by ari666 View Post
    i have a proper update for ya: sabbath is not fire proof.

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    Vzniko Guest


    Thank you for the isntructions. Got my self 6 coil packs for $50 each from my local repco.
    Job was all done.

    Well the principle of change one, change all is probably due to the multicylinder misfire. I had misfiring in cylinder 1,3 and 6.

    I just changed them, took it for a drive and everything looks ok so far.

    I will keep you posted.

    Thanks everyone for your help

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    Hi Vzniko, in this past week I have had the exact same probs with my 2005 VZ SV6, 86,000ks. It started with one of my coil packs melting in half!!! The diagnosis was injectors, and then electrics, replaced gasket, and now powertrain fault. We also have to change my timing chains because it sounds like someone in my engine has a metal ladder banging on the sides, stops after 2 seconds. My car is chewing fuel and just running sh!t. My partner will bring home 6 new coil packs tomorrow and we will try this now.... thanks alot for your experience, hope all worked out for you?????

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    Vzniko Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Holden1990 View Post
    hope all worked out for you?????
    Not exactly - Make sure you get new spark plugs as well - apparently damaged coil packs will damage the spark plugs with them.
    I only change the coil packs - and I after 3 days of no problems, the shaking/rough idling has come back - I will take out spark plugs and clean them -It better be the spark plugs - ITS DRIVING ME NUTS.

    ************************************************** **************************************

    I tested (with a multimeter) my old and new coil packs and I came up with some interesting values

    Anyone with a repair manual that can have the look on the values (in Ohms) for the VZ coils.??

    Here is how i tested, however all of them are giving me different readings.
    I just replaced all 6 of them. It has 4 metal pins I tested the 2 middle ones first and then the left (1st) and 3rd one. (The other combinations gave me no reading).

    OLD COILS - in MEGA ohms

    pin tested XxXx (1st and 3rd) ---- Two middle pins xXXx

    1 - 5.22 -------------------------- 11.94
    2 - 5.00 -------------------------- 11.78
    3 - 0.46 ---------------------------No reading (This one is finished)
    4 - 5.02 ---------------------------11.87
    5 - 5.05 ---------------------------11.92

    pin tested XxXx (1st and 3rd) ---- Two middle pins xXXx

    1 - 10.00------------------------- 16.05
    2 - 08.57 ------------------------17.33
    3 - 11.96 ------------------------13.05
    4 - 08.71 ------------------------16.55
    5 - 08.00 ------------------------15.37
    6 - 08.21 ------------------------16.14

    As you can see the values are ALL over the place, however I deducted that the two middle pins need to be 13+
    and the 1st-3rd pin more than 10+

    Anyone that can give me some values to work with??

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