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  1. Bardy-II
    what's the best oil to use for VZ? aware of 5W-30 but synthetic or?
  2. Bardy-II
    problem after problem with the VZ fml
  3. Damo83
    Damo83 sam71
    Hey mate, saw your post about instructions how to remove front vf ? could u pls send me one? thanks - email is damo83@iinet.net.au
  4. logan binns
  5. logan binns
    logan binns
    hey mike hows it going its logan you use to come up to tearoha how you going
  6. Steve Chamma
    Steve Chamma AirStrike
    Hi, is there a site for engine searches? I'm chasing original engine from my car. I know nearly impossible but at least i tried.

  7. holdencallous
    I don't actually have a car lmao, I have a VY II Calais in my dreams tho
  8. DanielJp
    Dose anyone know what ‘check power train’ means, cheers
    1. Bardy-II
      Check Powertrain is to let you know the PCM has chucked a code, engine related. Hook up a OBDII and find out the codes, clear em etc
      Jan 17, 2019 at 9:27 PM
  9. Leonzalion
    I have a wh statesman chipped v6 with 5 speed manual conversion and lpg /fuel conversion, nicest car to drive :) do i have the only one?
  10. Original Mickyrat
    Original Mickyrat
    Was on here years ago got myself a new project so I'm back wouldn't let me keep my old name minor adjustment n here i am.......so G'Day
  11. Moses
    1. krusing
      I would say the ignition barrel is faulty, you may have to get a Locksmith to rebuild it,
      and a replacement ignition switch module, maybe a wrecker would be a cheaper option.
      As it seems to be that it turn the car on when removed, and turn the car off when inserted, without turning it, is that correct ?
      Jan 11, 2019
      Moses likes this.
    2. Moses
      yes that's correct
      Jan 11, 2019
  12. Katiek
    Katiek greenacc
    Hey came across your comment about a coolant leak in a VE mines a Calais 07.. you mentioned is it leaking from the front near the pulleys, mines doing that.. what’s that mean?
    1. greenacc
      Hi try to work out exactly where it's leaking. Can be the water pump or higher up behind the radiator hose is a metal pipe neck and the O rings sealing the neck to engine can leak. Post some photos in the VE forum and people will respond. You probably need a mechanic to replace whatever is leaking
      Jan 10, 2019
  13. Tracy 1971
    Tracy 1971
    My vz keys won’t work in the door or boot. We got into a window but it still won’t unlock from the inside. Help
  14. TC-diy
    Gidday, I’m an old school backyard machanic with a 1997 VS extended 1tn Ute and recently acquired a 2006 VZ Exe.
  15. TC-diy
    Hey guys, I’m an old school, backyard m
  16. Risk3037
    Hi I've got a 2002 vy and my indicators has stopped working they're not flashing on my dash or on my head lights if anyone could help me
  17. Drgt1974
    Vt series 1 5.0 error codes help
  18. Ex-WRX
    Replacing WRX with VE SS...
  19. Ex-WRX
    Replacing w
  20. Sarge17
    How RU you all I'm sarge I have a 2002 vx hsv. Clubbsport would 235/65 r19 fit my car