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  1. vs-lover
    I must admit I've been somewhat puzzled with the ATF in the cylinders. What's that all about ? Cheers, VSL
  2. Gotta_Drive_1
    Love it!!!!... what a beast. But mate you gotta get the wipers for the headlights. Lol. You have done a great job on her.
  3. rucxy
    Have since then installed my Xforce 7 series 2.5" unpolished catback. Sounds good to me, hopefully it will deepen in tone as it soots up. Flashed in an Oztrack tune and logging for improvements and fine tuning. All I can say really, is that she...
  4. vs3.8ute
    how much u chasing? 6 or 8
  5. 55ams
  6. SS Flo Rida
  7. VS_Pete