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  1. Tups101
    Tups101 1989mitty
    Hi Mate,

    I realise you had your ute a long time ago, I just wondering what size/width rubber you were running?

    BTW...the ute is unreal looking. Looks perfect with the 22s and SSSL's.

    Was it worth it going 22s? or was it a nightmare?
  2. VKV855
    vtss roller motor ! engine prefix on the body plate please?
    1. VKV855
      lv7? so the tag with engine / trans /diff codes
      im wondering what the vt ss had as im using this motor in my vk! tnx!
      Apr 22, 2019 at 5:24 PM
  3. Dave Turner
    Dave Turner Badgerdog
    can someone tell me where I can get a copy of the owners handbook for 2004 VY S2
    Cheers ... Dave
  4. MBT85
  5. Bush mechanic
    Bush mechanic
    Mysterious overheating problem with 2002 VX SS II manual.
  6. Ericcccc
    Ericcccc Smitty
    Hey mate I’ve seen your posts about lsa engines you still able to get any ? Cheers
  7. Mark Tyndall
    Mark Tyndall NewbC4KE
    Hey mate i'm not sure how to private message. I don't suppose you still have the exhaust?
  8. nbas99
    nbas99 dgp
    Hey mate. Do you still have the VZ paper workshop manual? Just chasing a few bits if you could send photos? Happy to pay
  9. nbas99
    nbas99 IPCOlsenVZ
    Hey. I was wondering if you could send me the VZ commodore workshop manual part for repairing the lower radiator support if possible. Email nbasile44@outlook.com

    Cheers mate,
  10. steenandcoyle
    I need urgent help can someone help me
  11. Tristan Drabble
    Tristan Drabble
    Vs l67 t5 making bad vibration when letting clutch out Any ideas
  12. Tofts
    vz ss holden commodore 2006 went into limp mode causes the radiator fan keep on all the time help
  13. Daniel Brittain
    Daniel Brittain
    What could it be if my vy has a big miss in it and idiots ruff
  14. mark lanyon
    mark lanyon
    I have a VS Ute Feb 98 build, 50th Anniversary is the only badge on the car. Front spoiler and lowered in purple. A rare find?
  15. Rohwee
    I’m about to purchase a ve ss wagon that’s had a heavy duty clutch Installed. Upgraded exhaust and otr. How does a heavy duty clutch feel?
  16. MYSSVLS3
    Has anyone ever had any issues with Walkinshaw lowering and wheel alignments...?
  17. jeremy213
  18. ChappyVFSS
    Hi there. Show me your wheels. Bought my VF SS and hate the wheels. Please show me some ideas
  19. Karl Schmidt
    Karl Schmidt RayNixon
    Hi mate any chance getting email for setting up pod gauges in my vy 2003 vy ss
  20. Bj jacob schnell
    Bj jacob schnell Darren_L
    Hi mate just wondering if you have a diagram of you catch can setup