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  1. Gyplillylex12
    Vz 2005;one cyl no spark drivetrain on dash replaced plugs coil packs no change any help please
  2. Jake_
    Jake_ Nut Kracker
    Hey keen on that vx manual i saw u commented u had. If youre able to send me a copy youd be a life saver! Jake_whitney@hotmail.com
  3. Brady Leighton
    Brady Leighton
    Currently Mang-ing in a commy
  4. ASH11
    Can any parts from a 99 VT or 2000 VX fit onto a 1994 VR
  5. danoz vt vz
  6. Evan Christopher Rose
    Evan Christopher Rose krusing
    Hi mate i was just reading one of your posts from a few yrs ago you wouldn't still have the error codes and list of how to diagnose peoblems on a vy ecotec have code p0101. Cheers Evan
    1. krusing
      Hi Evan, I sure do, I have tried to past it 3 times, and it sends the comment but no attachment, email me your email details to kruseelectrical@gmail.com , and I will email a snap shot of the error and the remedy, regards, Kim
      Aug 12, 2019
  7. Azza355
    Azza355 Brett_jjj
    Hi Brett do U still make tech 1 cartridges for VN to vs
  8. l_johno
  9. Tim Hancock
    Tim Hancock delcowizzid
    Hi mr Delco wizzid can I please get you to do a memcal for me for v6 Buick 4l60 auto cam tech cam 9.5 comp o2 sensor street driven. I don’t have access to a dyno or tuner in my area,Ron from sic six has passed on your info to me. Can you email or call please 0419851433 telecomtim@bigpond.com thanks Tim
  10. Mick185
    Mick185 markovr
    Hi mark would you be able to email me the wiring diagram for the vs cruise control using the patch harness if possible. My problem is the crs lights up but will not engage i think the wiring to the switches is wrong ( the owner before me was a twist and tape specialist) and im trying to correct it before my trip back to central qld from melb. michael_fairbrother@hotmail.com cheers
  11. ramin nikzad
    ramin nikzad Doctor Bob
    Doctor Bob are you still here?
  12. benny66
    benny66 StrayKiwi
    So how are you finding the VXR? Do you find it shudders with any patches roads or any slightly rough roads? Due to the 20 inch rims?
  13. Seeker
    Anything is do - able, just takes enough money, time or effort!
  14. Wardy001
    Hi trying to find a trim colour for a vb vc looking everywhere and can’t seem to find it trim code is 1930-23E can any one help.
  15. James Hill
    James Hill
    I have changed crank angel censor water pumps thermostat coil packs DFI module spark plugs leads engine and gearbox mounts
  16. James Hill
    James Hill
    PLEASE HELP ME my 99 VT COMMODORE 99 series 2 executive keeps cutting out on me while driving i just have to wait a minute then starts up
  17. James Hill
    James Hill
  18. Owen Peters
    Owen Peters
    Hi I have a supperchaged VT V6 commodore.. it wines, sometimes and nearly fiers, replace all basics .. any ideas guys wat it could be
  19. Leon Ridgewell
    Leon Ridgewell
    I have an ABS fault and i have done a scan on it keeps coming back rear left sensor malfunction low voltage would that mean wire loom
  20. Leon Ridgewell
    Leon Ridgewell
    Hello fellow Lion members :-)