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  1. Currumbin Radiators
  2. VPRob
    VPRob markovr
    Hey Marko, how much do you charge for the modded shoes and backing plate for VT rears onto a VP?
    Thanks, Rob.
  3. H82IDL
    Just finished fitting sssl all round on the caprice.... LOW RIDER.
  4. teecee
    vs ss for sale
    1. teecee
      Dec 3, 2019 at 9:33 AM
  5. Igris
    Leaks make me sad. Even more so with magic invisible ones
  6. benny66
    Enjoying my cars
  7. Tony69
    Is a vc 6cyl k frame same as a vc v8 k frame, and will a vq stato efi v8 fit in that k frame with a manual steer rack, cheers
  8. Matthew Stapley
  9. Greeksalad
    Greeksalad Reaper
    Hey reaper
    Any chance of forwarding installing the vn group a bonnet scoop image please
  10. Mat B
    Mat B
    I have a vx Commodore that idles rough,I have replaced all injectors,leads ,plugs,cleaned the throttle body and message,air filter.
  11. myvs96
    Keep it real
  12. Tailgunner
    Tailgunner MrBags
    Love it, MrB.
    Nice shot mate.
    1. MrBags likes this.
  13. Cuzzy69
    Cuzzy69 markovr
    having trouble with hand brake adjustment! if i adjust the back just right they jam after a few turns back and forward causing them to jam on? (im NOT adjusting them to full on when i say jam.it feels like the pads are moving out of alignment once adjusted correctly)if i adjust off the rear to stop this i need full hand lever eg at max then they work with no jamming but wont hold on a steep hill. not sure why help!
  14. Daz 67
    Daz 67
    Help just changed drivers seat in my vt now the air bag light on any ideas
  15. Leonie Redfern
  16. Peter O'Shannessy
  17. LCFC
    This hvac control panel quote is for a VE Calais series 2. Plus $132 to fit.
  18. LCFC
    Quoted $885 for new hvac control panel because the AC manual fan speed button and dual zone auto temp is not working. Any thoughts please?
  19. klrtim
    Love my ALDL and Advanced Engine Diagnostics Software.Cheers to Teck :-)
  20. Paulie81
    Paulie81 dgp
    Hi Mate, where did you buy the spacers and bolts for your Catch Can bracket? Are the bolts M10 35mm?