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  1. semiprowarrior4
    semiprowarrior4 Local_hoon
    I need advice about the length of v6 vz ute exhaust compared to a v6 vz wagon can u help
  2. semiprowarrior4
    semiprowarrior4 andyman
    I need advice about the length of v6 vz ute exhaust compared to a v6 vz wagon can you help me out mate
  3. semiprowarrior4
    I need advice about the length of v6 vz ute exhaust compared to a v6 wagon
  4. merkurhaber
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  5. GSG
    GSG RiCeY
    Saw your posts & thanks, however I have a question you may be able to answer.
    Is there any equivalent to the Dexron 6 that you would advise, eg Nulon etc. Thanks
  6. I.am.michelle
  7. Slabba
    Looking to adjust sensitivity of auto headlights. Have found that when I scroll through options on the dash, there’s only 6 options come up
  8. Kathmandu
    2004 HSV 285 VY Series 2 Clubsport
  9. Brendan PARRY
    Brendan PARRY mike_nofx
    Hi mate do you have a deep pan and wide mouth filter left?
  10. Tom Seaford
    Tom Seaford
    Vf dedicated Lpg. Great car,
  11. Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones
    Is there a difference in ecotec and l67 LH exhaust manifold?
  12. Brandssss
    Tổng hợp các thông tin về công nghệ, giáo dục, thể thao, sức khỏe và tin tức xã hội
  13. Jim Boxell
    Jim Boxell
    Help VZ changed water pump and when you turn off after 20 mins won’t start and stalls sometimes while driving changed air and crank sen
  14. milan
  15. Sandst4rm
    looking at parts
  16. Lohnrow
    Need a bit of advice and someone who knows about ls engines around Ipswich
  17. Saigon Medical College
    Saigon Medical College
    Saigon College of Medicine and Pharmacy recruited for the College of Medicine and Pharmacy in 2018 across the country.
  18. Damsix420
    My car keeps using coolant. 6-8 Litres in 19,000kms. the overflow has a crack in it but has been redivirted back into radiator. is that bad?
  19. Lohnrow
    Have a genuine very low ls vu ss Ute with a brand new transmission and engine that is having problems at the moment but offers accepted
  20. Jason Browning
    Jason Browning
    Just got a 2016 sv6 wagon. Love it , might change wheels, would like to put better speakers n sub in i, is the vf is hard as the ve to do?