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How do I start a new thread?

One of the most common emails received is how do I post, start a thread etc.

The forum is broken up into the following:

Thread - One or more posts (see below) which contains a title (subject) and body (question, problem etc) and contain often 1 or more replies.
Post - With a thread you have what we call posts, generally are arranged oldest to newest.
Conversation - A private conversion between yourself and one or more members.

At a starting point below is where you should be:

Once logged in scroll down to Holden Commodore Related section - https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/#holden-commodore-related.28

From there scroll down further and you should the corresponding model to what you wish to post about for instance if I had a VF Commodore question I would click 'VF Holden Commodore (2013 - ?)' for instance - https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/forums/vf-holden-commodore-2013.228/

Once loaded you should see a button on the right hand side called 'Post New Thread'.

Before typing in anything the screen will look something like the following:

After typing in relevant text:

There you have it a thread has been created, now to wait for posts / replies.

Note some posts will go through to the moderation queue which requires moderator approval.