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383 hatch
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  • Hey man im in the process of restoring a vk calais and im thinking of mini tubbing it, any tips or info you can help me with, been searching in the forums but cant seem to find much, my email is
    [email protected]
    Thanks man
    Hi mate, well I just spent the better part of my Sunday reading your posts about your Hatch, and all I can say is.....AWSOME WORK :)
    I was hooked on it, you are extremely good at your craft and must have a lot of patients, given the amount of rust and modifications you had to do to get it to the point it is now, mate that is one of the best Torana Hatches I've seen.
    Im a HR man myself, and noticed your old man has one nice HR, do you have any pics of it? did yous build that one as well?
    Again very nice work.
    Cheers Dave
    Hi there Hatch
    AVG FUEL L/100km While I was resetting the O/SPEED setting in my VS 3.8 S/W I accidentally pushed too many buttons and must have altered an Agent’s Pre-Set Calibration buttons that the “AVG FUEL L/100km” reading is calculated from. Consequently it shows about 15L/100km when it used to be about 12L/100km driving round town. What Buttons should be used and what number should it be reset to?
    Hey bud, I'm in the process of measuring up to tub my vk, I'd like to talk to you about how you did yours as I'm chasing a 275 tyre!

    My email is [email protected] or if your happy to my phone is 0487375380 and you can message me that way!

    Cheers bud

    hey man i have a vn 304 5ltr in my vk all injection stripped of have put a high rised manifold on it running a 600 holley carbie and dizzy has been changed to suit have finly got fuel mixtures wright but when reving up hight sounds like it has an ignition pop timenig is spot on idles perfect any idears
    g.day there im very interested in doing a 355 stroker in a hr is there any way i can contact u .cheers darren
    Mate I'm building a HZ Kingswood and am very interested to know who and how you shortened the HQ salisbury thats in the UC.

    I could organise a shortened 9In etc, but the car does not warrant that sort of $$ spent on it. Its a clean white HZ sedan with a 283 Chev and Chev Rallys on it. I want to go 15x8 with 255/60/15s like yours, and also sit them way under too.

    Can you help??

    Paul from Traralgon, Vic
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