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  • can you inbox me a list of mods? ive got a vs calais that im putting a SC on and id be happy to sound a 1/3rd as good as that
    Them sets of tyres u got im 1 of ya pics I saw wat type of tires are they and wats a rough price. I'm thinking of getting Micky Thompson ET street radials for when i go to the drag strip not sure wat the price of a single tire is. Guessing around $250 to $350 they will last me ages don't drag much ATM lol. Or wat tire do u recommend?
    Barry could u accept my friend request got told by mark you and chargedvx6 are the ppl I should be talking to about my vt super6 by way of upgrades and just knowledge Thx mate I'm Dan the 1 who bought marks car.

    My name is John Har har. Do you like full strength carrot juice or light? Thinking of running it on a common circuit as both fuel, coolant and interccoler/ blinker fluid circuit. Eagerly awaiting your responth
    Thx mate for ya post with the TB helped me so much appreciate it. U and chargedvx6 are the most helpful ppl ever lol take care mate your car sounds awesome by the way very impressive.
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