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  • Ahk, as expected. BTW; You got any tips for me for maybe getting a deep train horn as a novilty? - Btw inbox full.
    umm, idk i just didnt use the tv, it is HD so im guessing with a better antenna will find all the channels, but id try find a antenna from aus, the audio is good, but i wouldnt be able to tell because i run speakers/subs off amps so the head unit wont have any effect on audio quality, im guessing if you were to run the speakers off the head unit, it wouldnt be bad, i rekon it would be decent, mid range, not bad, and not really good, but alright for lisening to
    Alrighty were u able to to get the other channels with a new antenna and is the audio quality really not that good?

    Or is there any better headunit you'd recommend? im not really up with whats good and whats not haha...

    thanks for the help man
    umm audio is alright, video quality is good, its just **** wen the sun reflects off it, i couldnt get the steering wheel controls to work i think you need some sort of adapter or something for them, the tv antenna it came with was **** only picked up sbs channels and west tv >.< overall its pretty good for its price :), if you want something for that price range id get it :)
    Hi mate, noticed you had the Eonon G2213D, just wondering what your opinion of it is... like audio quality, video quality, If the steering wheel controls work and anything like that.

    Thanks :)
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