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    Left to right:
    2 Shifter LEDs (T5 I think), 3mm LED for window switches, front and back of 1210 SMD LED, 0805 SMD LED (yes you'll want a magnifying glass for those).

    Any questions etc, just ask.
    Instrument Cluster:
    1210 SMD LED -
    Varies slightly between clusters on quantity.
    All Fuel and Temp gauges have 1 LED for the backlight, 1 LED for the pointer.
    Speedo and Tacho pointers have 2 LEDS each.
    Speedo and Tacho have 5 LEDs each for backilighting on 3 LCD clusters, and I believe 6 each on the single LCD clusters.
    The small LCDs have 5 LEDs each.
    The large LCD has 16 LEDs.
    Then there's 14 or so LEDs for warning lights (high beam, seatbelt etc etc).

    Note - standard needles have a red backing, so reflect red LEDs great, but no so great with other colours. You can strip the red and paint them another colour, but remember about when the lights are off. Like mine has a HSV cluster with white background, so I can't paint my needles white or they vanish in the day.

    I think that covers them all. Any questions about doing it, just ask.
    Yeah, sure do.

    Headlight switch:
    1210 SMD LED (PLCC-2) - 6 of

    Traction control / Sport mode buttons:
    1210 SMD LED - 1 LED per button (if you have them both)

    Window / Mirror switch block:
    3mm LED Bulb - 10 of for sedan

    Shifter (Auto):
    Not 100% sure, I used a T5 LED but it was a tiny bit loose. Not sure if cheap bulbs or not exactly right, I put a little tape on to make sure they didn't fall out. Working fine. They're a LED bulb with a resistor in a holder. - 1 for PRND side, 1 for sports shift side.

    Steering Wheel controls:
    0805 SMD LED - 6 of (3 per side)
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