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  • Hey mate - got links to any resources you used for rebuilding the Varajet caby? - I am new-sh to carbys (have cleaned up a motorcycle carby one, that's it), so would be good to have some resources (videos, walk through, pictures etc.) for reference when I clean mine up. Just inherited an all-original '83 VH, so no car manuals or anything on-hand.
    hay mate im new to the forums im doing a vk efi build i was going to your website seems to be down, or have you removed it ? cheers
    Hey Scott,
    Ari put me onto you to ask you about speedo gears and calibration. Mines currently got t350, red speedo cog and 3.55 diff in a VH which reads approx 160ish when doing 100kmh. Ari had same problem and went to a tan cog....but there isnt a tanned cog I can find, any info would be great. Ive got a thread in the vbvk section. Cheets mate, justin.
    hi..im new here ...i saw in one of your posts that u had a diagram of the cruise control vacuume lnes for vb-vk...it was a few years ago..so i understand if u dont have it any more!!..cheers
    hey champ I noticed you said in a post that you have a vk wiring diagram, could you point me to place to look cheers, a bit new to this and struggling wiring in v6 to vk
    Hi Mate, I'm new to all this... I have a vk commodore executive 3.3 efi that I want to fit air cond to. Will the air cond assembly from a vk V8 fit? How do you recommend I do this? Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Mike.
    Hey I have a 85 vk and according to my mechanic mates I have a earth problem. None of them are auto elecs so they can't tell me the cause of the problem. My car won't crank at all but you can hear the starter motor trying to work. All the power is there it just won't start. A few mates have had a look and can't work anything out. Do you have any tips for this or reasons for it not starting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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