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  • QUOTE "Yes it is necessary, and secondly, they only cost $70. get the Flashlube, or Moreys kit, then when that oil is finished, use the Penrite LPg oil as its only $11 for a litre. The others are $16-19.

    It is necessary and cheap insurance, you just trying to cool and moisten the gas charge. This is how it tries to stop damage to valves etc. When i did my manifold gasket, i could see how the stuff was coating down the intake to the valves. Some people claim it doesnt get to the valves, (bull****). When you have the setting too high, what it smoke out of the exhaust !!! Drill the hole in the plenum cover, just behind the throttle body, this was it gets heaps of vacuum and distributes well. Good luck."

    Can u email me a pic of where you drilled your hole please .would be much appreciated. thanx

    have a vx v6 on gas and a new flashlube kit to go on..
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