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  1. sk2304

    VS Power steering rack question

    Getting a reconditioned rack off a mate that he never ended up using. He cannot find the 2 o rings that go from the pipes into the rack. Looked on here, don't have access to my gregorys where I am, just dropped by the local auto shop with no luck, but I cannot find the size to grab some more...
  2. sk2304

    2000 VS ecotec Ute auto box help

    Thanks for the replies. Was going around corner and revved (slipped) when accelerated. Coasted it to my work. After work check trans oil and colour. All good. Got about a kilometre up the road and had no drive in any gear. No reverse. Assume it is cactus, now trying to track down a...
  3. sk2304

    2000 VS ecotec Ute auto box help

    Hi there, 2000 VS ecotec ute with an 0HDD auto box. Daily driver driver by older bloke so not abused. I think the ute did a bit of towing before my ownership. Anyway appears the box has died as I have lost all drive. Looking for a replacement. Been told to stay with the same year box due...
  4. sk2304

    Vs Ecotel fuel replacement with later model fuel rail

    Yes it is. Done it about a month ago. Because the Fuel pressure reg had sh!t itself in my old S3 ute. VT-VY reg's are easily available and cheap. I had put VT injectors in already so the car runs fine.
  5. sk2304

    Holden vs v6 feul

    Needed a fuel pressure reg for my S3 ecotec ute recently. I was able to get hold of a VT fuel rail which has a different regulator (it is available and a lot cheaper than the VS one if available) and swap it. Car runs the same but I haven't been able to test fuel improvement as the ute been...
  6. sk2304

    Ecotec Sump info

    Have a 2000 ecotec ute auto. Earlier in the week cracked my ecotec sump on an unsealed road. Question: are all ecotec sumps the same? Been trying to source one and there appears to be 2 different types. (See Photos). A mate who wrecks commodores has one of the second photo type. As the ute...
  7. sk2304

    Alternative Fuel Pressure Regulator

    To Ephect, I just had a look in my old 2000 VS ute, and it is 3.5 bar. Pretty sure it is still the original. See photo.
  8. sk2304

    Alternative Fuel Pressure Regulator

    I found this thread from 6 months ago when doing a search. My fuel pressure regulator has gone. Confirmed by mechanic mate. Just wondering what others have done as you cannot seem to get them new anywhere? I don't see the point of sourcing a 2nd had one due to it being on the way out. I...
  9. sk2304

    Ebay bar cover

    I used to work in the auto supply industry and sold them. The plastic is harder then the genuine. Depends how much care was taken when shipped over and stored. We never had much of a problem with the VS bars and sold heaps. They fit well, from memory only the grille inserts could be a tight...
  10. sk2304

    Ecotec v6 idle problem

    There is a small hose that goes from under the the throttle body and continues under the plenum. The rubber connector near the throttle body is known to come off and this will stuff around with your idle.
  11. sk2304

    VS Series 2 Indicator Stork Not Self Cancelling

    I think I have mentioned it before, the cancel cams are out of stock from holden. I think used to be about $14. I have seen people advertise online for up to $400 for them. May be rare spares will come out with a repo.
  12. sk2304

    Wow Sales must be going Gangbusters !!!

    Hi there, getting back on topic. A part I have found impossible to get hold of is the cancel cam for non airbag VR/VS (possibly earlier) vehicles. NA from holden. Someone on gumtree was trying to flog off a used one on gumtree recently for $200. Used to pay about $14 when Holden had them...
  13. sk2304

    VS Ute canopy tail light wiring

    Hi there, I recently got hold of a canopy for my the old VS V6 ute. It has the centre tail light at the top of the rear window and I was wondering where those canopy mobs used to integrate the light into the wiring? Thanks in advance.
  14. sk2304

    VS V6 plenum bolt question

    Thanks _R_J_K_ great idea I will give that a try. Young bloke that had it was not smart and was not helped by his old man. Car had supposed electrical issue - 2 blown parkers! He had wheel nuts on so tight even my local mechanic struggled to get a couple off. We had to use a huge breaker bar...
  15. sk2304

    VS V6 plenum bolt question

    Hi there, Got hold of an 2000 VS V6 Ute a bit over a year ago. A mates son had been tinkering on it (creating more issues!) before it ran out of rego and he removed on with another car. I cleaned and changed all the usual things oil, gaskets, plugs, etc and it goes really well. No error codes...
  16. sk2304

    VS Ute Ecotec fuel smell and average economy

    Hi there, as per the description I am getting average fuel economy on my daily ute. Highway a bit over 10 litres per 100 with the ute unloaded. My VS spac does 7 litres per 100. Occasionally I can smell a fuel odour I coming through the vents. I have replaced the vent hose to the tank. I have...
  17. sk2304

    Head Gasket - test or skim necessary?

    Thanks heaps for all the replies. Greatly appreciated.
  18. sk2304

    Head Gasket - test or skim necessary?

    Hi there, My VS 'S' pack had sat around for a while before I got hold of it. It had been owned by an mid age person and well looked after and serviced. A couple of years ago I replaced the inlet manifold gasket. I an having a coolant issue which has been diagnosed a blown head gasket...
  19. sk2304

    VS Ute - canopy connect to body

    Hi there, My daily VS ute has a hard lid with the locks busted since I've had it. I want to put a canopy on it and there are a few second hand ones around. I was wondering how do they secure to the body? The ute has a tub liner in it. Thanks in advance.
  20. sk2304

    Stock VS V6 ute exhaust dimensions

    Finally getting a few things done to the daily runaround ute. The rear exhaust bracket has been broken off. The coat hanger doesn't hold the best. Can anyone give me dimensions of the bracket so I can make one up and weld it on. Cheers
  21. sk2304

    Car Charger to get

    Hi, Got my VS in the garage awaiting some maintenance. As it is not getting driven much the battery slowly goes flat. Has anyone got recommendations for chargers that you can keep connected to the car until driven, and they switch on and off as required? The auto shops regularly have them on...
  22. sk2304

    coolant overfill tank emptying?`

    Nicksep, I put a post on here a couple of month ago with similar issues. My cooling system is all fine. Someone replied and suggested head gasket. This was confirmed by a radiator specialist I deal with through work. I have no oil/coolant mixed in the systems. Just cannot get the cooling...
  23. sk2304

    Replaced tie rod ends no probs but just a question

    Hi there, replaced the tie rod ends. I haven't done a set in years. But with my current ride they were rusted on at the car had sat idle for a period of time before I owned it. The rubber boots were knackered as well. There was a nylon bush/spacer in there between the tie rod and the...
  24. sk2304

    VS S boot bobtail removal

    Hi mate thanks for the reply. The nuts on the underside of the boot came off easy, no rust. But the bobtail is still on solid.
  25. sk2304

    VS S boot bobtail removal

    Hi there, I want to remove the bobtail spoiler off my commodore to repaint it. There are 3 nuts to remove from inside the boot. But I am assuming there some form of adhesive between the spoiler and bootlid? Thanks in advance.
  26. sk2304

    VS V6 Coolant issue

    Hi there, Had an issue since I have had the car it will push coolant out of the radiator cap. A change in brand for the cap has stopped most of it. I find that the overflow bottle gets full and coolant comes out of the overflow hose from that. The system has been bled numerous times but the...
  27. sk2304

    VS V6 Engine Mounts

    Hi there, getting a pink slip my mechanic told me I need to replace the engine mounts. I was going to have a go and do it myself. I have read up about doing it on here and how to make the special tool etc but what I wanted to know is there any difference in quality between the name brands and...
  28. sk2304

    Painting VS centre console

    I used vinyl paint to do the centre console in my old VS. It was from a automotive paint place. The colour was slightly lighter than standard but you didn't notice unless you were looking for it. And that was before Supercheap and also the other stocked paint. I don't know if they sell the...
  29. sk2304

    VS front lower lip question

    Hi there, I have a front lower which has a rough finish (see picture). Was this a release by holden as the lip is genuine. All others I have seen have a smooth finish.
  30. sk2304

    filling rear bumper damage

    Hi ringfeder, I have done plastic welding and most of the time it can be repaired. Like everything it comes down to the cost factor. Depending on the damage a little bog might be needed to level it and then it would have to be repainted.
  31. sk2304

    VS V6 low idle

    Hi there, As per the title, my VS V6 is idling low after I had the battery disconnected, and had removed the plenum (therefore airbox) as I was looking for the source of some rogue coolant. All went back together as per normal. Car drives good but idles low. Is that just the computer...
  32. sk2304

    VS V6 IRS rear brake rotor question

    I have a 1996 VS V5 IRS. The rear brakes and rotors are to be replaced. I have read on the net there are two types of rotors for the IRS being 5 hole and 12 hole. Does anyone know the difference between them? I have a mate who had the 12 hole rotors on his shelf and gave them to me. They...
  33. sk2304

    Ecotec thermostat replacement

    There was no place where the O ring would fit. Tried but it wouldn't seal. Luckily I have a work van I was able to head to supercheap and get a gasket for under $4.
  34. sk2304

    Ecotec thermostat replacement

    I have coolant leaking from the thermostat housing. I bought a new thermostat and gasket. Well the bloke at repco gave me an O ring instead of a gasket which he said is used now in place. Can anyone tell me if this is correct as the gregorys has a gasket. Cheers
  35. sk2304

    VS commodore drivers door window

    All solved. I was to see the wires out of the motor. Orange and blue if anyone ever needs to do the same.
  36. sk2304

    VS commodore drivers door window

    Hi guys, I have a replacement drivers door for my VS with electric windows. The door is still off the car but the window is down. I want to raise the window so I can remove the handle mechanism (with key lock) and swap it with the one currently on the car. So I want to just want to get some...
  37. sk2304

    hot terminal

    If you're still stuck head down to the local autopro. They tested mine with a flash tester that apparently can tell if it's the battery, alternator, etc. My battery (if you believe them) was running at 13%
  38. sk2304


    I do the same as wozza. I use an aldl cable and tunerpro software (it's free). Shows all the basic info and error codes.
  39. sk2304

    Hole in airbag cover

    The cover and airbag unit is as one. You can get second hand ones on evilbay, gumtree and wreckers pretty easy and for not too much. Looks like that has been replaced already as I thought the emblem on the statesman had the holden symbol with a wreath. To remove the airbag there are 4 torx (?)...