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  1. christov

    Hello again

    Hello everyone, I've returned from an extended period of 'leave' we'll call it. Sadly, my poor beast was written off last week due to my over zealous right foot (after not driving for about 7 months). So I've decided to join the dark side, and cash in some of the insurance monies after...
  2. christov

    Dash Command 0-100 and Engine HP

    Sorry to say but sounds way out. Make sure all your setup is correct. A 270rwkw SS manual has cannot physically pull that 0-100 time. Also set the car up as an 09 Pontiac G8 GT it has the closest PID specs to our car.
  3. christov

    Manta exhaust has 3 variations, which to buy?

    I bought my cousins one from Joondalup exhaust in Perth. Quick (and free) delivery and no damage. His was stainless steel also, total cost was $1850 delivered. Give them a buzz, they don't talk **** either. Will give you good advise based on what you want.
  4. christov

    Manta exhaust has 3 variations, which to buy?

    Manta is a genuinely good brand, IMO second only to Difilippo for our cars. X-Force is ****, don't waste your time and money. If you don't want drone go with the option they suggested. That being said and sorry to add confusion but I bought my cousin their 'loudest' 3" setup for his auto VF...
  5. christov

    The New Commodore VFII is Coming

    I saw my first one on the road yesterday. Gunmetal grey redline, looked like it already had aftermarket wheels (5 spoke black of some sort). Looks really good with the new tail lights and bonnet vents/front fascia design! Also rear brembos - win.
  6. christov

    Jekyll snd Hyde exhaust options

    Your local exhaust shop should have some
  7. christov

    Walkinshaw Power Pack W310 - does it affect Fuel Economy?

    I had same parts as Walkinshaw use and a tune, highway economy went up by 1L/100km but urban went up by over 6/100km. Sounded tuff and went very well.
  8. christov

    The New Commodore VFII is Coming

    Yeh motor mag had the Clubby on it at 395kw also.
  9. christov

    SSV Redline creaking in rear of cabin on driveways...

    I've got the same noise, it's just because the FE3 suspension is quite stiff. Nothing to be worried about.
  10. christov

    GTS-R a reality, gets LS9

    Oh blah blah blah! Haha, supercharging my SS was a terrible idea! It's still way slower than the M4 and uses literally more than twice the amount of fuel it's shocking. But fun. Will be good to see the GTS-R doing some track work like it's built for! I'll finish with S55B30 > LS9, LT4, LS3...
  11. christov

    GTS-R a reality, gets LS9

    Precisely, spend $4k on a second hand VF GTS and you'll have more power than the GTS-R LS9 and with my flame suit ready 'a more streetable' setup. But, with the LS9 Camshaft & 2.3L blower it could easily spank a bolt on + tuned LSA. That said, it's not really the point of the GTS-R. It will be...
  12. christov

    Best mods on a low budget

    If I were you I would wait and buy something decent, like Difilippo or Manta.
  13. christov

    Melbourne tuners?

    C&A Autofashion, HPF or autotechnique
  14. christov

    Best mods on a low budget

    Mate you pay for what you get. If you buy cheap **** you'll get cheap ****. Save up and buy something decent. Also worth stating what your budget is.....
  15. christov

    Xforce 2.5inch exhaust

    Thread title should read: "Xforce 2.5inch exhaust is ****"
  16. christov

    VF SSV Power Packages( Any better than walkinshaw?)

    Walkinshaw is just a difilippo exhaust with a VCM OTR intake (if you option it, otherwise you get a side mount enclosed pod filter intake). Harrop is pretty good except their extractors are far from 'tuned length' as advertised, sounds nice though. Best bits would be Difilippo exhaust and...
  17. christov

    king springs

    Most people prefer to run shortened shocks with superlows. I run king spring lows with my redline and haven't needed to change anything. Go to the myrides section for VF, you'll find a few people with SLs (or Pedders SL equivalents) with shorterned shocks.
  18. christov

    Vf engine rattle

    Howdy, It's just valve train noise and injector pulse nothing to be worried about. L77s are noisy engines.
  19. christov

    Xforce 2.5inch exhaust

    Alternatibely sell the xforce and buy a full Difilippo system, or Manta they are the best.
  20. christov

    Who has the best 98 RON Fuel

    How does your car handle the E-Flex variation in ethanol rating? I thought it was purpose built for E-85.
  21. christov

    Who has the best 98 RON Fuel

    Do you run E-Flex or E-85??? Oh and BP Ultimate for me...
  22. christov

    VF Random chat thread

    The SV6 comes with a cop chip which makes another 25rwkw, couple that with the performance enhancing chevy badge and you're looking at a whopping 35rwkw over the standard 3.6.
  23. christov

    L98 Engine in 1959 Chev Impala, What VCM Cam?

    I would suggest you speak to VCM.
  24. christov

    LS3 e1 Clubsport Exhaust Q

    Difilippo is the way to go
  25. christov

    Kpm exhaust review

    Search for it pony, it's literally the first search result.... https://youtu.be/MMHbKQ2RLQc
  26. christov

    Rapid Exhaust J-pipe

    He's bloody good you don't getcustomer sevice like that anymore
  27. christov

    Kpm exhaust review

    There's one on YouTube
  28. christov

    1 stop performance shop in western Sydney area for v6 engines

    Try this one. 1 Stop Performance Shop In Western Sydney Area For V6 Engines
  29. christov

    Best exhaust option

    :-P 10chars
  30. christov

    Best exhaust option

  31. christov

    Best exhaust option

    Well clearly my advice wasn't taken.
  32. christov

    Best exhaust option

    Best option would be 2.5" 4 into 1 primary headers into a 4.5" collector stepped down into a catless 3.5" straight through system.
  33. christov

    Rapid Exhaust J-pipe

    It will sound like a lawnmower.
  34. christov

    ve ssv cam stall otr difilipo instalation

    VCM/Autotechnique Autotechnique - Holden Upgrades, Log Book Servicing & Dyno Tuning Google should be your friend.
  35. christov

    Redline SSV Vs Gen-F GTS

    Here you go. GM Confirms ZL1 Powered GTS
  36. christov

    Redline SSV Vs Gen-F GTS

    GMH have put in a requisition for 300 LT4 motors, seems the limited edition Gen F GTS series 2 will have some extra ponies.
  37. christov

    Brand new SSV Redline ticking at Idle

    They're noisey engines mate, mine did the same thing. It got louder after changing extractors, I believe it's just valve train noise.