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  1. Sandman

    Sedan/wagon - 20det and 25det the same?

    Just confirm the manifolds are the same too, can't remember if the 20/25s had the same exhaust port setup.
  2. Sandman

    Ryco O2 Rush air filter for VF

    Interesting, I didn't know ryco were doing these.
  3. Sandman


    S2 front suits it perfectly. Far more agressive.
  4. Sandman

    no cut half cage?

    Even a bolt in cage will require a set of bolt holes on each leg. There's no getting around that. But if you're ok with that and possibly having to have them welded up after you remove the cage for good. I have a couple of guys in Melbourne I would certainly recommend, especially the guy who did...
  5. Sandman

    no cut half cage?

    What exactly do you mean by no cut? I assume its a street car and you're wanting bolt in, but cages don't really require cutting as a general thing. Main thing would be the rear legs usually attach on the wheel arches or similar area, so would require you to have the top half of the rear seat...
  6. Sandman

    Sandman's R33 Skyline Drift project

    Grabbed this out of storage yesterday and as of next week I need to start work on it again. The deadline is Vicdrift Winter Matsuri at the end of July, which is a bit closer than I'd of hoped for an event to be, but here we are. That means that both this and the F truck need a bit of work to be...
  7. Sandman

    Next Car

    Also don't take everything people says are true, just because Bazza says it needs nothing for a roady doesn't mean all the bushes under it aren't shagged. Have a look under the car too, if you can pick warn parts that haven't been replaced shows how the car was treated to a degree. Or can be...
  8. Sandman

    Next Car

    Cheap tyres, rubber in the guards. Just general neglect, paint missing, untidy interior etc etc. Dirty fluids, flogged bushes. Also the way the car is presented when you go to look at it. Says a lot about the owner in one way or another.
  9. Sandman

    2009 VE SS TRACK CAR

    Sounds like a cool build, 800hp the target NA or boosted? NA would be wicked but thats some serious coin to get there. Also curious on the paddle shift, I'm assuming you're using the factory TR6060, so is the paddle shift basically an electronic shifting actuator (similar to say a S1 sequential...
  10. Sandman

    Vz wheel offset advice

    They'll be fine, but use the following site to guide you on future references for wheel specs. willtheyfit.com
  11. Sandman

    Driveshaft (axle) knock??

    Parting out stat write offs is legal, go to any wreckers and they're full of them.
  12. Sandman

    Wheel specs

    All commodores are 5x120. Only exception is the early 4 cylinder models VB-VH ish which were different. Are your wheels multi studs? So they may have both 5x120 and 5x114.3, quite common with mass produced wheels, especially if they're For the Australian market.
  13. Sandman

    I Need help from you guys.

    Surely there is a shop somewhere that can balance a tailshaft, fairly straightforward job and not like its vehicle specific. I had one done, with a new bearing for $220 au a couple of years back by a local guy. Still probably cheaper to find someone somewhere over your part of the world than to...
  14. Sandman

    VY S LED Headlight Issues

    Gotta be another issue there, last set of Phillips White Visions I had lasted me 5 years in my daily before one blew. I just bought a set of Phillips extreme+ 130's for my F150 as they're decent and still last.
  15. Sandman

    Leigh's '81 VH SL/X Project

    Borgy. Every day.
  16. Sandman

    Next Car

    Never had a car with a warranty. Probably never will. Everything I do myself or take to a reputable mechanic if I cbf'd.
  17. Sandman

    Dirbatua's VX SS

    More cubes or more other stuff... or both?
  18. Sandman

    Sandman's R33 Skyline Drift project

    Lol cheers, yeah that a mates car. One of the coolest drift cars in Vic currently. That's his daily driver and has been for the last year or so, he drove it to winton, drifted all weekend and then drove it home. Looking awesome the whole time, very few cars can do that these days. I drive a fair...
  19. Sandman

    Sandman's R33 Skyline Drift project

    Nothing happening on this car either. But check out my mates video from Summer Matsuri. I feature for about 3 seconds @14:44.
  20. Sandman

    F150 tow rig

    Yep for sure, when mucking around doing bushes on the car I want it to be secure. $85 or so for some 4t jack stands that go up to 600mm high seemed not too bad to me. But another bloody thing to clutter up the shed now.... One of the tyres was really dirty when I bought it for some reason and...
  21. Sandman

    F150 tow rig

    Nothing I would be comfortable holding it up with. Having a set of taller stands will come in handy anyway when I go to paint the underside of the other cars anyway. Just doing the rear shackle and eye bushes but should be easiest to have the rear up on stands to take all the load off the...
  22. Sandman

    F150 tow rig

    Went to do my rear end bushes today only to find my jack stands aren't high enough to reach anything at ride height so had to go find some bigger ones. Never had a tall car before clearly.
  23. Sandman

    F150 tow rig

    I do intend on doing the occasional interstate trip with this (Talem Bend etc.) but as this will not be my daily and only used a couple of times a month at best I could deal with not buying a diesel for the purpose. Its a factory twin tank truck too with around 200L worth of tanks on board which...
  24. Sandman

    Wheel Size for Track Days

    Be aware too that slicks and semislicks have a different size/shape to a regular street tyre so can to a degree make up for being sized slightly smaller than the equivelant road tyre.
  25. Sandman

    F150 tow rig

    Cheers mate, has been resprayed at some point in the last 5 or so years. Hasn't been on the road in that time either. For a bit of context too, previously with my old job I used to have access to various vehicles I could borrow when I needed to tow with, but no longer have that gig. I hired a...
  26. Sandman

    F150 tow rig

    So, my latest toy, project, whatever you want to call it. A 1989 Ford F150 XLT 2wd Back story is basically I needed something to tow my Skyline with, as I wasn't interested in putting a towbar on my Maloo. My goal was under $10k, old enough to be put on club reg, interesting (no late model...
  27. Sandman

    Sandmans HQ Ute

    So still nothing happening with this sadly. But my plans for this have since most likely escalated and will involve a T56..... so will be on the backburner once again. I did wash it the other day though for the first time in two years so I could put the car cover on it. Will get back to it one day.
  28. Sandman

    Wheel Size for Track Days

    18s for sure providing you have brake clearance. Good selection of well priced and sized tyres too. I run Nankang NS-2R on as Steers on my Skyline and on my Maloo which I daily and they work pretty well for a budget semi slick. $200ea for 235/40/18 in my case on the Maloo.
  29. Sandman

    Wheel identification

    Looks like HSVi wheels, basically an optional wheen from Holden that wasn't fitted stock to anything.
  30. Sandman

    May be a stupid question??

    VU-VZ will fit. Except Maloo variants
  31. Sandman

    VZ electronics are dead but battery is working

    Id check your alternator wiring, had mine fray to the point of only having a few strands of contact on my old vz. Managed to drive it half an hour home but had no electronics, (radio, ac, cluster etc) but had to keep it up above 3000rpm at the lights so it didn't shut off.
  32. Sandman

    Shock absorber question

    I'd look into Kybs, reasonably quality without breaking the budget. Going higher a Koni or Bilstein shock would be great but you'll be up around the 1k mark at least I'd say.
  33. Sandman

    My Pioneir headunit isn't working

    Check the wiring, has something come loose? If you have to take it for warranty you will have to remove it. So may as check the wiring whilst you're at it.
  34. Sandman

    Commodore wheel choice.

    Weld racing do a few wheels in 5x120 these days, still mostly 15/16s etc too.
  35. Sandman

    Looking for some new wheels...

    See this forums not dead, look at all the replies. To answer your question, you won't get a proper big dished wheel on a commodore without pumping guards and/or a modified rear end setup.
  36. Sandman

    Android Touch Screen Advice

    Whats your budget and what are your must have's for the unit? I've heard a lot of good things about those units, but I've also heard a lot of bad stories about their lack of customer service when things go wrong. No firsthand experiences though. Also to note quite a lot of units dim based on...
  37. Sandman

    Holden VZ SSV Snapping Wheel Studs

    Get the correct wheelnuts. You can get them from Holmart for under $100. Its the same OD as the VE M14 nuts, but in the M12 thread to suit the VB-Z studs and fit correctly
  38. Sandman

    Potential lockdown - What are your projects?

    I think I've found what colour I want my R33 to be now, cheers haha.
  39. Sandman

    Potential lockdown - What are your projects?

    To summarise mine from above: F150: Newest project. Trying to get it registered before everything closes, will be mainly be used to tow the R33, its a EFI 304, C6 & 9" combo. R33: Needs a Link MX5S cluster installed and some dash wiring cleaned up. Then needs some panels painted and front and...