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  1. SnowDoggyDogg

    Bridgestone or Michellin

    I put Kinforest KF550 on my daily drive Gen F GTS as a recommendation from a well respected mate. Absolutely great economy performance tyre.
  2. SnowDoggyDogg

    Will Kia Stinger really flog an SS?

    Is that the awd stinger or the rwd one that is hitting sub-4 seconds?
  3. SnowDoggyDogg

    VF II SS V - lost its growl!

  4. SnowDoggyDogg

    Truetrac / Wavetrac vs Stock LSD

    In my mind if you are going to fork out for aftermarket parts and the labour to install it makes sense to buy things that are not going to be the bottleneck down the road. So an eaton trutrac at 500rwhp could become the weak link in your driveline pretty quickly on a 6l or 6.2l LS engine...
  5. SnowDoggyDogg

    Truetrac / Wavetrac vs Stock LSD

    The Eatons max power is rated in hp while the Harrop is in kw. They both have a 500 figure but it's a bit deceiving because the Harrop, if measured in hp would be 670hp vs the Eaton's 500hp. They're worlds apart in build quality.... Eaton would go pop before the Harrop.
  6. SnowDoggyDogg

    Automatic transmission service 2013 VF Sportswagon

    I did the whole flush on my wagon when I had her and added the deep pan wide mouth filter at the same time. Get a TCU reset and you'll be sweet.
  7. SnowDoggyDogg

    Resale: Stock V Modified

    The non-modified vehicle will appeal to a wider audience of buyers. Whether that translates into a higher resale or quicker sale is tough to determine. Enjoy your car mate - you get one shot at this thing called life and the joke is you never know when your times up.
  8. SnowDoggyDogg

    Sudden Loss of Power Steering WHEN DRIVING

    My concern is that the fix (a new rack) doesn't remedy the issue going forward. I'd hate in another few years time to have the same thing happen to me. Because they are not properly addressing this issue in an open and transparent way I'm not confident that this won't be a reoccurrig problem...
  9. SnowDoggyDogg

    W457 blew #5 piston

    So.... I deal with dodgy developers day in day out. My advice is to time stamp a conversation with Walkinshaw. You need to call them regarding the issue and what the remedy will be from their end. Tell them you will send them an email regarding the points outlined in your discussion. Send...
  10. SnowDoggyDogg

    What mods need to be done put a 6l90e into a Vf

    Taken from a 2013 drive article: Besides its supercharged LSA 6.2 litre V8, the GTS has different subframe mountings, different transmissions, a rear subframe borrowed the Camaro ZL1 (which is also the source of the engine) and a brake package that’s exclusive to the GTS. I'm imagining the ZL1...
  11. SnowDoggyDogg

    What mods need to be done put a 6l90e into a Vf

    Good luck fitting the 9.9" diff.
  12. SnowDoggyDogg

    Hey Cuda...

    Nice turning radius on the truck... err Merc.
  13. SnowDoggyDogg

    Sudden Loss of Power Steering WHEN DRIVING

    I imagine everyone needs this fixed...
  14. SnowDoggyDogg

    VF SSV redline seats uncomfortable?

    I don't like the passenger seat in any car. Has anyone looked into the Chevy SS seats (with the cooling)?
  15. SnowDoggyDogg


    I did the phillips crystal 4300 on my low beams and it made a world of difference. The lows are a real b!tch to get to through the wheel well so I took off the front bar to do it instead. Parkers and high beams are much easier but if you are going to do the lows.I recommend do it all in one...
  16. SnowDoggyDogg

    Transport for VF SS Commodore

    It's an easy drive you can do in two days. Plus you get a chance to become acquainted with your new girl.
  17. SnowDoggyDogg

    HSV Gen F boost gauge in a VF SS

    Chews up all the center storage space and you never really look at it down there. Probably the biggest improvement from Gen F to F2 in my opinion.
  18. SnowDoggyDogg

    Will Kia Stinger really flog an SS?

    A V8, Turbo 6, and a Turbo 4 cylinder walk into a bar.... that's one heck of a cross shop there. Why not throw in an EV for the complete blended cocktail? Car reviews are starting to lose the plot.
  19. SnowDoggyDogg


    And so it begins....
  20. SnowDoggyDogg

    Creating CO2

    Creating CO2
  21. SnowDoggyDogg

    ZB Commodore Section or Not

    I like the idea of the shared platforms tying the cars together. ZB needs its place too, begrudgingly though.
  22. SnowDoggyDogg

    VF2 supercharger mod

    I'd look at upgrading the diff if you're going to supercharge the LS3. It will pay dividens and give you piece of mind when you're pushing it.
  23. SnowDoggyDogg

    Is this a good deal for a gts r

    Almost all cars are built to a budget and it is reflected when you look into which corners are cut. A GTS, GTS R are no exceptions - I'd venture that a W1 isn't either. HSV learnt a lesson from the W427.
  24. SnowDoggyDogg

    Is this a good deal for a gts r

    Not sure about the brakes but wider wheels yes and a revised front end body kit. Whoopee do!
  25. SnowDoggyDogg

    Is this a good deal for a gts r

    GTS R is basically the GTS. It's only the W1 that has the LS9. Can't see the value in the price over a GTS (or LSA Clubby - Senator)
  26. SnowDoggyDogg

    Brembo 6P/4P upgrade 2016 SSV

    Cosmetic really given the likely use of thr vehicle.
  27. SnowDoggyDogg

    Clubsport 7 Seats

    Engineering certificate for it to be legal but that is costly and others pointed out the seating is sh!t. There are very few purpose built 7 seaters out there and most of them are SUV. If the V8 is a must have you'v got fewer options. Big Landy, Merc or Audi SUV or a chopped Caddy Escalade -...
  28. SnowDoggyDogg

    VF SSV redline seats uncomfortable?

    Hemorrhoid cream time perhaps?
  29. SnowDoggyDogg

    Sudden Loss of Power Steering WHEN DRIVING

    Plausible deniability. They're foking twats to deal with really. It's such a dangerous thing to have happen to you that there is no way they shouldn't be recalling this fault.
  30. SnowDoggyDogg

    LS3 vs LSA temps

    Kirk (GenFGTS) on the HSV forum has an interchiller product that expands and taps into your aircon reservoir to lower IAT. It's a good product and should be considered alongside any power upgrades you may want to do.
  31. SnowDoggyDogg

    Good front brake pads and rotors for 2013 SV6 VF Commodore?

    Bendix heavy duty on my GTS and cannot fault them over the OEM. Cost a fraction of the price too.
  32. SnowDoggyDogg

    VFII Calais V Questions

    I agree that the sedans rear seats not folding down is a big limitation on making the car an all rounder for the family man. The middle seat pass through just doesn't cut it. If you are going to cross shop the Calais wagon I'd recommend giving the Skoda Superb 206tsi a test drive. It's got the...
  33. SnowDoggyDogg

    Superchargers and Annual Safety Inspections?

    20% of 430kw is quite a bit! Just saying.
  34. SnowDoggyDogg

    Superchargers and Annual Safety Inspections?

    W427 is a naturally aspirated 7 litre (427 cubic inch) engine. The LSA line of engines are supercharged and they are only in some of the Gen F vehicles. I'd recommend just getting an LSA engined car and be done with it honestly. If it's out of your means now then maybe just save and it will be...
  35. SnowDoggyDogg

    Sudden Loss of Power Steering WHEN DRIVING

    Take it to Holden and get them to replace it. Crazy F-ing dangerous thing to happen. Shits me they don't properly check these things for corrosion.
  36. SnowDoggyDogg

    Will Kia Stinger really flog an SS?

    I'm referring to the Supercharged V6 brother. It's a great donk and well suited to making power. It doesn't take anything away from a Chevy V8 which I also own. Despite owning a.X, I can still appreciate a Y. Kind like I love my wife but also am attracted to other women. You get it right?
  37. SnowDoggyDogg

    Will Kia Stinger really flog an SS?

    That Super 6 in the Audi has won engine of the year awards many times over. It's a great unit and it had to be because it replaced the 4.2l V8 in many applications. I've seen some pretty impressive power come out of it with just a simple tune + trans tune. It's nice that VAG make power...
  38. SnowDoggyDogg

    Will Kia Stinger really flog an SS?

    That the 3.0 supercharged V6?