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    LS1 Smoking From Extractors

    The rocker covers were previously leaking really bad hence why i changed them. i cleaned the rocker covers with degreaser but not the oil on the block. it was smoking a bit and smelt horrid. I’m just unsure whether to take them off again and check or just let the car run and burn any excess crap...
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    LS1 Smoking From Extractors

    Hi all, i’ve got a 1999 WH Statesman LS1. Just changed the plugs and rover cover gaskets. Just had its first start up today since, the car is on an angle on jack stands however i noticed a little smoke and burning coming from near the extractors. Didn’t smell like oil burning, it smelt more like...
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    WH Power Seats Not Working

    Hey everyone, i’ve just bought a WH Statesman and i don’t have the ability to move the front drivers seat back and forward. I can adjust the seat any way i like except back and fourth. i’ve already changed the black switch panel and still doesn’t work. anyone else has the same problem? what...
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    Wheels always spinning

    Hi everyone, i’ve got a 2000 WH Statesman with a 4L60E auto with a stage 2 shift kit. not sure if this is the reason why, but when shifting through the gears the wheels spin and chirp through every change. it’s got all brand new tyres and the right size with an LSD. don’t think this is normal...
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    WH Statesman No Power

    where do you think that could come from?
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    WH Statesman No Power

    yeah that’s what i’m thinking, happened out of no where
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    WH Statesman No Power

    hi everyone, i’ve got a 2000 WH Statesman LS1, i was cruising the other night and the battery light came on, soon after all dash lights came on. traction, ABS, battery etc. and then the whole cluster died, needles dropped so i pulled over, soon after the car started idling inconsistently and...
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    5.7 LS1 Statesman blowin smoke

    it actually makes a lot of sense, considering it only blows smoke sometimes
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    5.7 LS1 Statesman blowin smoke

    honestly don’t know what it could be, i’ve been told a lot of things. brown head gasket, piston rings, cracked head or something as little as the O2 sensor. don’t even know where to start at this point
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    5.7 LS1 Statesman blowin smoke

    hey everyone, i’ve got a 5.7L LS1 WH statesman, the cars got around 275,000km on the clock. when the car starts a large amount of blueish mostly white smoke comes out of the exhaust, when you accelerate hard or even just sitting in idle. it doesn’t always do it but it’s quite a substantial...