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    newbie VIN question

    thanks Guys series 1 MY10 all sorted
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    newbie VIN question

    Ive been asked is my VE ute a MY09 or MY10 im pretty sure it is a series 1 which would make it a MY09 I think??? i think the build date is 27/04/10 and the VIN is 6G1EP4EH1AL450615 thanks in advance and apologies if this is a dumbass question cheers
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    2010 Holden Ssv

    xyzbigred submitted a new Showcase Item: 2010 Holden Ssv Read more about this showcase item here...
  4. 2010 Holden Ssv

    2010 Holden Ssv

    2010 Holden Ssv
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    My Black SS Ute!

    rubber heath 17 just wondering where you got the rubber for the waterproofing of your hard lid from mine leaks like a sive and need to redo thx mate