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    ABS Module

    For a V8 with traction control the electronic module trade price from a Holden dealer is $1030. Injectronics will repair mine for $775 through Repco or Bursons but they want 2 weeks plus freight time either way Which could end being 4 weeks.
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    ABS Module

    hey Black would that be just a check to make sure the new one is functioning or actually going in and configuring it
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    ABS Module

    So Fragger, did you change yours and it still had the lights showing then off to a Holden Dealer to reset to configure it.
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    [VIC] WTB ABS module

    Wanted to Buy ABS module from VY Commodore V8 with traction control. Abs number 0 273 004 962 Victoria Wodonga New or Used will pay postage and packaging costs can pay direct deposit, PayPal CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected]
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    ABS Module

    Hi guys Do brand new ABS modules from HOlden require programming. I just got a written quote from the Holden dealer for the module but it has “ may require Programming. I thought it would be plug in and drive. thanks Trevor
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    VY Clubsport seats

    Hi all does anyone happen to know who made the VY series 2 Clubsport seats. They aren’t the Coulsens. cheers
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    Tail Lights

    Hi all. I have read a couple of posts about VZ to VY taillights but couldn’t quite understand if it would suit my car. Holmart have new genuine VZ tail lights for Executive, Acclaim and HSV sedans. I have a VY series 2 Clubsport and they look exactly the same. thanks Trevor