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    Is anyone considering the NG commodore after their VF?

    Holden added a full size spare to most models towards the end. They also removed things like rear cup holders, CD player and the second horn at the same time. I'd much rather rear cup holders and a horn that works, but I guess I'll have a full size spare for that one time a decade I get a flat.
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    VF SV6 2017

    Maybe look at the diff, sometimes they're not filled correctly from factory. It could also just be luck of the draw. My S2 is rough as guts compared to my S1. I don't mind it but of course I mentioned it at the first service, hilarity as usual, the clueless looks you get from Holden techs when...
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    ZB VXR vs Stinger 330i review

    Jesus Christ, what a circus. Commodore used to be worth talking about, bar none the greatest affordable high powered rear drive car on the planet. Now we're all wasting our lives talking about some basic midsize economy car simply because some asshat at GM thought it would be profitable to put...
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    Show us your rides!

    Still have the Golf?
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    Holden warranty service

    2.5k over, nobody is going to hassle you. If it was skipped altogether, then yes you'd be strife.
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    Gen-F HSV Tail light has chipped the paint on the quarter panel

    Looks like it's right in the crevice? I'd get it professionally touched up, you'll never notice it. No way I'd have a panel resprayed for that, unless you respray the entire side of the car you'll always notice one panel is slightly different.
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    Cold start rattle on LS3 - piston slap :) Engine replaced

    Mine is the same as the videos you posted. No big deal, I just let it warm up.
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    Holden struggling to sell final Commodores?

    Cheers guys, guess it's just dealers trying to get a last bite of the cherry. Not sure how much faith they have in the new imported model, both dealers referred to this as "the final Commodore", despite HQ's efforts to convince us all otherwise. Not a good look. Also not a good look to be...
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    Holden struggling to sell final Commodores?

    Anyone know if they're struggling to move the last ones or dealers are just looking for suckers? I've been called twice, 2 different dealers, asking if I'd like to upgrade to the final Commodore. Already own a 6.2L VFII, in fact the dealer that called me today is the one who sold it to me, yet...
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    Grooves in Brake Rotors. What should I do?

    Keeping in mind that warranty conditions in manuals etc are only valid to the extent that they comply with Australian consumer law. That is to say, Holden can impose any number of conditions in the manual, however, if they aren't reasonable you can open a case with the regulator and they may...
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    VF Sat Nav

    Mine is cruel and unusual torture. Sometimes Mylink wouldn't turn on at all, so I drive around with a black screen yet the radio would be playing, but I can't turn it off or adjust the volume. Other times it refuses to shut down- turn off car, get out, lock it & walk away- radio still blasting...
  12. D

    VF Sat Nav

    Seems so. My version numbers are identical to a guy from a few pages back who had the updates done in April. Maybe Tazzi can explain which numbers mean what. I reported a Mylink fault at the service, I guess Holden have told them to reset and update everything and see how it goes.
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    VF Sat Nav

    Had the mylink/maps update done during service (wasn't charged for the maps, pretty happy about that) and now have the camera alerts. I was having a crashing issue with the last version, hopefully the update/reset has sorted it. Version now shows 51.11.1A.33.
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    Grooves in Brake Rotors. What should I do?

    Had the same thing since similar kays, not a big deal, they are brakes- they wear. It won't materially affect longevity. Holden's solution will be to machine the rotors, which WILL shorten their life.
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    LS3 cold air intake options

    I've been running a Roto Fab for years and now run it on a series II. Being honest I think the standard intake with sound enhancer was louder. I hooked up the sound enhancer tube to the Roto Fab airbox and the sound does come through, however the factory port is in the intake tube itself right...
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    Hi everyone,i m new to this so plz be nice lol,So my question is i have a VF EVOKE

    Cheapest way is to get the parts from a wrecker in the colour you're after. Holden will be dearer and supply unpainted and without grilles/inserts. Series 1 bumpers seem to go pretty cheap <$500, not sure about series II. You might also need the front wheel arch linings, not sure if the Evoke...
  17. D

    Ceramic coating vs wax

    My view has always been that if you take proper care of your paint to start with (car generally kept under cover, 2 bucket washing, microfibre/lambs wool etc, basically all the things you should be doing regardless of whether it's coated or not) then there's really no need for any sort of...
  18. D

    Powder Coating SSV wheels

    Yeah brake dust sucks, keeping plastidip clean is no easier than a standard wheel I'm afraid.
  19. D

    Powder Coating SSV wheels

    Took this through the windscreen of another car in low light, so not the best shot sorry.
  20. D

    Powder Coating SSV wheels

    I don't usually have any trouble with tyre replacement, if ever they nick the edge it's very easy to patch up. Dry plastidip re-liquefies whenever you spray fresh plastidip on top (kind of strange), so it's very easy to touch up. And yeah the preferred method of cleaning plastidipped wheels is...
  21. D

    Powder Coating SSV wheels

    Yeah it's mine, I plastidipped it a few months back. I like using the stuff, it's pretty cheap and super easy to use, you can knock over a set of wheels in one arvo and of course you can return to stock by peeling it off whenever. I've got stuff powdercoated in the past, these days not worth the...
  22. D

    Powder Coating SSV wheels

    If you want the anthracite look of those clubbie wheels you need to lay down a few coats of black plastidip (3-4 cans will do all 4 wheels) and then a few coats of plastidip's "graphite pearl metalizer" over the top. Looks ace and piss easy to apply. You can also do it with anthracite plastidip...
  23. D

    Altitude Rewards $3k rebate

    Do you get the rebate AFTER having negotiated the price on the car? Or will they only apply the rebate off the RRP? Many rebate-style promotions I've seen will only apply to the RRP of the item, so say the car's worth 55k, you get your 3k rebate and pay 52. Doesn't make sense if dealers are...
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    Experience with Paddle Shift on Redline

    They're both entertaining in their own ways. Manual obviously quite raw, plenty of fun in the right setting but can also be a pain in the ass. The auto you can set and forget obviously, then when you get busy with the paddles it delivers an experience you'd almost liken to a video game- perfect...
  25. D

    Vf ssv redline 2013

    Ford's I6 never needed a turbo, they just had no decent V8 in the early 2000s which made it necessary to work on the six. Until the VFII LS3, the XR6Ts smoked every previous SS. My old FG turbo did 12s right out of the box, certainly wouldn't be comparing them to an SV6, they were a HSV eater...
  26. D

    VF II SS V - lost its growl!

    Well goddamn, it's happened to someone else too. Mine did exactly the same thing about a month ago, for a solid 7 days the exhaust was very muted and it was definitely missing grunt. No classic crackle on overrun, very underwhelming in the tunnels, it was as if the bimodal valves were playing up...
  27. D

    MY17 Specs and Release Date

    These cars look sportier and more aggressive with the blackout kit, which is no doubt why Holden have made it standard on the Redline. Calais should be the only model tarted up with Chrome in my opinion.
  28. D

    MY17 Specs and Release Date

    Just browsing the Holden site, looks like they've dropped the carbon style dash trims for piano black in MY17. Good move.
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    Hearing Whistling sound

    After 9 months, finally got this issue fixed. Nothing to do with a radiator shroud, the dealer hadn't heard of any such fix and supposedly neither had Holden HQ when they contacted them. The culprit, as they put it to me, was the bonnet seal lifting, which they have re-secured so now it doesn't...
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    VF Series 2 Quarter Mile Times

    Any reason behind E10? Factory recommends premium in the LS3.
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    C C Tuna

    I was specifically referring to Google's review platform- when you search a business, in the right column there's a selection of Facebook and Google reviews where everyone says lovely things (including the business owners who tend to set up fake accounts and review themselves). Forums aren't...
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    Varex Mufflers

    Being a cannon style muffler they're very barky, probably work better on some setups than others. I've heard some systems with varex that do sound quite good, others that sound like aids.
  33. D

    Trial Holden colour, premium price..

    Pretty disgusting looking colour, maybe it's the photograph. Keep in mind it's rare right now (I'm also 99% sure I saw photos of that colour in test form on a few VF series 1s) but if they add it to the range for next year they'll be plentiful and probably more prone to discount if the reception...
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    C C Tuna

    Forgive me for telling it like it is, I have experience with every shop I mentioned, sorry if I'm not politically correct enough. With LS engines I've been to CHE, Spiro/Daniel at Autotech, Jim/Tony at Tunehouse, Sonny at Autowerks (my "beloved" as you put it, okay...) and others of course...
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    C C Tuna

    LOL if you're making a special trip to Sydney, skip Castle Hill Exhaust, when you think of all the top workshops in Sydney, they're not even worth mentioning. With all the talent available in Sydney it's like making a special trip to 90210 Beverly Hills to go shopping at Target. And yes I've...
  36. D

    Is now the cheapest time to get a VFII Redline?

    Agree, standard SS/SSV are much more aligned with comfort, much softer than a Redline not only in regards to the spring/shock calibration but also the sway bars and don't forget the 275 rears. The chassis is still there on the standard models, great balance, but Holden have just set them up...
  37. D

    Is now the cheapest time to get a VFII Redline?

    The fast Fords had their quirks, genuine muscle cars, but frozen in that late 90s/early 2000s mentality of what a performance car should be. This seems to be a trend, Ford fans ignore the Redline, talk down about it with one dimensional nonsense like "the XR8 will win in a drag race", that is...
  38. D

    VFII Redline 95 or 98 octane!?

    Aside from whether or not there's a bee's dick between the performance of either fuel, consider that flagship 98 octane fuels do burn cleaner than the lesser grades and have different detergents/additives etc, pull down an engine after 50,000km on regular unleaded and compare it to one that's...
  39. D

    Smoked by a Typhoon

    With the right blower you'll take care of most turbo Falcons on the road while having a much more manageable rig. I had a current shape XR6T with a f*ckoff GTX turbo, great for beating people on the highway but a pretty compromised car everywhere else. Off boost it's just a low comp six, on...