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  1. TrickyRicky08

    Ve caprice steering controls

    I have a wm series 1 caprice. I put a pioneer head unit in the glovebox for simplicity and $$$. It’s all working out pretty good but a hurdle I have is that I purchased an access 1 kit for the steering controls for 100 dollars as the only alternative was aerpro for 350 with a fascia and other...
  2. TrickyRicky08

    Wm caprice amp alterations

    I have a wm caprice. The stereo system isn’t quite good enough for my liking but I’m trying to avoid going crazy on enhancing the sound. I’ve replaced the speakers in the doors which helped considerably. I’m going to put a pair of subs in the boot with a alpine mono amp as the bass it has now is...
  3. TrickyRicky08

    WM Caprice Audio Head Unit remove

    I’ve seen it done on utube. The front comes off seperate from the bulk of the unit.
  4. TrickyRicky08

    hsv options plate- codes?

    - LBK,EXT,AWJ,SWS,FE2. Wow, good info there bag man. When I seen all the codes I was expecting more presents under the tree for you Calais girl. Nonetheless, a nice set of wheels and good suspension is good. Assuming it’s all still on the car. Cheers Rick
  5. TrickyRicky08

    stereo wattage output - speaker wattage

    My factory speakers were quieter than the Alpine 6.5 inch speakers I swapped over for. It also introduced a substantial amount of mid bass and improved to a lesser degree the bass.
  6. TrickyRicky08

    WM Caprice SUB AND AMP help

    Changing the stock speakers was very beneficial in the doors. It improved the sound quite a bit and also made it a little louder. I think I’ll be putting in seperate subs and an amp for the bass.
  7. TrickyRicky08

    HSVI code discovered

    i recently purchased a ve caprice. I thought I’d make it look a little better by putting a set of chrome ssv redline 19 inch chromies on it. It came up looking quite good. Then I did some homework on a hsvi badge under the bonnet which said EWF. It turns out the code was referring to the...
  8. TrickyRicky08

    chaging headligt globs on wm caprice

    I’m wanting to enhance my low/high beam in my series 1 wm caprice. What do I need to buy for this? Also I’ve bought some globes for most of the car to improve their look. The reverse lights I got are led’s but they are rated 6000 in the spectrum. They are that blue that they are...
  9. TrickyRicky08

    Where to spend a few bucks enhancing my wm v8

    Thanks for everyone’s input, though everyone is struggling to come to a consensus.. I saw a mate who has an exhaust centre today and he said if we start playing upfront then it can get pear shaped pretty easily so he has suggested I put some hotdogs in the middle that join the two...
  10. TrickyRicky08

    Where to spend a few bucks enhancing my wm v8

    I’ve recently bought a 6.0 v8 it’s lowered and pretty tidy. I’m just looking to have it sounding tough without been too loud and improve it’s efficiency. This is what I’m proposing to do:- A cold air intake with maf. Pacemaker or hurricane y extractors. Fast...
  11. TrickyRicky08

    hsv options plate- codes?

    Thanks for replying wayno73, yes it’s definitely ewf and I’m still none the wiser. I might try calling them tomorrow and see what I can find out.
  12. TrickyRicky08

    HSVi Option codes

    I have this same code. Can anyone help identifying this option.
  13. TrickyRicky08

    hsv options plate- codes?

    Hi there, I’ve just picked up a wm caprice 6.0. It has a hsvi badge under the bonnet with the code ‘ewf’. I’ve trolled the internet but can’t find out what it’s referring to. Could someone help me out?? It’s had some alterations but I think most of them were after delivery. It has the...