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  1. Tree cutter

    VT V6 , VERY rough noisy idle, won't run/rev

    It might might only need a pair of reconditioned heads to get it running, but that would probably mean that you have spent more on the car than it is worth. Plus you dont know what else is about to let go on it
  2. Tree cutter

    VT V6 , VERY rough noisy idle, won't run/rev

    I would say the valve has hit the piston when the spring broke and is now bent. Only one cylinder looks to have good compression so i wouldn't bother spending any more time on it unless you really love the car
  3. Tree cutter

    VT V6 , VERY rough noisy idle, won't run/rev

    If you haven't got a compression gauge you could always hold your thumb over the spark plug hole while someone winds the engine over on the starter. This way will at least tell you if you have some compression or not. You could compare it to other cylinders to see if it feels about the same. It...
  4. Tree cutter

    VT V6 , VERY rough noisy idle, won't run/rev

    I didn't mean a bit of spring could go back through the intake. I meant air pressure from the cylinder could fire back through the intake if the valve stays open because of a broken spring.
  5. Tree cutter

    VT V6 , VERY rough noisy idle, won't run/rev

    If it was an intake valve spring that broke then it could have fired back through the intake and blown a vacuum hose off or damaged the air flow meter. I would be checking for vacuum leaks first
  6. Tree cutter

    VT V6 , VERY rough noisy idle, won't run/rev

    Might be a broken valve spring. Take the rocker cover off and have a look
  7. Tree cutter

    What do you hear ?

  8. Tree cutter

    loud engine knocking sound help.

    If you can get your hands on a borescope then take the spark plugs out and check to see if one of the pistons is shiny from hitting the head. It sounds like it has spun a big end bearing.
  9. Tree cutter

    VT idles but conks out with any throttle

    How old is the fuel filter? It might be worth trying a new filter
  10. Tree cutter

    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    Has anyone else received a text message from YesEquality . i tried to send a text back but was blocked. On the bottom of the text was a link to VoteYes.org.au and when i clicked on the link it appears to be an american organisation with links to the democrat nominees and 2012 presidential...
  11. Tree cutter

    Takata Airbag Safety Recall (global)

    The companies that made these cars should have to remove these faulty airbags and let the cars drive around without them until a suitable replacement is available. It would have to be safer to drive a car without these faulty airbags.
  12. Tree cutter

    VT super v6 fuel consumption

    I think most of your problem will be from running low octane fuel, but someone could have changed the diff ratio too so your engine is doing more revs on the highway. What revs are you doing at 100 Kph
  13. Tree cutter

    Upper radiator pipe blew, engine now missing

    If it was a head gasket or cracked head the problem would be there all the time. It sounds to me like a coil getting hot and breaking down.
  14. Tree cutter

    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    Its not only the US supplying arms to the Saudi's. The Al Yammama oil for weapons deal still exists between Saudi Arabia and Great Britain. Money from these deals has been tracked back to people who fund and arm ISIS. Prince Charles is involved in these arms deals and has said that he is...
  15. Tree cutter

    Is this an oil leak? and where from? with picture

    looks like rocker cover gasket is leaking. its a fairly common problem. You will need a new gasket fitted.
  16. Tree cutter

    Vt v6 auto starts and idles but wont accelerate?

    It does sound like a weak fuel pump. You need to put some sort of a restriction on the fuel hose to let the pump build up pressure when testing, to see if the pump slows down or keeps pumping.
  17. Tree cutter

    Window wiper, broken?

    The wiper arm does not bolt up directly to the motor. It bolts up to a spindle which is connected to the motor by linkages. The spindle must have come loose.
  18. Tree cutter

    What is this badge from?

    Holden were coach builders in their early days. They built car bodies and upholstery for a lot of different manufacturers. I would say that the badge is not for a Holden car, but is for car that Holden coach builders built.
  19. Tree cutter

    Engine splutter without spinning the wheels

    Possibly an ignition problem like a bad sparkplug , plug lead or coil
  20. Tree cutter

    Where did my reverse go? :o

    If the clutch fluid needs to be bled then it will be hard to get it into reverse. Reverse is the only gear without synchro so it will be harder to get into reverse if the clutch is not releasing properly.
  21. Tree cutter

    Driving in Melbourne - WTF?

    The main reason for not going ahead with Melbourne's new toll road was what was written into the fine print of the contract. If the toll road was built,no state government, federal government or local council would be allowed to build a new alternative route or improve on an existing route that...
  22. Tree cutter

    last problem with my car cant seem to fix it

    Your vacuum gauge should not move at idle. it should stay at around 20. If the needle flickers it is usually a sign of a leaky valve.
  23. Tree cutter

    L67 manifold gasket oil and air leak

    You can get aluminium lower inlet manifold gaskets from Mace engineering. the plastic ones get brittle and crack and leak
  24. Tree cutter

    Ignition coil vibrating out and causing missfire

    Looks like the threaded metal sleeve that the bolt screws into has pulled out of the head. I suppose you could try gluing it back in with locktite.
  25. Tree cutter

    Help...!! Vx electrical issue..

    Alternator brushes could be worn out. They normally behave like this just before the alternator stops working completely.
  26. Tree cutter

    [NSW] HZ Ute engine issue (Help!)

    The gear shift problem is normally caused from a faulty vacuum modulator on the transmission or the vacuum hose has fallen off or cracked causing a vacuum leak. The vacuum modulator hose is the small one at the back of the inlet manifold. Check the other end where it goes into the back of the...
  27. Tree cutter

    Car rpm is dropping in the winter morning

    Sounds like the idle air control valve is clogged up. Cleaning the throttle body will fix it if this is the problem.
  28. Tree cutter

    WTF hostage situation in sydney!!

    Did anyone else hear about this on the news the other day. Man charged over vandalism of Lindt Cafe in Sydney's Martin Place, windows smashed with rocks - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Its seems a bit strange that this man was able to throw rocks through the windows that we were...
  29. Tree cutter

    VT random temporary overheating issue

    I would say it is getting air into the cooling system over time until the coolant is lower than the thermostat, which will cause it to stay closed. You must have a slight leak somewhere.
  30. Tree cutter

    flu shot

    I have only ever had one flu shot and i thought i was going to die after having it. i constantly felt like i had a cold after the flu shot and got to the stage where i had balance problems, double vision in my right eye and breathing difficulties. My GP said it was impossible that the vaccine...
  31. Tree cutter

    Supercharged Vt Boosting Problem?

    Bypass valve actuator would be the first thing to check.
  32. Tree cutter

    VX interior door handle rod rattle

    Use a bit of foam and some cable ties
  33. Tree cutter

    Halal Certification (WOW!)

    That is the first i have heard of Kosher certification. Makes me wish that Hitler was allowed to keep going when i see things like this.
  34. Tree cutter

    Driver runs over car thief - VIC

    I hope the car thief is made to pay for any damage caused to the 4Wd when it ran over him.
  35. Tree cutter

    Halal Certification (WOW!)

    I am trying to have a Halal free year this year. I stopped buying Vegemite after i saw the Halal symbol on it. looks like Coopers is a no go too if it is Halal certified. It takes a bit longer to do the shopping when you have to check for the Halal logo but i think everyone should turn against...
  36. Tree cutter

    Terrorist attack on Paris Satirical News Paper

    Here is an interesting webcast that tells us who is behind the terrorist attacks and why. It takes a while to get through, but is well worth watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAQcUHD5X7M
  37. Tree cutter

    VT commodore surging like fuel starvation

    If it backfired while running on gas, it will probably have a hose blown off or split between the throttle body and air flow meter. if this has happened then your air flow meter will not work properly so your car will run lean.
  38. Tree cutter

    WTF hostage situation in sydney!!

    They should try to keep him alive so he can be sent to Guantanamo Bay for questioning lol.
  39. Tree cutter

    VL problems help

    If it is full of trans fluid and still slipping then it will most likely be that the trans is worn out or the filter in the trans is blocked. The trans fluid on the dipstick should be a pinkish colour if the trans is healthy.
  40. Tree cutter

    VL problems help

    It could be low on trans fluid causing it to not go in reverse and lose power in drive.