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  1. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Wheel Alignment

    It's adjustable to a point, but depending on whether it's been lowered, it may be at the limit. Also the weight in the rear plays a role as well.
  2. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Front Springs

    You can certainly disassemble the struts without spring compressors, I've done it a lot. No need for compressors if fitting lowered springs, but if fitting the originals back in, then yes, you need them. That first nut can be loosened and tightened with the vehicle on the ground and all the...
  3. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Running bad

    Injector or the connector to it I'd say.
  4. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Vx Commodore Auto spewing oil out from the Filler tube

    The car was warm and level when checking the fluid level? Run it through the gears a few times and check the level again, it may have air in the cooling lines so it's not building fluid pressure. Or the level isn't correct. Worse case, running it the way it was could have damaged the trans and...
  5. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Psst. Wanna buy a Torana?

    Just talk it up why don't they....couldn't be worth any more than $995,000.
  6. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Vx Commodore Auto spewing oil out from the Filler tube

    Sounds more like the pipe was squashed flat when changing the engine mounts. If it was a problem with the service, it would have done it straight away, not a few days later.
  7. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Vy series 2 clubby- srs airbag light and instrument cluster replacement

    If anything in the SRS system is unplugged then the key turned on, it will set the light and will need turning off with a Tech2. The battery doesn't need to be disconnected to unplug the seats, but the key has to be off while they are unplugged.
  8. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    That's nothing out of the ordinary though, a lot of regulatory bodies are funded by the industries they regulate.
  9. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    02 Sensors and fuel economy

    So many things affect fuel economy. Check your tyre pressures too.
  10. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    02 Sensors and fuel economy

    It will probably improve it, but you really need to track down the cause. What is your usage now? And how do you drive it?
  11. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    I was using "witness" as an analogy, not literally. But same thing? She herself was not a first hand witness to anything she had discovered, that's why she was denied. The evidence was still presented on her behalf just like in several other investigations into financial fraud and misdealings.
  12. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Why oh why

    Would pay to post in the correct forum specific to your vehicle too.
  13. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    Here it is. http://www.bfcsa.com.au/index.php/about-bfcsa/about-denise-brailey In no way was I refuting her credibility, she does great work, but it's like having Tracy Grimshaw as a witness in a murder trial, uncovering evidence doesn't make you a witness. But that information can be used.
  14. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    VR statesman, sports exhaust

    Nice is subjective. There are nice sounding V6's out there. Exhaust note is always individual taste. Some people love the sound of F1 engines, personally I hate the sound of cross plane crank engines.
  15. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    Because she wasn't a qualified witness, no first hand knowledge of what was happening. Royal Commissions are not criminal trials, there are no "expert witnesses" or evidence given by people that have found information. The evidence has to be given by the source or brought up in statements by the...
  16. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    VR statesman, sports exhaust

    I would use a hotdog on the front and a muffler on the rear. Should be around $350-$400.
  17. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Need advice on VE SS exhaust fix

    That would be the ideal setup if it is "dull and smooth" between 1500-2500rpm. That's where you do most of your driving so you don't want it loud and drony around there. IMO, don't touch it. To answer the X pipe question, it will change the note, make it more refined, possibly louder.
  18. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    VR statesman, sports exhaust

    Depends on your budget. The more money you can throw at it, the better it will be.
  19. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    JC Political Thread - For all things political Part 2

    The law has nothing to do with morality. Doing the lawful thing is often not doing the right thing. On the Denise Bailey thing, she wasn't allowed to testify because she was not qualified to in that hearing. However, questions and evidence were presented on her behalf by the legal team.
  20. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    VT Calais Not Charging

    Check the main feed wire off the alternator, they have a habit of burning and then having high resistance. See if the insulation near the terminal has burnt. If it has, cut it back and fit a new terminal.
  21. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    3inch Mufflers on 2.5inch Cat Back?

    The flange bolt spacing should be the same so they should bolt straight up. The only difference should be the internal diameter of the flange. But seeing as they don't, you will need to have flanges welded onto them that suit your mid section. Or you may be able to slot the holes a bit so you...
  22. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    heater hoses

    Pair of pliers, squeeze the clamp to move it along the hose, then remove the plastic bit.
  23. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Car doesn’t crank over

    What was it in the end?
  24. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Intake air box purpose/replacement.

    Dealership techs are rarely experts themselves, just trained in the tech speak used by various brands.
  25. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Intake air box purpose/replacement.

    Smoke and mirrors... Any air that is in the intake tube between the filter and the TB is never "unused", it's ALWAYS being used, it's always moving. The nature of a 4 stroke multi cylinder engine, at least one cylinder is drawing air in at any given time. The pressure of the intake stream will...
  26. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Car doesn’t crank over

    Is the battery fully charged? Are the cables tight? Other than that, something is not connected, go through the harness and make sure everything is connected properly, especially the earths at the back of the head.
  27. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Vl ls conversion

    I'd extend your budget beyond $25K then. Closer to $30K.
  28. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Intake air box purpose/replacement.

    Intake tuning and pressure waves are a real thing, within the intake manifold and head, just like the exhaust. Exhaust tuning takes place between the valve and the exhaust collector, these two points are most critical in getting scavenging right. Intake tuning takes place between the valve and...
  29. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Vl ls conversion

    I'll throw in that I did one in a VC and including the engine and transmission purchase and a tune, came in at about $3500. No engineering though. I would agree with Vin999 about $10K being the minimum for street legal.
  30. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Intake air box purpose/replacement.

    There was a thread about this not very long ago, I can't remember who it was that posted up a heap of info from a company that developed their own intake but kept the expansion chambers because they enhance performance as well as decreasing intake noise. They were sprouting black magic like...
  31. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    ULP into Duramax motor

    One of our product line parts are manufactured in South Africa, a lot of industry over there are shut down because of Covid, usual supply was 7 - 10 days, now we are out to 2 - 3 months. Donaldson filters are sourced from all over the world, some part numbers have blown out to 12 months.
  32. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Oil pressure

    Might help if you asked a question maybe?
  33. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Vs ute exhaust

    True...will fit in the back.
  34. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Rb30 issues

    Won't be the CAS as the injectors batch fire. They will all spit or none will. The fact that you'getting 2 to spit would point towards wiring or the connectors, or a fuel blockage.
  35. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Deuce's new daily - 1970 series2a LWB

    Nope, all 4WD's have this design because of the transfer case, stronger too.
  36. Not_An_Abba_Fan

    Vs ute exhaust

    Not even close to fitting.