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  1. wraith

    Vs clubby power upgrades

    Don't ruin a clubby with a LS. I ran a carby style intake on mine with a mild cam and it was loads of fun without being stupid.
  2. wraith

    Supercharging Alloytec

    Not enough demand so why bother.
  3. wraith

    Supercharging a 98 VT

    Budget 5k plus easy to do it properly. Motor might last it might not. At the end of all the spending you might be able to keep up with a bone stock LS.
  4. wraith

    Manta exhaust has 3 variations, which to buy?

    Good luck. He hasn't been on since Dec 9, 2018
  5. wraith

    1995 hsv Senator215i

    So it's probably a bog stock 304 with the 215 engine covers. Dodgy. Hope you didn't pay much for it.
  6. wraith

    1995 hsv Senator215i

    Chuck your VIN into there and see what comes up. Nothing external on the motor to distinguish a 215 from a 185 from memory bar the different engine cover. https://www.hsv.com.au/own/authenticate/
  7. wraith

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    Or if you offer a solution that they don't like and reply with if you don't have anything nice to say don't reply at all.
  8. wraith

    How to identify an Ecotec engine in a VY?

    2004 was the cutover to the VZ. As said no VY had a Alloytech
  9. wraith

    line locker yay or nay?

    Nice work resurrecting an old thread. Your first post to is a reply to me. I'm honoured.
  10. wraith

    HSV and their LHD/RHD Business

    Then people bitch and moan why the cars are so expensive. Can't imagine they would be making much profit off them with the hours involved.
  11. wraith

    Parts to remove/sell before selling car to scrap metal place

    It's a matter of whether you can handle the no doubt numerous low ballers and time wasters and if it's worth any money you get.
  12. wraith

    Memcal tuning

    I am not sure of your point? Stock motor means untouched not all the mods you just listed. Pretty obvious you would notice a gain after mods and tune.
  13. wraith

    Memcal tuning

    Stock motor is never going to be amazing even after a tune. Joe has also been good to me. Did way better then another big name tuner.
  14. wraith

    Vx 3rd row seating

    None of them came out with factory 3rd row so chances of them having mounting holes are pretty silm. There are a few companies that do 3rd row conversions you are probably best off speaking to them.
  15. wraith

    Vx 3rd row seating

    Mounting points need to be added. Looking at a few thousand to do it properly/engineered.
  16. wraith

    CV6 monaro turbo??

    Look at something with a turbo already on it.
  17. wraith

    Old Motor in newer car

    Not possible unless you have big pockets. Will be a lot of custom fab work and wiring.
  18. wraith

    304 Anyone had their 5 litre dyno tuned?

    Joe does good work. He sorted out my clubby when Greenfoam couldn't.
  19. wraith

    why has no one does this?

    Parts availability and upgrade cost is the main determining factor.
  20. wraith

    Vs senator 5.7

    For 32K I would imagine you would be up closer to GTS. 32k is a lot of money for an older car.
  21. wraith

    Genuine VX GTS?

    Cheap knock offs. No idea what the guy is on about sounds like BS to me.
  22. wraith

    Genuine VX GTS?

    Not even close
  23. wraith

    Utter confusion about trans coolers

    The later models seem to have dual pass coolers. My VX does. Trans goes in one side out the other. Then there is a hard line tying the bottom together.
  24. wraith

    VF Rims on WK Statesman

    Are they 18's? If so you just need a more suitable tyre. Something like a 235/40/18. Don't forget the proper wheel nuts.
  25. wraith

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    I was kidding :P Guess the sarcasm wasn't obvious enough.
  26. wraith

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    This sounds like slander which is illegal.
  27. wraith

    5.0L into a VX SS replacing the LS

    Not if you plan on driving it on the road legally.
  28. wraith

    VR HSV cold air intake to suite VN 304

    HSV cold air intake is pretty rubbish anyway. VN bonnet is different so doubt you will fit it without butchery anyway.
  29. wraith

    Is It to Early

    Would want to be real cheap given it hasn't moved in 10 years. Can bank on just about everything needing to be given the once over.
  30. wraith

    HSV not changing the bowtie

    Bowties been in Australia for years mate. Just look at all the "Chevy" commodores.
  31. wraith

    Where to spend a few bucks enhancing my wm v8

    Louder noise = performance
  32. wraith

    Where to spend a few bucks enhancing my wm v8

    OTRs used to be pretty effective back in the VT to VY days with their some what restrictive piping and MAF. Most of the gains to be had were probably just in removing the MAF along with the tune. I'm no tuner though but have always been dubious about the benefit of an OTR sitting on a hot radiator.
  33. wraith

    Key stuck in ignition and won't turn to "on" position

    Touch wood hasn't needed replacing since. The locksmith rekeyed the barrel to my key. The transponder is actually the metal strip around the key and isn't a part of the barrel itself.
  34. wraith

    Ebay injectors for a vs v6

    Cheap for a reason. Get quality or don't bother. From memory The1 on here does injectors.
  35. wraith

    Aftermarket Stereo No sound?

    Does it have factory or aftermarket speakers? What headunit was in it originally? It might be the previous owner had an amp etc and took it when they sold it.
  36. wraith

    Supercharger spark plug leads vs standard leads

    Probably because the coil pack is in a slightly different spot.
  37. wraith

    What type of air filter should I use

    An air filter will give you zero performance on a stock N/A V6
  38. wraith

    304 Fitting a 4 BBL Manifold to a 304 (TP Dual Plane Injected)

    Well there you go. Didn't have that when I did the swap I don't think
  39. wraith

    304 Fitting a 4 BBL Manifold to a 304 (TP Dual Plane Injected)

    Funnily enough I found a text file I left myself years ago with that info yesterday. Hopefully it's right. Brake booster was 1/4 inch NPT Coolant was 1/2 inch BSP from memory. I also got a TPS and MAT sensor loom extension from GM Motorsports so I didn't have to cut into any factory loom wires.
  40. wraith

    304 Fitting a 4 BBL Manifold to a 304 (TP Dual Plane Injected)

    So take it your going EFI? Just a note we got TP to drill out the boss at the back for Manifold Air Temp sensor. It's hidden in your photos but it's near the vaccumm line. We used the tapped back port for the brake booster by itself with a barb fitting. Tried going tee piece but it was just a...