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  1. somefool

    alloytec timing chain

    Could be a something blocking one of the galleries/ outlets and when you turn the engine off its enough for it to back off for a little bit. The screen could be blocked again too by stuff that got dislodged when you were cleaning up the front of the engine. Sucks. Could poke one of those...
  2. somefool

    Sleepas VR Caprice Wagon Build

    great work man, those scuff plates came up mint. I'd say that whoever manages to scuff them first should owe you a carton as payment. Good find with the pacies, ive got a set that i blasted and painted up- now waiting for motivation to come along haha. Bit of dust on them now but ill get there...
  3. somefool

    Sleepas VR Caprice Wagon Build

    i want them.
  4. somefool

    My Grandpa's 1990 Holden VN Executive

    haha that is awesome i love it. keep it exactly how it is
  5. somefool

    Sleepas VR Caprice Wagon Build

    bloody hell thats shiny. Nice
  6. somefool


    So I have this idea of covering up the white painted centre console with a stato centre console cover. (and radio surround when I get one) I have two issues. -I dont have power windows and am not going to install them or put fake power window switches in -Ive gotta either make up a custom...
  7. somefool

    Custom VN engine mount

    Props to you for putting in the effort to make your own mount, it would work but i think that it would crack along the welds as they are the weak points now. Good ingenuity though. But in all seriousness OEM (or even aftermarket) mounts are a bolt in replacement and no harder to fit that your...
  8. somefool


    Doing the fron of the car atm- Had to butcher the #### out of the front shock insert to get it out cos the fantastic hex plate broke off - thanks monroe new front shocks installed in the struts yesterday pulled all the old bushings out of the control arms and k frame, clean up bores tomorrow...
  9. somefool

    Can't get those caliper bolts off ? Try this.

    A bigger hammer, the answer is always get a bigger hammer, a longer bar, or a rattlier rattle gun :spot on:
  10. somefool

    VN V8 T5 Oil

    Ive enquired about this additive at a few parts shops around the place and i was met with blank looks. Might ask my local Holden dealer next time Im there. I run dex3 in my t5 as that is what the trans builder told me to run when i got it rebuilt. But im keen to see what this additive is and...
  11. somefool


    Ive been spending Should be able to turn a corner alright by the time I'm done
  12. somefool

    Holden more offensive than adultery!!!

    Any reason to complain is a good one hey
  13. somefool


    This place is a joke. Its the same mentality as 'speed kills'. 2nd state of North Korea, here we come.
  14. somefool

    Statesman weekend cruiser project

    at least you had fatish tyres when you went camping. corrugated dirt roads on the 19s did not feel good when we took the 5.0 to magnetic hill. that was on your land yacht springs too
  15. somefool

    Black Edition Tourer

    That's certainly a pissed-off looking wagon. I like
  16. somefool

    Sleepas VR Caprice Wagon Build

    +1 Would be interested to know for when the time inevitably comes. But by the time the cable is frayed wouldn't the motor be close to the end of its life? Also, i did my waterpump today. I guess seeing how much you get done in a day motivated me to get my ass into gear. (1st gear only)
  17. somefool

    Sleepas VR Caprice Wagon Build

    damn man. You get things done quick. Ive still got a water pump to install that i have been putting off since January, I just keep topping up the coolant haha. Front end looks good :thumbsup:
  18. somefool

    Sleepas VR Caprice Wagon Build

    Damn that carpet looks good. You know what would set the exterior off nicely? a chrome strip along the top of the door panels (beneath the windows) like the ones VP calais' had. And maybe calais/stato/caprice trolley strips. Just a thought.
  19. somefool

    Sleepas VR Caprice Wagon Build

    very nice, ill be following this thread with interest
  20. somefool

    VP Disc Rotor Speed Ring Replacement

    it should be a firm/tight fit on the new brake rotor also, maybe they didnt supply you with exactly the right part. When i replaced my rotors I used some retaining compound (or low/medium strength loctite) on the hub before i tapped the pickup ring on
  21. somefool

    Front End Bushes and Suspension

    KYB, Sachs, anything but monroe
  22. somefool


    We get some pretty big machines come into work sometimes. Then other times we get this: http://vid922.photobucket.com/albums/ad68/somefool21/Mobile%20Uploads/Snapchat-1092629305029091027_zpslsfp02qy.mp4
  23. somefool

    [General] How to install puddle lights in doors

    Very nice, Might add that to my list of things to do. Plain white would suit me. My mate has the car logo ones in his prelude- gave me a good laugh when i saw them. Pretty cool but not for me
  24. somefool

    vs manual to auto conversion

    The only reason that a person shouldnt be able to drive a manual is if they havent got the ability to use thier legs
  25. somefool

    My 1987 VL GTS (New Zealand model) 3.0.

    Its like a time capsule I love it
  26. somefool

    JC Looking Weird

    nearly 10 days on and ive got the same issue, partially obscured words and the small green icons (link broken icons) where all the site graphics would be. Using chrome
  27. somefool

    VP Clutch not Returning

    whats an m20? have you got a part number for the steel carrier? is the whole part the same and ya just swap the plastic for the steel and thats-that kind of thing? cheers
  28. somefool

    Delcowizzid'a vn gts-t

    bloody volvo drivers lol whats that thing off?
  29. somefool


    Guess what? Skirts are on (2 years of procrastination). Regarding aesthetic changes, this car is finished. :)
  30. somefool

    My 5.0lt BT1 (SV89 Replica Project)

    Holy ****! Matte. I reckon gloss would lose its shine over time and end up looking average
  31. somefool

    ATF fluid colour ok?

    I would just do a regular service on the trans. Good maintenence. If you havent got an external trans cooler then I'd reccomend you get one. The In-radiator ones are poo. That said, with that fluid youve currently got there, you should not have any issues doing a big trip
  32. somefool

    VP Losing all oil pressure

    best you can hope for is get a thick as #### oil to put in. as mentioned above. a bearing would have to be spun prettty bad to drop all oil pressure tho. if you watch the gauge closely at idle and it sort of.. dips and raises with crank rpm then yes id say spun bearing. For any vn engine with...
  33. somefool

    Our HQ GTS Rebuild

    Looks like a great family project, making good progress now. Engine sounds mean as!
  34. somefool

    what did you do to your car today?

    put one side of side skirts on. half a tube of sikaflex later.
  35. somefool

    Statesman weekend cruiser project

    Damn that looks good. I agree tint next and youve got yourself a mint cruiser
  36. somefool

    vn commodore sucking noise

    haha the v8 makes a way louder sucking noise compared the v6. and it does that 'old man sigh' when you turn it off. Or the v6 is the same but the rattles are louder than the induction noise who knows. Just IAC it should reset after a little while. or as said
  37. somefool

    corvette servo..

    you guys are better mechanics than me. I once bought a corvette servo, got under the car, looked at where it goes, got out from under the car and sold the corvette servo
  38. somefool


    It does, but can i be bothered? nah, not really. not yet.
  39. somefool

    Some pictures of my VN

    No worries champ. Realistically, you probably wont need to rebuild the engine. When i pulled mine out it was originally to convert to manual and put new sump gasket on. It didnt need rebuilding but i did because i could and now im poor lol. Good work on the taillights - its a VN thing haha Will...