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    Oil pump priming need help

    I don't have it anymore I made something similar to what's in the YouTube video, but I used clear hose going to engine.
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    Oil pump priming need help

    Go to a engine rebuilder and ask if you can hire their engine oil pressure primer tank or make your own, I made my own out of PVC pipe and brass fittings worked like a charm. https://www.specautoequip.com.au/service-equipment/engine-oil-pressure-primer-tank
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    304 Knock Sensor

    Plugs are still available. https://www.efihardware.com/products/2849/GM-Knock-Sensor-Connector
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    What is thing thing? (found in door panel)

    Series 1 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Genuine-Holden-New-Front-Door-Check-Link-Suits-VT-Commodore-Series-1-only/174013449648?epid=22021176696&hash=item28840285b0:g:~kgAAOSwTYJdaL2u Series 2...
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    L67 Supercharger vaccum pipes

    The one circled goes to charcoal canister the other one goes on the throttle body.
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    Engine Breaking Down/misfiring under Acceleration.

    If it's a V8 you will need the ELM327 if it's a V6 you will need a ALDL cable, checkout the link below. https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/forums/envyous-customs.251/
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    L67 swap from eco

    Yeah it's that easy just buy a flashed vy l67 PCM from mace, after you receive it send your old one back for a $50 refund, then extend the necessary wires and your done.
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    What is thing thing? (found in door panel)

    It's holds your door open at certain points, and stops your door opening to far, I think it's called a check link.
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    Engine check light

    Check the 15A fuse labelled as engine sensor in the engine bay, the maf and purge use the same power supply.
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    L67 auto to manual conversion

    Check out the link below. https://l67torque.com/
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    AC compressor seized causing a no start

    ^^^ I agree with Skylarking leave it in there and just unplug it ;)
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    AC compressor seized causing a no start

    Grab a non AC belt part number 6PK2230.
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    VT COMMODORE 3.8 2000 problem

    Pcm thinks it's in flood mode.
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    VT COMMODORE 3.8 2000 problem

    Code 21 is throttle position sensor voltage high.
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    Comp testing a V6

    A little common sense goes a long way
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    Torque settings

    Service manual states 20-34 Nm
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    OBDII Scanner - Not communicating with my VY L67

    You need a ALDL cable. https://www.envyouscustoms.com/diagnostics/diagnostic-kits/aldl-cable/
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    VS Series 2 Indicator Stork Not Self Cancelling

    Agree with the above, will be cheaper to buy a second hand steering wheel from a backyard wrecker.
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    VR V6 Commodore, Replacing the Starter motor on a Auto

    Agree with the above. That link for the starter motor removal needs to be changed to how to remove a starter motor the hard way.
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    18 inch wheels

    Will be fine I run the same wheel size and the same suspension setup in my ute, if it's a live axle you will need a adjustable Panhard rod.
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    Vn vp door

    Yes it will.
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    High compression

    Psi readings look good to me, mine read between 175-185.
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    vY s1 Ls1 hesitation acceleration erattic idol

    When it comes to these types of sensors your better off buying genuine, after all you get what you pay for.
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    Check the exhaust manifold for leaks or broken studs
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    Where do I go from here....?

    Get a bigger Ls
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    Vy Ecotec ecu reset and code reading

    No you can't Yeah that's it.
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    Vy v6 3.8 turbo info

    Hahaha Is that the best come back you've got ( I regularly and confidently chop commo's ) blah blah blah blah blah blah.
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    I think he's calling the PCM a ECU ;)
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    Put your pcm back in and see if it starts.
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    Modded VX L67 V.S VZ SV6 190

    Why would you run a 10psi pulley on a intercooled set up, maybe fit a 14 or 16 psi pulley, to answer the question yes a l67 with some basic mods will beat vz sv6.
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    Vy v6 3.8 turbo info

    Ford rebadged a xr6t and charged there dumbass costumers thousands more for typhoon badges lol OMG (FORD) found on rubbish dump.
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    Vy v6 3.8 turbo info

    Much cheaper than putting typhoon badges on a XR6 turbo lol OMG :p
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    L67 manual conversion T56

    Try getting in touch with Dane from corn fed boost, he runs a t56 in his turbo Ecotec.
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    Vy v6 3.8 turbo info

    How much did that cost, plus mods, and how much power you making?
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    Bleeding L67 coolant system

    Loosen the two 10mm bolts and tilt the bypass valve actuator forward a bit.
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    Vy v6 3.8 turbo info

    What do you drive?