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  1. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    Mid 2016 and it's still going strong! Owned her for 5 years or so now and love her dearly and she has been very reliable still :)
  2. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    14.7L/100km average speed 35km/h, much better than the 20+L/100km I was getting
  3. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    Some more updates, its been a while again, Got some new cree LED H27 globes for my foggies and cree led T10 for parkers, Also got new Bosch O2 sensors in today and it has picked up some power as a result so they must have been old/shagged.
  4. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    hey mate sorry for the long lack of reply, I just posted the pic to their facebook page mid last year and honestly forgot all about it, someone on the stato group on facey said they saw my car in SC I was like "bullshit" LOL
  5. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    Back with an update, radiator failed internally letting coolant mix with trans fluid, even though it has an aftermarket separate trans cooler it was still routed through the radiators stock trans cooler. So got a new radiator, new heater tap and bypassed the stock trans cooler straight to the...
  6. ucwepn

    NOW SOLD Buying a WH

    yes theres a smaller fan and a larger high speed fan
  7. ucwepn

    where is the best and safest place to mount a car fire extinguishers

    mines mounted in the boot, I know it's not the most practical place but its better to have one than none at all.
  8. ucwepn

    NOW SOLD Buying a WH

    little miss at the lights can be your fans coming on. it used to trip me out at the start.
  9. ucwepn

    NOW SOLD Buying a WH

    220kw for standard is at the engine, works out to about 170kw atw
  10. ucwepn

    NOW SOLD Buying a WH

    it had a bad tune when I bought it plus all the bolt ons minus VCM alloy otr, drives much nicer now.
  11. ucwepn

    NOW SOLD Buying a WH

    well a smoothed pipe and MCAI mod can give a worthwhile gain but not as much as a mafless tune and OTR. Heres mine on the dyno getting mafless tune, it made 230kw atw, about as expected with stock everything with VCM OTR and a full exhaust system. next for me will be ls6 manifold and a small...
  12. ucwepn

    NOW SOLD Buying a WH

    are you asking about the mafless tune or the CAI itself?
  13. ucwepn

    Need help with auto vu ss gen3

    sounds like the box is on it's way out (I'm on my 3rd box), I was told by the auto box guru who looks after my car never manually downshift when the car is moving but dropping it into 1st at the lights and shifting up is ok, also never use heavy throttle manually shifting from 3rd to D as it's a...
  14. ucwepn

    Problem with trac controll or diff?

    I'm not sure if the v6 traction control is controlled by the throttlebody and ignition retarding like my v8, but its annoying as fck when I forget it's on and the pedal kicks my foot off lol.
  15. ucwepn

    What your ideas on this chip??

    There was a fella on here some time ago named Greenfoam and he was a gun with flashing memcals for v6 and 5L, is he still around? loved his memcal in my old v8 wagon.
  16. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    My car made it into Street commo magazine last month in the readers rides! Stoked lol
  17. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    Been a while, anyway still have this car, still going well. I had a wheel alignment not long ago and its driving really well. If you have read the earlier parts of this thread you may know that I thought the car was badly tuned when I bought it (like an ebay or mail order tune), and that the...
  18. ucwepn

    Commodore Name Sentenced To Death

    They should retire the name when they finish making v8 rwd sedans in Australia, don't disgrace the name with cheaply/poorly built asian cars with chev badges.
  19. ucwepn

    So, i bought a thing. VX SS.

    very healthy power mate!
  20. ucwepn

    Post your VT - VX pictures here

    My boat with tinted foggies and chrome spoke inserts removed from wheels
  21. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    Thanks mate, decided when I got home to bust out the good camera :D
  22. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    Did some more stuff this week, namely a replacement front passenger seatbelt was fitted and we tinted the fog lights, not too bad for a home job its very subtle.
  23. ucwepn

    diff info

    get a truetrac centre to avoid the disappointment of it single pegging after a couple of months.
  24. ucwepn

    Any troubles/things i need to know about putting a ls1 back into my ss ? read!

    replace all the welch plugs and rear main seal while the motor is out, and if you want extractors, fit them with the motor
  25. ucwepn

    what have mech's charge to replace radiator on v6

    Ebay TBAP are good I have had mine 2 years and no dramas.
  26. ucwepn

    vt angel eye problem

    check your L+R headlight fuses too (the car's ones) we blew one of mine when we put the projectors in, had us scratching our heads for a while lol
  27. ucwepn

    [VIC] FS VT-VZ sedan rear window spoiler/sunshade (senator style)

    ITEM: VT-VZ sedan (not statesman) rear window spoiler/sunshade, Black ABS plastic SOLD SOLD SOLD
  28. ucwepn

    Lukey exhaust from a shop

    I have twin 2&1/2 redback with rear resi and it sounded **** until I got highflow cats. Sounds quiet now unless I razz it then it makes a good sound (not raspy or too loud)
  29. ucwepn

    Burning rubber??

    The rubber pcv hose at the back of the motor melts and turns into goo, we are going to replace mine this weekend. **** design the hot oil vapor travelling through it just melts it. Just something to check.
  30. ucwepn

    Pats VT SS

    them rims look good mate as does your ss
  31. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    A million little jobs lol Just fitted a new idler tensioner pulley. The manual we used was wrong! it said push the tensioner anti clockwise but it was actually clockwise XD, sat the turtle shell on to see how it fits with the catch can and the otr connector, fits ok lol, thinking about painting...
  32. ucwepn

    Did I buy a lemon? Warning lights coming up

    speedypumps on ebay reconditions them very well with mucch better soldering than factory which can fail randomly immediately even when new. 3 years on my speedypumps abs module still going strong.
  33. ucwepn

    20" wheels on vx exec.

    they will slow the car down and make it handle and ride worse, use more fuel and shake your car apart, but it will look better :P, you can run 245/30 R20 all round, you also have to be very careful of road hazards like potholes, speedbumps, uneven road joins etc depending on the brand of rim and...
  34. ucwepn

    VT to VX tail light and garnish conversion

    LED or non LED neither contain reflectors, making them non compliant with ADR's and therefore unroadworthy. If you want it to be classy get a vx calais garnish and vx calais lights, those altezza lights look tacky imho, but at the end of the day its your car and you will make it how you like it.
  35. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    Fitted the new pcv last night, old one was very gunked up and the rattly thing inside was barely moving like it was supposed to. Just had new redback 200 cell stainless cats fitted, cost $560 fitted. sounds slightly better and that annoying cat rattle is gone (can you put a price on that? well...
  36. ucwepn

    auto or diff need help asap

    I feel I want to buy your car just so you can no longer hurt it.
  37. ucwepn

    Vale Harry Firth

    RIP Firth!
  38. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    Thanks guys, Catch can has been installed, pcv to can and then can to TB. High flow cats are going in this week and new tensioner pulley next weekend as its been noisy for too long. Legal setup as far as I know as its a sealed can and the pcv is still connected and functioning although now it...
  39. ucwepn

    Wepn WH Stato ls1 on 20's

    Cool mate thanks for the info might give it a good hand wash and polish this weekend, getting high flow cats next week still haven't decided on 100cpi or 200cpi I do know I want it louder though. Here's a couple of pics, the lighter one in the sun with chrome strips removed from my 20's. And...