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    New TV's

    All decent panels have Optical out. HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) is definitely the way to go coupled with Optical. Get the audio to get signal via the optical, and take control of the volume adjustment with the panel's remote via ARC.
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    Wireless screens?

    ... Or you can use Ethernet direct to most smart TV's. Use a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse to TV. Job, done and tick.
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    New TV's

    OLED are phenomenal. The price is down to the manufacturing costs.. It actually makes me laugh the amount of people who scoff at the cost of an OLED panel, yet in the next sentence say how their last TV (plasma) was amazing and cost them thousands and thousands. lol. Sony and Panasonic are...
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    New TV's

    Hey all... Long story short, I sell TV's for a large mainstream electronics retailer. I want to get people's opinions/feedback/etc on what people are liking/looking for in new TV's. If you were to buy your next panel for a living room. I'm looking at higher end panels...
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    Android malware?

    Really want to avoid that at all costs..
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    Android malware?

    Ok.. I keep getting these annoying popup bullshit ad type things on my phone. As you can see it can/will appear doing anything (sms conversations, etc) then when I go to 'back out' I get a full popup video. I've run anti malware and checks everywhere. Nothing is coming up. Any ideas?
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    Browser/s running slow on Social Media

    I'm quite a social media buff, particularly good old Facebook. I run a relatively 'not bad' spec'd laptop (AMD Quad Core @ 1.8GHz), 4Gb DDR3 Memory. I have zero mal/spy/bloat ware. I've checked via Malware Bytes and run Windows Defender on Windows 10. On Google Chrome (main browser), general...
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    Gardening / Landscaping

    Afternoon ladies and gents. Want to get some ideas and opinions. I'm in a rental house, but im sure the idea I have will have zero problems being passed by the land lord. I want to ultimately have a fluro light tube fixed to the porch, piggy backed/wired in with the original light fitting...
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    Windows 10

    Ok, I have the Update from Windows providing me Windows 10. I'm pretty sure my install to the laptop was Win7. If I was to 'Refresh This PC' through the built in feature, would I be keeping Windows 10 - or what is the go... Anyone know?
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    Site Outages Coming Up

    I dare say this is a VERY VERY overdue update/grade. Well done to Darren for getting it done. My pure honest feedback: overall i'm enjoying the update personally. I feel the GUI could have been a step even moreso forward in general layout/colour schemes and functionality. I'm certainly not...
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    Snake Season

    There is genuinely so much stupid in this thread.
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    Facebook problem.

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    Two Stroke (Push bike)

    I'm not going to get into the finer details of why I am on a bike for now. Sorry to disappoint. I appreciate the suggestions about the seat, etc. :)
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    Two Stroke (Push bike)

    This is only for short trips. Definitely going to look at a different seat. My crotch area is killing me! haha
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    Two Stroke (Push bike)

    Let's not get into the finer details.
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    Two Stroke (Push bike)

    Ok.. so, involutarily, I am on a push bike for a little while, I've got a loan mountain bike. First time in 15+ years that I've needed to actually ride one.. The fitness level is LOW as hell. I am a smoker and whatnot, so all things running against me. I have ridden all of maybe 2 km in 2 days...
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    Trent's BF XR6

    holy crap.. this actually appeared.. LOL I thought i pressed the wrong button and deleted the post. ha!
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    Trent's BF XR6

    Yep.. It's a Falcon, on a Commodore page. :) Bought this in January this year, has been an absolute pleasure to drive so far. Full Electrics Reverse Sensors Tow Pack Full leather interior Electric drivers seat 6 Speed Auto 145,xxx travelled. Enough power to make me happy if...
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    Wireless Sound to Amp

    Hi y'all.. I am going to be setting up a VERY small home office in my living room.. desk/laptop etc. I want to be able to connect my Laptop, Wirelessly to my amp. My amp doesn't have bluetooth/wifi or anything. At the moment, I have a RCA > 3.5mm jack going to the laptop which normally sits...
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    Never meet your heroes!

    Hover vehicles, you mean?
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    Never meet your heroes!

    I genuinely don't care what anyone says - if there was a DMC DeLorean up my driveway - even just to show me, not to own. i would be so happy in the pants region.
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    Just sayin'

    This thread genuinely has the lol.. Both, because Raj has requested a ban, and has openely said so via the new name Sheldon Cooper, yet people still say he is banned involuntarily... Oh, and because I'm a massive TBBT fan... Ily Sheldon Koothrapali.
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    Window Cleaning

    I couldn't find a relevant section to post this.. however.. What are peoples best methods for cleaning windscreens/rear windscreen/windows? Especially the hard to get gaps near parcel shelf/dashboards?
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    Pic of the day thread - Read rules in first post before posting

    Took this photo in Altona a few weeks ago. No edits or filter, straight from the Samsung Note 5 lens.
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    Nostalgia Thread

    ####in loved a good fag when I was a kid...
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    Nostalgia Thread

    Oh yeah, thread dig... Anyone remember playing this beast of a game? A-10 Cuba. Had some spare time lately, so I've downloaded it.. Still boss.
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    New Member

    You poor soul! Just kidding. Welcome.
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    Home Theatre Media Players

    HDMI Cable to TV from Laptop for me lol.
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    Rear Demister

    ** This is not a commodore related post ** I have a BF Xr6, the rear demister doesn't work. As I press the button on the dash facia for it, it appears in the screen as it it were working. I have looked at the grid it all seems fine, the fuse is fine, and the plug behind the plastic pillar...
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    I smile every time I drive it..

    hahahahahahhahahaha Yo calaber, chill pal! It's the interweb.
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    I smile every time I drive it..

    I enjoy driving my BF Falcon, MKII XR6 - Factory. oohhh and I'm on a Commodore forum. kek
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    How about the new Arnotts Shapes?

    Don't fight it Raj, it's bigger than both of us!
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    How about the new Arnotts Shapes?

    Ahhhhh whoever the Shapes marketing manager is, s/he deserves a hell of a raise. irresepective of the taste, everyone is buzzing on the topic and talking about it, causing people to go and buy the product JUST to check it out themselves thus earning mass profit. They will "come to their...
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    Cheapest Fuel seen

    Agreed. The cost of Mince Beef and Steaks are ####ing rediculous!
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    Cheapest Fuel seen

    I still vividly remember driving down a local main road in the back seat of mum and dad's VP - mum going "Bloody hell, petrol is 62.? cents a litre, christ it's expensive". I still giggle to myself today about it. would have been early 90s I dare say.
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    Timepieces / Clocks

    i believe, I have an antique pocket watch that was my granfathers, or his g'fathers, somewhere in my boxes of goodies... will have to dig up!
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    Samsung Note 5 Pros/Cons?

    Guys and girls. I am up for renewal on my phone in maybe 1-2 weeks. I have been with samsung for the last two phones. Had the Galaxy S3, now the S5. I am highly contemplating the Note 5. From what I see, the processor is much quicker than the Galaxy range, unsure on the camera quality...
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    Gardening / Landscaping

    Ended up cracking the shits with the grass just outside of my 'patio' area, it really wasn't growing as well as I had hoped. So, I ended up digging up the soil - probably a 2x5 meter area - threw down a very generous handful of Couch seed and an equally generous helping of lawn fertiliser...
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    Gardening / Landscaping

    Glad to see this thread died naturally in the ass. :(
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    Gardening / Landscaping

    Has been a little while since I posted.. so, I might throw a couple of photos of my little escape outside. Again - I'm restricted a bit with what I can do as a renter, however, I try and make the best of what I have....