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  1. Brisbarnz

    VP 32 tooth front abs reluctor rings

    2nd hand is the only option. I researched this awhile ago. Where are you located? I have a set.
  2. Brisbarnz

    4L60E Transmission Info (Shift kit) and a few trans rebuild pics

    Nice work, it’s very rewarding. I drilled my plate for the largest holes, kinda wish I didnt now haha.
  3. Brisbarnz

    losing it with this gearbox

    Does the converter lock up? Temp switch will disable 4th when over heated. Reverts to third and should lock the conv to lower temp then engage 4th when cooler.
  4. Brisbarnz

    VT v6 rocker cover seeping coolant

    Nip the bolts up, mine was ever so slightly leaking for years and I just ignored it. 6 months ago I tightened them up and was quiet surprised how loose the bolts were. Problem solved.
  5. Brisbarnz

    Corvette servo install VR

    I was swearing when I did mine, trying to install it one handed while prying the exhaust back for cleanence on the ground was no fun but still a great learning experience. If box was removed from car it’s a 5 min job.
  6. Brisbarnz

    304 FPR leak?

    Yeah it’s a tell tale it ain’t happy, mine blew a black cloud on start up when it failed. I used my spare, new ones ain’t cheap compared to a v6.
  7. Brisbarnz

    Late model interceptors on Early Commodores

    Stato chasers have a unique offset of 26p not 45p. They will scrub on any other car.
  8. Brisbarnz

    Vs bt1 unmarked blue heard of before?

    yep I had a lotus blue vs bt1. On the manual it had Logan crime squad detectives unit.
  9. Brisbarnz

    VS Statesman Boot lid strut.

    Whack a slight bend in the other strut. DO NOT over bend it.
  10. Brisbarnz

    Automatic transmission band adjustments please help anyone

    Immortality is right. It’s achived by shims. Transgo do great vids on utube on this subject diy. I’ve did my own transgo 2-3 kit with vette servo install, includes shimming of band pin. No more slipping
  11. Brisbarnz

    Cadillac for Statesman replacement

    I read the other day them caddy’s are doing world testing in oz. there was a group of them in central Australia not so long ago all undisguised.
  12. Brisbarnz

    eBay recommendations for OBD2 scanner

    I got the elcheapo blue one off eBay. Works in my ve Calais. Just found a free app that worked on App Store.
  13. Brisbarnz

    Holden to Employ more Engineers

    Do Kenworth, Mack and Western star e.g. Get subsidies because they’re still assembled here and many components locally. Trucks and machinery are still made here in Australia not everything has left our shores.
  14. Brisbarnz

    4l60e no 1st and 4th gear

    If that plug became loose car would act like described.
  15. Brisbarnz

    Decoding VN Id plates

    S pack is my guess. Same interior as an ss. Put a pic of plates up.
  16. Brisbarnz

    Vp 5ltr starts and stalls

    Map sensor vac line loose? Any codes?
  17. Brisbarnz

    Exhaust size

    Std is 2 1/4 I think
  18. Brisbarnz

    Low speed clicking noise

    The tang from the thin metal bit that sits under the wings of the brake pad once got caught in my slotted rotors once causing a click click sound. Identified it by a fresh score mark on the rotor. Bent tab with a flathead and all good.
  19. Brisbarnz

    Vn p r v6 timing case

    have a broken water pump bolt that’s too far gone rust wise so I’m just gonna Change the timing cases. Are vn s1 - vr v6 all the same case? I’m disconnecting the balance shaft while I’m in there and doing timing chain. Any advantage to advancing the cam timing by 2 degrees??? Or just leave...
  20. Brisbarnz

    Ve sv6 transmission service 5L40E

    Put bung in while car is running.
  21. Brisbarnz

    Coke Zero gone in AU after 1st August 2018

    Seen coke no sugar with orange at work. Coming to a shelf near you.
  22. Brisbarnz

    08 ve commodore check alternator warning

    Haha yeah. Sooner then later
  23. Brisbarnz

    VR timing cover removal

    Delco makes a great point, last time I did one was 2002 haha. Just about to do it again to remove balance shaft gear.
  24. Brisbarnz

    VR timing cover removal

    Keep sump on. Just remove front sump bolts.
  25. Brisbarnz

    VR V6 running lean.

    V6 vq. I’ve done some experiments the past few days. I unplugged the extra earth now got code 13 again but it idles much better then when showing code 44. Using less fuel also. I’ll bang the new o2 in on the weekend and I’ll report back. Good to hear you sorted your problem.
  26. Brisbarnz

    Replacing big ends

    Balance shaft bearing rattle?
  27. Brisbarnz

    oil inside VZ intake manifold

    I had a look a pics. Yeah that’s not normal.
  28. Brisbarnz

    oil inside VZ intake manifold

    Ah that’s normal for a alloytec. Catch cans will solve this problem.
  29. Brisbarnz

    VR V6 running lean.

    I just jammed an extra wire in the earth side of the o2 plug and earthed it under the alarm horn. Vp vr canister I believe is the same. I’ve had my vac line from charcoal canister rub thru on the idler pulley before made no difference with a hole or repaired. The leak I had was fuel coming...
  30. Brisbarnz

    VR V6 running lean.

    I’m having similar issue with my v6 Vq, code 13 so tried a new o2 with same results. Added an extra earth no more code 13 but now has 44 lean. Have just put new fpr on as old one was leaking from vac line. No vac leaks or manifold leaks. Thinking it may be the iac valve playing up. Subscribing...
  31. Brisbarnz

    Weird 4l60e leak

    Yeah that’s fine.
  32. Brisbarnz

    Weird 4l60e leak

    Remove tail shaft remove old seal with a seal puller or leaver it out with a screwdriver. Tap new seal in. Easy as. No need to remove ext housing. I did this few weeks ago. Two types or rear seal. Use the red metal one for best results. Hardest part is removing the tail shaft. Can be done in an...
  33. Brisbarnz

    VN / VP Bonnent Interchangeable

    Insulation yes, rubber unsure. Does the vp bonnet have a badge? I used a vp bonnet on my vn years ago and when I removed the badge it had an indentation under it so the badge went back on. Food for thought.
  34. Brisbarnz

    Knocking and clunking sound when driving and turning

    Stick your arm through the mags and shake sway bar link in all directions. Or lay on back and do it from under front of car. Just changed mine easy as and I kept the wheels on.
  35. Brisbarnz

    v6 bt1

    Sounds like the simplest option, $1000 and rwc is a fair price. Need to check diff tag for lsd or spin both wheels trick with car in the air.
  36. Brisbarnz

    Windscreen washer bottle

    I use a universal on from supercheap. It's mounted in my boot.
  37. Brisbarnz

    Spark plug replacement

    If v6, coils are on top of sparkplugs so no leads required. Intake needs to be lifted. Done my plugs first time on weekend was only a 2 hour job and I was taking my sweet ass time.
  38. Brisbarnz

    Bought a Ve, am I crazy?

    It's for the wife, these cars ain't my cup of tea. I've owned commos from all generations just not 4th gen. from what I've read over the years people have a love hate relationship with the alloytec. Guess I'm looking for reassurance alloytecs aren't all ticking time bombs haha.
  39. Brisbarnz

    Bought a Ve, am I crazy?

    I've just purchased a 5/07 calais with a G8 front end with the v6, 190km on the car. I know these engines can be problematic at times but it comes with full history. Work that has been performed by Springwood Holden in the last 3 months includes a new ecu, full timing chain kit including...
  40. Brisbarnz

    what profile should 16" tyres on vn?

    215/65/16 clears the spring base on a vs, throws speedo out on the rear though. 16x7 vs ss rim