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  1. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    A mates got an lj xu1 replica that was originally an lc gtr lol Xu1 nationals next year, gonna do something with it for that...
  2. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    Na, the scoop and wing were just a pisstake to annoy the purists on facebook. Wing is part of a vk brockie body kit lol
  3. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    Yeah mate, still going strong. The standard booster that was in it has always been shithouse so it got upgraded to a double diaphragm xu1 type that a mate had lying around. Was awesome to have proper brakes until going through Sydney on the way back from Canberra. New booster **** itself on...
  4. Hangman

    The Motorcycle Thread - anything and everything

    Current bike, 96 honda harley 1100. Really nice bike to ride, and a third of the price of the equivalent HD. More money for cars=win/win
  5. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    Another long time no login. Place looks a lot different now. Hit a roo in this a few months ago, nothing major, bent the bar and guard, and cracked the grill. Was about a week before we were heading down to Canberra for the Torana Nationals, so a big weekend with a couple good mates happened to...
  6. Hangman

    Peeps other EF falcon futura wagon

    Geeze, you still fuckin around with this thing mate? Lol
  7. Hangman

    Ecotec into VZ

    Why? How could you?
  8. Hangman

    308 vs 350 HQ Kingswood Wagon

    350 into a hq with no engineering should be easy, wagon or not. Be easier than putting an injected motor in it. Talk to the relevant authorities or an engineer.
  9. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    Me too mate, on both counts. It's a very fun work hack lol
  10. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    Na he got me goin a bit quick. First thing he asked was is it modified lol. He got me to pop the bonnet, then took the engineering paperwork back to his car and did his thing. All was fine on that side of things, which is good to know. After he gave me the ticket he started asking about the...
  11. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    So my ute isn't running and mrs needs the stato for daily/kids duties. Result of this is this thing is basically my work car at the moment. Could do worse lol. These arrived for it last week. 13x7 and 13x9... And here's a bonus pic from a few weeks ago
  12. Hangman

    Another onee to stick in the shed until I get to it...

    Hey mate. Not really. I've collected a few more bits for it, but between playing with the Lj's and splitting up with the mrs in oct I haven't been near it. And just for some bonus fun, I lost my job in feb.
  13. Hangman

    Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motorsport

    Great pics. It's a brilliant weekend. A few of us took our Toranas down last year.
  14. Hangman

    vn engine no identification

    Pull the balancer and take it in with you
  15. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    If it ain't broke etc etc...lol
  16. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    This turned up today
  17. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    Probably make it look like an xu1 at some stage. I've already got a stock lj.
  18. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    Yeah I try not to shock load the driveline lol Ordered new fuel tank for it yesterday. Currently kitting the carb off my other 2 door. It never ends...
  19. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    Surprisingly sedate, if you go easy on the right foot. I've driven it in pissing down rain with no dramas. It's not bad on fuel either.
  20. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    It's a standard xu1 type muffler. Wheels are volvo stockies, I hate them lol. It's all engineered and rego'd, was out and about in it today. I'm ordering a new fuel tank tomorrow as it's a bit rough, and I need to change the starter to a 304 type smaller one as the original hq one is touching...
  21. Hangman

    Still alive, and now own this

    Haven't been here in a while, but I picked this up a few months ago. Not much to look at, but the body is good and has this hiding under the bonnet... Mild 308, m20, and bango out the back. Haven't broken anything yet... It's a fun car.
  22. Hangman

    Downsizing from 3 cars to one - which one to keep?

    :spot on: Commys are disposable daily flogboxes at my place. Got other cars to throw money at.
  23. Hangman

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    Yeah, that's shithouse. At work on wed, the whole site stopped at 11 for a minutes silence while they played the last post over the pa.
  24. Hangman

    Enroh's 69 Camaro!

    :spot on: Love it
  25. Hangman

    Vk turbo Tri mess. Please help

    Somethings not right. Turbo and trimatic patterns don't interchange. Off the top of my head that's an 8/85 cast date. Good chance it's the original engine depending on build date of the car.
  26. Hangman

    VW Vs EPA drama ?

    Unless your job involves more than sitting at a computer.
  27. Hangman

    Whats the time Mr. Wolf

    What's the go, Mr Dice?
  28. Hangman

    Do changing same colour panels match?

    I hit a roo a couple years ago in my white vs. Got a bonnet and bar from the wreckers which matched alright.
  29. Hangman

    club rego vs full rego

    Yeah it's only cars already on CRS before the trial that can switch to it. As far as I know a registered club just has to contact the rms to say they want to participate in the trial. That was all our club and a couple of others I know of did. No mention of changing by laws.
  30. Hangman

    Beeping every time I start my 99 VT Holden Commodore

    First lot of beeps is airbag warning. Second lot is either temp or low oil warning, can't remember which (both? Do they use the same warning?) haven't heard it for a while. Thinking oil...
  31. Hangman

    club rego vs full rego

    I switched over to the 60 day logbook trial this arvo. See how it goes...
  32. Hangman

    club rego vs full rego

    We use a sign in sheet at club meetings.
  33. Hangman

    club rego vs full rego

    Geeze, that's a bit harsh. I've been a member of my club for 9 years now, and am a committee member. It's a good club, we don't seem to have much in the way of the infighting or power trips etc that you may see elsewhere. You'll always get the odd ######## no matter what you're doing, but...
  34. Hangman

    club rego vs full rego

    Never had any issues with police here, nor heard of any. The just joining a club for cheap rego thing has been an issue in the past with CRS for the club I'm in, so we have a point system where there's a minimum number of points to accrue from meetings/runs etc to be eligible for club rego. I...