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    Vz tail shaft

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    vx wont start intermittently

    Mine used to do the same so I would remove the key, reinsert it and car would start. Eventually I replaced the remote battery and no more no starties.
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    Joke of the Day

    Standing in the driveway and I thought "Gees, when one door opens, another door closes" Other than that it is a good car.
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    Air con doesn't switch on

    Mine krapped a compressor clutch and another one I had got low on gas to the point the compressor would not crank up They have a low gas switch that stops them starting.
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    [QLD] SOLD Bench Grinder oldie but a goodie

    Sold to a local through Gumtree.
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    [QLD] SOLD Bench Grinder oldie but a goodie

    It measures 35 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm and weight on my scales is 22.5 kg. Au Post is topping out at 22 kg showing $67 standard or $215 express to Sydney 2471 cause I have no idea of the post code for Places as shown in your location so it would have to go with a Courier. If you would like to arrange...
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    [QLD] SOLD Bench Grinder oldie but a goodie

    ITEM: GMF Bench Grinder working well LOCATION: Qld Maroochydore CONDITION: Used PRICE: $10 Firm DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION:Collect Maroochydore PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: 0412 732 347 OTHER INFO: Test drive at Maroochydore. No longer needed.
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    [QLD] Power Steering Rack NOS suit VZ V6

    ITEM: New still in box Genuine Holden Power Steering rack for VZ commodore V6 with 16 mm ends so should fit 2004 2005 VZ or possibly change your tie rod ends to the 16 mm for the later VZ Comes with new Power Steer Filter LOCATION: Maroochydore Qld CONDITION: New NOS PRICE: $275.00...
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    Mystery Spring

    Looks similar to the indicator return springs in older holdens but I am thinking brake pedal/go pedal return spring
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    Roof racks - VE international My2010

    New or second hand ?? Are you going to have them fitted or fit them yourself ?? What do you want to carry on them ?? Try here https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=roof+racks+ve+international&_sacat=0 Most racks have a rating of 60 to 80 kg but you also...
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    Fuel cap latching mechanism trouble

    I have noticed the lever on the floor has a tendency to stay up, sometimes even gets caught on the mat, so every time I pull the fuel flap lever I then push it back down again but I agree they are poor design and you cannot afford to be rough with them.
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    SRS Air Bag Fault VY

    If you unplugged seats with the battery still connected then that will cause the srs to show, but the seats are not the same even though the plug may look the same. eg Some VZ seats have air bags whereas VY don't have to my knowledge.
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    VZ Random Start

    Check drivetrain could be dodgy oil pressure switch which my son fitted to the wife's car last week to get rid of a similar dash problem, however, and I have mentioned this a few times before, how old is the remote, and even better still replace the battery in the remote as I have done. Not hard...
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    Longest commie

    to vz 2007
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    [QLD] Speedo Drives

    ITEM: Speedo Drives suit Old Holden Hq Hj Hx HZ ,Torana and Holden HK HT HG, and before you ask I have only a general memory of which ones are which so if you need one, remove your drive first and see which one it matches, then tell me what teeth count you require. The large one is most likely...
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    [QLD] Old Holden HQ Front Hubs

    ITEM: Holden HQ front hubs ideal for brake upgrade or trailer. Should fit HJ HX with front drum brakes. No bearings LOCATION: Maroochydore Queensland or post at cost. Can deliver to North Brisbane Christmas Day. CONDITION: Used PRICE: Freeee. Off to the tip Monday 30th November PAYMENT...
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    [QLD] VT VX VY VZ Wagon Roof Racks Rola Brand with fixings

    ITEM: Good Rola Roof Racks suit VT VX VY VZ Wagon 1997 to 2007 WILL NOT fit ute sedan or crewman Complete with fixings for wagon. LOCATION: Maroochydore Queensland CONDITION: Used PRICE: $80 Firm DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Collect Maroochydore or post at cost, can deliver to North...
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    [QLD] VZ Wheel Trims 15" original very little use

    ITEM: VZ 15" wheel trims 4 in total very good condition, no cracks, no gutter rash, only storage scratches which should polish out and I will polish them up and re do the pics LOCATION: Queensland Maroochydore. CONDITION: Used PRICE: Firm $40 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Collect...
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    Locked diff

    Of course you can. Commonly referred to in the 60's and 70's as a CIG locker. Probably called today a BOC locker considering BOC bought out CIG/changed name from CIG.
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    I'm thinking body earth somewhere not good. Check/remove/clean/replace the earth from battery to radiator support panel (if it has one)
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    VZ Seats into a VY

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    VZ Seats into a VY

    Here are a few to read up on. https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threadloom/search?keywords=vz+seats+into+vy&tab=0 Main thing I would caution is some VZ's have air bags in the seats so you will need to remove them or they may go off at a very unoppurtune moment.
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    VY V6 overheating but radiator cap cold...

    I am not familiar with the VY but it sounds like a thermostat problem. Of course a car that old could have dirty radiator Check the fan is working as well
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    Shocks for a VZ Wagon (Country Pack)

    I had pedders fit new rears to my vz wagon 5 years ago and they have now done 25,000 k's, and the valves in them have been knocking for the last 15,000 k's so I am not a pedders lover.
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    Water car check alternator

    Half way up the wheel when you came out but how high before you came out. Have you had water in the floor/boot ?? if so any water marks showing ?? Yu may have had more than you think.
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    Vz Shaking Problem

    OP said centre bearing replaced.
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    Vz Shaking Problem

    I understand what you are going through, nothing worse than vibrations, been there, done that, but you have not answered my questions. If you were up here, I am retired and happy for you to use my wheels and I have trolly jack compressor rattle gun stands etc etc but you have to do the work...
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    Vz Shaking Problem

    Take it to holden only if you totally crazy
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    Vz Shaking Problem

    Is it harmonic (comes and goes) or continual. ? If possible borrow a set of no vibratey wheels off another car to try to rule out wheels. And check play in wheel bearings at the same time. And don't think balancing wheels will rule out wheel problems. I had the wheels on my wife's car balanced...
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    Vz remote key

    I did mine in feb 2019 and I have had it apart twice since then, once to change the battery yet again( I used elcheapo batteries) and then on the weekend to take the pic which I put up earlier in this post.
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    Hail Storms Coming Tomorrow East Coast

    Keep watching BOM and when you see the fooken hail storm coming that's the time to run.
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    Water patch on floor

    Had a vp years ago had water on the floor behind drivers seat. I found it was getting in through the door rubber. If you think it is coming up through the floor when driving then maybe a rubber plug has been left out when the car was built. Look under.
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    2006 vz front end noise ?

    And sadly it is not just the motor game overcharging, it is everywhere. Mate called me he had just had a quote to install new hot water system in his home at $2800 plus another $2000 to remove the old solar hot water. I told him $1500 to $1800 for the new water heater and he can hop on the roof...
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    Vz remote key

    When putting the case back together, 3 small spots of super glue are good to hold it together but not so much that you cannot pull it apart again, as I did today to take the pic.
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    Vz remote key

    Ah, but they can be opened, AND, you can fit a cheap slip in battery after chopping the tabs off the existing battery. I used a very small screw driver and hammer to lever/chop off the tabs then simply slipped a new battery between the tabs and closed the case. The battery I used was from a...
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    Handbrake adjustment

    Surely you mean then back off each side 2 clicks not 20 ???
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    Intermittent o2 sensor Fault

    No, bit far from the Sunny Coast. Bank 1 should be passenger side of engine and sensor 1 should be closest to engine. Look down the exhaust on passenger side of engine and you will see the o2 sensor poking out of the pipe. Easy to change when cold. lift the black plastic engine cover straight up...
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    Intermittent o2 sensor Fault

    Get another mechanic. I had the same problem, scanned up as o2 sensor which I replaced. Problem solved.