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    VE SV6 Tune... after exhaust

    is there someone in Cairns that tunes em.
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    Roto-Fab intake for VE SIDI SV6

    Otr can throw up a CEL and may need a tune
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    Jhp boot lip on any ve's out there?

    +1 for Fibresports Put one on 3 years ago, had no problems with it
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    V6 Alloytec Tune

    I have read people who have put those manifold insulators on have experienced higher fuel use.
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    LFX manifold on an LLT

    How did you get hold of that adapter. I'm surprised you don't need a custom tune, especially with that ported throttle body.
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    IPF Supercharger kit

    Raptor do not have a kit for the SIDI motors yet. Needs to be reverse rotation and they don't have.
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    2012 VE SV6 LFX supercharger

    How about putting up a link for everyone. That is the idea of these forums.
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    VT, VX or VY

    Don't get a VT. I had one. Cause there the first of a new model they haven't got the bugs out of em.
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    V6 throttle body size?

    It's 3" on my SV6
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    Sams performance

    Have you tried Gentech in Mitchell or ESP in Queanbeyan. Would suss them out before driving to Sydney
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    Headers and Cats

    Does someone else sell a combo like this? I just like the idea of headers and cats together.
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    Headers and Cats

    Has anyone fitted these, they look like a good combo. Holden Commodore VE SV6 3 6L Extractors Cats | eBay
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    Cheap HID conversion kit

    How long do they take to warm up to full strength. I got some off ebay that took 20 seconds to warm up. Apparently the new generation of HID warm up almost instantly
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    Where to get an sv6 dyno tune

    Give Castle Hill Exhaust a go.
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    Rear senator spoiler

    They painted mine. Sure it's a service they offer
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    Working a SV6 SiDi

    Next you need extractors and high flow cats. Then you might hit 250kw
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    Anyone fitted an Airhammer CAI to their LFX engine?

    I brought an Airhammer and didn't end up installing it. The bits just didn't seem to fit properly. Luckily i got it cheap off ebay, probably why the last guy sold it.
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    VF Holden Commodore Issues and Faults

    Have they made the A pillars any smaller on the VF? One of the annoying things about the VE
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    Changes to v6 from vz to ve

    + 1 for LF3 in series 2 VF
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    2012 VE SV6 Series 2

    Not a lot at this stage. MY12 cannot fit extractors. Raptor working on a charger but not released yet. Doubt anyone in Gladstone does a dyno tune. Only options are intake, High flow cats, mail order tune. If you really want to spend some money
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    Kinng's Stock Series 2 VE SV6

    Warranty doesn't cover things you break. Good luck with that
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    [Ecotec] Ve omega v6 replacement/upgrade

    Try the wreckers, not ebay
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    Guard Rolling

    You can buy guard rollers off ebay if you want to do your own
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    Help with boot lip

    They did a perfect match of the "sizzle" on my series 2 The only thing i hated on my SV6 was that wing Three benefits of getting rid of it i can see 1.Better rear view vision 2.No big windcatcher (better aerodynamics) on boot 3.Goes thru car washes easier
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    Growler or AIRHAMMER

    Don't waste your money. If your lucky you'll gain 2kw. Most of it's placebo effect, you think your making more power, cause of the induction noise you get. The big winner is the people selling these kits
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    Help with boot lip

    I brought my boot lip spoiler off Fibre Enhancements. They even painted it for me. Paint matched purfectly, fitted nicely, no complaints
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    driving without the engine cover

    It's a known performance mod for the V8's. So why wouldn't it work on the V6
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    George's Atomic SV6

    Got the tune done yet? How'd it go?
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    Holden ve sv6 sidi extractors

    Series 2 MY11, YES Series 2 MY12, NO
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    cold air intake question

    Best one is the Yella Terra. Then replace your filter with a Lukey one
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    [Alloytec] Classic 2 hole mod

    Theres a good write up on the 2 hole mod in the How To section Page 2 about a 1/4 the way down
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    Walkinshaw air dam

    I thought about drilling some holes in the plastic bit below the fog light and then putting an air scoop behind it. That way it wouldn't sit down any lower and scrape etc. Only at the thought stage at the moment. Theres places in the States like Banks and AFE who sell scoops that hang down...
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    EOI is anyone interested in porting LLT manifold

    How do you install links in your posts? Googled "gm LLT performance" and found an article where they dynoed a few bolt on's. They got nearly 22rwhp from headers and high flow cats. 2.6hp from a CAI So if you can port your IM and get 15hp for a few hundred $ it's pretty good hp/$ value...
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    EOI is anyone interested in porting LLT manifold

    I'd be interested if the gains are there. Give us some more info.
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    My Perfect Blue SV6 Ute

    Where did you track the pipe down. Looks like a good fit
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    [VIC] Ve v6 air hammer cai

    Not hard to reply! Hope you swallow one of your cupcakes
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    [VIC] Ve v6 air hammer cai

    Still for sale? PM'ed you with an offer, but no reply
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    Dr Bob

    I thought only grandma sent cash in ya birthday card. Cash is untraceable. "Sorry mate haven't received anything, the postman must have lost it". Never send cash
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    Does anyone on here know much about the Airhammer CAI. Do the V6 and V8 use the same pipes? If i buy one that came off a V8 will it fit my V6? Why is the V6 kit more expensive than the V8? The pictures look the same.
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    Intake pipe for V6

    Guy just rang me after i sent him a nasty email. Said it was VCM and i can return if not happy. He didn't want any negative feedback. Will ask more questions before i buy another one.