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  1. Mike08

    Bonners new White E3 Clubsport

    Really sorry to hear about this. Adam is a decent guy and does not deserve this crap.
  2. Mike08

    Things that p*** you off/bug you/annoy you

    What annoys me is this >>>> 95% of transport fuel in this country is imported WTF is going on with that.
  3. Mike08

    Ve my 09 maloo or vf ssv ute

    Get the Maloo mate, as long as you can establish that it's had a good service history and been reasonably well looked after. You will more than likely pick up a handy looking Maloo with some mods already done to it for around the same price as a brand spanker SSV. Besides you all ready know...
  4. Mike08

    so whats everyones thoughts?

    I will wait to see what the Sport versions look like before i comment on it's looks. It's features list is impressive though. Cheers.
  5. Mike08

    Where is this annoying water coming from.

    Cheers for the reply's guys, will investigate it further and try and work out what is causing it.
  6. Mike08

    Question for V8 manual drivers - gear changes

    Yep, just normal run of the mill VE SS gearbox. You will also find the drive train is pretty lazy and sloppy on these things. Cheers.
  7. Mike08

    Where is this annoying water coming from.

    No mate, car is still all original in that department. Cheers.
  8. Mike08

    Where is this annoying water coming from.

    Hi all, this pic shows water in my SS cab. It's in the exact same position on the passenger side as well. Nothing else other than where it shows up appears to be wet. Lucky i have good thick rubber floor mates to catch this crap. Only seems to happen after heavy rain, not after washing or...
  9. Mike08

    cleaning help

    ^^^^^ Correct. Beware mate, it may have seen some H2O by the look of it to me, not just the floor either. Anyway best of luck whichever way it turns out. Cheers.
  10. Mike08

    My first SS ute

    Welcome, top looking ute mate. Cheers.
  11. Mike08

    My Black SS Ute!

    $1080 fitted, so not to bad mate. It's what you get in the bush. Cheers.
  12. Mike08

    My Black SS Ute!

    No worries mate, yea nearly stock engine. And trust me it sounds a lot better now then it did back then. Cheers.
  13. Mike08

    Something very strange!

    It's not strange mate, it's just the crud gearbox these things come with as standard. If you can , get a Ripshift installed. Will help a lot. Cheers.
  14. Mike08

    Bonners new White E3 Clubsport

    Some great pics up there mate, car is looking good as always. Cheers.
  15. Mike08

    My Black SS Ute!

    Don't to quick to shy away from XForce, they do have some issues i have no doubt about that. But i have run one for nearly two years now without one single problem with it, no poor fitting, good sound and for what you pay they are a reasonable alternative to the more up market systems out...
  16. Mike08

    Charged E3 Clubby

    Very nice mate, well done on the pic up. Good sounding mods as well. Cheers.
  17. Mike08

    Bonners new White E3 Clubsport

    Very nice mate, looks stunning indeed. Cheers.
  18. Mike08

    lowered my ute pictures

    Looks fine mate, good height. Cheers.
  19. Mike08

    Are utes Slower??

    Utes have always had greater resale value than the same model sedan, i don't know why that is. But it's something i have always noticed. My mate drives a VE SS sedan and i have the SS ute, they are both manual his is 2007 mine is a 2010. My ute has a 2.5 catback , his sedan retains...
  20. Mike08

    Air Con failing to circulate correctly.

    Thanks mate, found that thread. I will give UFO's suggestion a go, if that fails it's of to Holden for a warranty job. Cheers.
  21. Mike08

    VE SSV S2 clutch issue!

    That is most certainly an issue for sure, sounds not to good at all, something has let go there for sure. Providing there has been no abuse while driving, and i am not saying that you have abused it in any way, Holden would for certain cover this type of failure under your warranty. There is...
  22. Mike08

    My Heron SSV

    Never ceases to amaze me how good a clean White SS looks, there is just something about the color that sits well with the VE SS. Nice mate, well done. Cheers.
  23. Mike08

    Chlorophyll SS Thunder Ute

    Very nice indeed mate, great ute. Cheers.
  24. Mike08

    Air Con failing to circulate correctly.

    Hi guys, has anyone had issues with the air con not flowing correctly when you turn the flow direction settings. It comes through the face setting well, and also the windscreen vents when selected, but when switching to head and feet no air flows at all. Or even just feet there is no flow at...
  25. Mike08

    ve ss rims fit ve clubby?

    I thought that myself, there must be a reason. Cheers.
  26. Mike08

    how much "should" it cost to install springs into my car

    I had an 08 Omega before the SS, had SSL king springs fitted to it and it cost pretty close to $580 if i remember correctly. That was fitted and wheel Alignment done. Now please listen to what i have to say in regards to the "non fitment" of lowered shocks when running lowered springs. On a...
  27. Mike08


    Looks fantastic, very nice machine. Cheers.
  28. Mike08

    what could this mean?

    Best to get a tech to check things over, better safe than sorry. Cheers.
  29. Mike08


    Looking forward to seeing it as well. Welcome. Cheers.
  30. Mike08

    VE 2012 SS sedan

    Whatever you do mate, make sure you change shocks as well if not already done. Your ride quality will be **** without doing the shocks as well, trust me i know from experience. Running 20 inch rims on lowered springs and standard shocks is not a good combo. I can assure you of that. Cheers.
  31. Mike08

    My new Omega

    Nice and clean mate, tidy ride. Cheers.
  32. Mike08

    MZ HSV's clubsport

    Whatever exhaust you do decide on , one thing is for sure go a 3 inch. I went 2.5 with mine on the 6L, i now would in all honesty go for a 3 inch knowing what i know now. Nice machine best of luck with any mods in the future. Cheers.
  33. Mike08

    Latest VE Pictures

    Phone camera shot after waxing. I like holidays, get to do more with the car. Cheers.
  34. Mike08

    Bonners new White E3 Clubsport

    Looking good mate, photoshoot shots are very nice. Cheers.
  35. Mike08

    A Smooth White Ute

    Nice ute mate, looks good and clean. Does not matter what it is, be an Omega, SV6 or SS, it's yours and something to be proud of. Cheers.
  36. Mike08


    Very sorry to hear about your dog, they are indeed very loyal friends.
  37. Mike08

    My First Car. 2006 Omega

    Nice mate, white does look neat and clean, well done on the buy. Does not look like a very user friendly driveway there though. A lowered cars nightmare. Throw some SSV tail lights at it, and she will be looking fine. Cheers.
  38. Mike08

    Tinny's ute - Pic heavy, so only for anyone interested.

    Looks fantastic mate, love that surface quality. Talking about tires and shine, i use "Duragloss 253 Tire and rubber dressing". Leaves the tires with a really nice flat but rich looking finish which avoids that high shine cheap and nasty look. Cheers.
  39. Mike08

    Hey guys! XForce exhaust 3" catsback for VE?? Confused :S

    I have a 2.5 Xforce on the ute and it's a manual, so drone if any is not a hassle as far as i can tell for me. In all honesty, i wanted to go for the Bigger brands such as KPM and the like but the coin was not there. So i went Xforce, and i will say it's been on for about 18 months now and i...