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  1. TinSnips

    Mirror colour - Phanotm Black

    I don't like your chances at having them pay for painting, regardless of paint protection. If you got the dealership paint protection, it probably hasn't lasted on your paint, let alone on an unpainted substrate that it wasn't designed for. Don't mean to sound cynical. The paint protection...
  2. TinSnips

    tire shine ?

    For a low sheen, HD Dress from Detail Central or Swissvax Pneu from Car Care Products - Car Cleaning Wax & Polish - Car Detailing For satin, Zaino Z16 from Car Care Products - Car Cleaning Wax & Polish - Car Detailing Heavy gels or high gloss finishes are generally more trouble than their...
  3. TinSnips

    Vinyl Wrap (roof only) Syney Area

    Seems to be a pretty standard price in Sydney for a high end wrap and an experienced installer. Carbon Demon in Lindfield is a good place to go to. Won't be the cheapest but they're very good at what they do.
  4. TinSnips

    Pic of the Day(Read the rules in first post)

    FFS... used to be my elbow
  5. TinSnips

    Mirror colour - Phanotm Black

    Bare plastic, not painted at all. A ridiculous oversight/cost cut from holden, considering they paint every other colour. They oxidise and fade like crazy. If you're getting something else painted at some point, get them done at the same time.
  6. TinSnips

    Best way to clean VS SS Seats

    Fabric or leather?
  7. TinSnips

    VF with Opti-coat +

    oh ok, my mistake. I misread. The difference is not so much in the beading but in the look. Most coatings (not all) have a glassy or candy look to them, while a carnauba wax will have a warmth or glow to it, rather than outright gloss. Pros and cons to both depending on colour and the look of a...
  8. TinSnips

    VF with Opti-coat +

    I'd be concerned with anyone saying "you must wax your car after having OC applied". It's not the case. I'm an approved applicator for Ceramic Pro in Sydney, also not the case with CP, modesta, GTechniq, Finest, whatever. There are other maintenance procedures that SHOULD be carried out with...
  9. TinSnips

    Removing and reapplying tint to rear windows

    heat the outside of the glass with a heat gun (hair dryer will do it but it's slow) to soften the adhesive, rather than the film itself. Lift an edge and it should come off in one go - easier with two sets of hands so that someone else can keep the heat on the glass. Go slow and pull the film...
  10. TinSnips

    buffing vy commodore

    you'll need to get a polishing foam pad as well, at the very least, to use with 205/S30. Try red buff and shine foam in whatever size you need to fit your plate. BnS Pad Application Red Alternatively, try a scholl waffle pad Scholl Concepts Black Waffle SOFTouch Fine Pad 85/145/170mm...
  11. TinSnips

    remove genuine floor matts

    thumb on the centre piece, lift up around it from underneath.. Pushing down on the centre means you won't rip that part out of the floor.
  12. TinSnips

    buffing vy commodore

    oops... internet/life fail.
  13. TinSnips

    buffing vy commodore

    for a finishing polish on holden paint (which is on the sticky side) I like meguiars M205 from their pro range or Scholl S30 (the only scholl product I like). Neither are the best for all jobs, but are easy to work with on holden clears. You might even be able to one step it with some Megs D300...
  14. TinSnips

    buffing vy commodore

    can you get a close up of the defects to give a better idea of what's going on? It's unlikely to be oxidation, Turbine grey is a metallic COB colour, they tend not to oxidise much, if at all. Water spotting/etching can be touch and go if it's safe to remove at all. Magnesium and calcium, both...
  15. TinSnips

    Poor Respray ?

    You might be right there. I've seen quite a lot of solvent pop here with repairs in the last 6 months.
  16. TinSnips

    Poor Respray ?

    The white dots to the right of the rubber seal (first pic)? Looks like compound splatter to me. Farecla/juice/autoglym junk that a lot of spray painters (in sydney at least) insist on using can set like concrete and the solvent based compounds often don't shift with water alone. And they get...
  17. TinSnips

    Looking at buying VF SSV Redline

    I'm yet to see any holden, or just about any car for that matter where plastic matches metal with metallic colours, and even a lot of solid colours. Metallic flake and pearls sit differently on plastic panels compared with steel and even aluminium because of a variation in static charge. The...
  18. TinSnips

    Changing the colour of a 2011 VE SV6 from WHITE to ALTO GREY

    To be fair, factory holden paint is ****, actually most OE paints are **** but VY-VF is particularly rubbish. It's cheap and nasty and you'll almost certainly have a better product on your car after a respray. Quality of job is another matter and totally dependent on the person spraying it...
  19. TinSnips

    VF Issues without resolution from dealer

    re. the seat issue, do you mean it rocks back and forward and seems loose? If so, the same thing happened on my previous VE, a number of times. It was caused by a bent base bracket that houses, going by the cost of replacement, someone's first born.
  20. TinSnips

    Looking at buying VF SSV Redline

    Kind of depends where you priorities lie. Being someone who drives a lot of both cars, the VF is so much nicer to deal with every day. Even if you look at it just from a driving position perspective. At 6ft5, I just can't get the falcons to fit me how I'd like. And no reach adjustment is...
  21. TinSnips


    I'd use it - if I could get it anywhere within 45 minutes or so of my house. CBF to drive that far to fill up.
  22. TinSnips

    washing the engine

    How dirty is it? if you NEED to blast it, that's fine, just keep the lance a distance away so you're not forcing water where it doesn't need to do. And bag your OTR so it doesn't fill up with water. If the plastic cover is still on, you don't have to worry about coil packs, if it's off, they...
  23. TinSnips

    Automotive leather repair/replace???

    I'd imagine it would be tricky for an upholsterer to match the leather, mainly because factory leather is generally crap compared to what they work with, so matching textures and colours can be an issue when patching. But The dyes are usually fairly accessible, at least that's what I understood...
  24. TinSnips

    Automotive leather repair/replace???

    There are a couple of different ways that can be repaired, rather than patched or replaced. There are some DIY options, with limited quality, but I would suggest seeking a quality leather repairer - not necessarily specifically automotive. I don't have any contacts in that field in melbourne...
  25. TinSnips

    Tips to removing Plasti-Dip

    The branded plasti-dip removal product (as in the one they make to remove their own product) is made up mostly of D-Limonene - which is a citrus solvent, essentially - the active ingredient in adhesive removers like oomph and the tint film removers. Doesn't flash off like solvent degreasers or...
  26. TinSnips

    workshops northern beaches

    Pretty sure Cromer exhaust had a name change and moved to balgowlah - can't recall what they're called now and no idea what they offer. That's the limit of my helpfulness there though. If you had a euro, I could point you to a few places, but no such luck with a VF.
  27. TinSnips

    Detailing Tips & Tricks....

    Only way to fix is through abrasive compounding. Sounds like it's a pre 09-ish model without clear coat to have oxidised as described. I've done a bunch of signage removal jobs and they can range fairly straight forward to irreparable. What it will largely depend on is how severe the oxidation...
  28. TinSnips

    VF CalaisV Sedan Rattles & Water Leakes

    dash is creaky as hell, but that's it. Kind of have a feeling I'll make it worse if I dick around with it, so it's staying put for now. Sun roof shouldn't leak aside from maybe some residual water run-in if you open it after it's been wet. Will be a faulty/worn seal that should be replaced.
  29. TinSnips

    Restoring ve Headlights

    If you refinish polycarbonate and leave it bare, it will oxidise super quickly. You can prolong that with waxes and sealants and even quartz and ceramic coatings - but they will still oxidise in time. 2K clear is a really good option to use but there is the downside of having to deal with the...
  30. TinSnips

    Restoring ve Headlights

    Post up some photos if you have them, and let me know where you are and I can probably point you in the right direction if you like. Polycarbonate lenses will haze up again quickly using the store bought sand/polish options. There are a number of coating type products that will help them last...
  31. TinSnips

    reposting in more appropriate thread: Help needed with restoring textured tonneau lid

    Armour all will be doing some of the damage. It has a high solvent content which will work to dry it out over time. It sounds like it's a vinyl overlay, especially if it has some give in it. Could even be worth looking at getting the whole thing re-trimmed if that's the case. Unless you wanted...
  32. TinSnips

    The cover on the V8 motor

    plastic cover does have a function - has some noise deadening to dull all the clicks and ticks of the LS motors. Other than that, not much. edit - it's designed to dull the noise - kind of doesn't though.
  33. TinSnips

    VF Flat Bottom Steering Wheels

    thigh clearance more so than gut - unless you lay on your back to drive... Shearing the base flat lets the wheel be elliptical rather than round - so they can still use the same centres across the range but the wheel itself is slightly smaller to use. ... probably
  34. TinSnips

    reposting in more appropriate thread: Help needed with restoring textured tonneau lid

    Been donkeys since I've seen one of these covers - is it textured plastic, painted plastic or vinyl trim wrapped over plastic - I've seen all of those options? If textured plastic, there's a couple of options. You can use a trim restoration coating (not a gel or dressing) to take it back to...
  35. TinSnips

    Cleaning and protecting leather interior

    The urethane clear applied on the top of the leather surface will not allow an oil to penetrate in as it should. The leatherique system works in much the same way as treatment for a jacket or couch, or whatever - but relies on the surface being able to absorb it. So for old aniline leather, it's...
  36. TinSnips

    Cleaning and protecting leather interior

    Most of the time, the reason for a modern leather going "cardboardy" or crunchy is simply because of the layer of grime that has built up on the surface. 99 times out of 100 you'll get the same softening result from just giving them a really good clean. IF the conditioner is actually having some...
  37. TinSnips

    Cleaning and protecting leather interior

    Holden leather is pressed and urethane coated - little, if any need to condition them - just keep them clean. All you really need is a gentle all purpose cleaner, a soft brush and some microfibre towels for regular maintenance. HD-Total Degreaser & Soil Remover Mix that at 10:1 with water and...
  38. TinSnips

    Navigation issue

    Had no issues with sat nav until a couple of weeks ago, going to a job at Greenwich. Apparently my destination was 200m ahead when I was here: To be fair, I didn't really want to go to that job either and would have much preferred to spend the afternoon on the water.
  39. TinSnips

    Odd issue

    last time my old VE did that, the battery was on it's last legs. Don't get me started! If there's one manufacturer I would happily watch go to ruin, it would be that.
  40. TinSnips

    paintless dent removal

    You can generally improve dramatically, if not remove them completely. Have a chat to QB Dent Free. He's had some pretty good luck with panel creases. VW Front Guard ding |