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  1. blackve76

    Cold start rattle on LS3 - piston slap :) Engine replaced

    I never really understood why such a mass produced engine had issues here, I've lost count of the LS motors I've owned and only a 03 VY clubsport with 40 K rattled bad( no oil usage)
  2. blackve76

    Custom Number Plates

    VFSS16 in Sa for my 16 build SS, no yearly cost either just $180 upfront, white on red background on black car
  3. blackve76


    I have the ASE twin pump on my VE 360rwkw on E85 just head and cam but had it for yrs no issues at all
  4. blackve76

    Cold start rattle on LS3 - piston slap :) Engine replaced

    My uncle's wh 99 LS1 has 315000kms all original puffs a little smoke on start up but not really rattly
  5. blackve76

    Buying a car from interstate

    we sold our Prado(Adelaide) to a guy in WA after getting quotes etc he flew over and drove back as it was cheaper he said(all pre covid of course) than on truck or rail. He did get an inspection done buy some mob before he flew over, they took 1/2hr to look over car and test drive.
  6. blackve76

    Cam knowledge

    Diff gears can wake the car up a fair bit if a auto guys fit the std 3.45 manual diff, pretty easy to find a good 3.45
  7. blackve76

    Advice on mods for my daily SS

    Depends on budget, full system better but up to you
  8. blackve76

    Rough Idle

  9. blackve76

    Which shocks should I get for my VF Redline?

    Think it's still the same my VF2 is SSL front and SL rear, my VE ute is SSSL front SSL rear to get the even gaps
  10. blackve76

    Ve sidi 3l

    check plugs and coils first, then injectors. could need a carbon clean on valves as a sidi doesn't have fuel cleaning intake vales
  11. blackve76

    Which shocks should I get for my VF Redline?

    Super pro top strut bushes are good otherwise std rubber is best
  12. blackve76

    Which shocks should I get for my VF Redline?

    Fitted yet? Thoughts on ride? I did these on a VE yrs ago on SSl kings and hated it went back to Monroe gt, maybe the SSL was to low. Very harsh ride.
  13. blackve76

    VS Statesman S3 Aircon problems

    Yrs ago had similar prob was one of the temp sensors, it was dead and climate control was has a fit
  14. blackve76

    Check Engine light Issues

    Your receipt from Holden should have the codes that they found post them up.
  15. blackve76

    Rough Idle

    Sounds really odd with those codes, maybe maf clean and fuel injector check up.
  16. blackve76

    L77 engine noises

    if its loud best not to run it anymore and tow to a mechanic for pull down you might save the engine
  17. blackve76

    Omega Engine

    some omegas series 1 have the 3.6L engine, some have the dual fuel 3,6l engine and some in series 2 have the 3.6l LPG engine. ring around wreckers for 2nd hand engine but check for oil sludge build up in the rocker covers etc as a quick guide to engine condition servicing
  18. blackve76

    VCM 3 Cam drivability in a manual?

    Any cam shouldn't stall at low revs, good tune and should drive fine that's not a really big cam and lift is a little low for a Gen4, this is a great daily cam https://www.compcams.com/lsr-cathedral-port-231-239-hydraulic-roller-cam-for-gm-ls-gen-iii-iv.html I have a Comp 239/247 in my 6l...
  19. blackve76

    How many trouble-free kays will you get out of a standard Evoke before major trouble occurs.

    I'd say the 150k mark, alternator/ water pump etc tend to go. Our 12/09 VE Berlina V6 is at 240k going strong but has has a 7500km servicing since 60k.
  20. blackve76

    Recommended Tyres for 2014 VF SS Sedan

    Agreed the 003 is a great tyre and surprised me how long they last, just need them on special. Last time local Bridgestone couldn't get RE050s in so offered me 003 at same price
  21. blackve76

    New Headers Advice

    Agreed the low down power loses with 1 7/8th headers is bull on the gen 4 maybe the LS1.
  22. blackve76

    New Headers Advice

    Wow that's a big increase, early in The VE days I had pacemaker try us and std cats on my 06 VE SS, got a cam and later on got 4~1 packed and 100 CPI cats and retune got extra 7 kws and was from 4000rpm above. My tuner told me the std cats sent that bad look at the size of them.
  23. blackve76

    [Safety Recall] Electric Power Steering — MY2014 to MY2016 Holden & HSV, VF Commodore & WN Caprice

    you should Colorado is a bucket of **** Holden should be ashamed to sell it, drive a ranger or even better a Endura and you have good steering
  24. blackve76

    VF SV6 Catback

    Don't your wasting money, just fit a std SS system
  25. blackve76

    The Great NZ Lockdown 2020 thread

    I loved the shutdown nightshift we were on doubletime from the start so the 10hr break didn't matter worked some stupid hrs but was fun times. Re thread here(adelaide) on weekend I'm in isolation day 9(son returned from USA college) so not going out but seemed to be a lot of traffic around for...
  26. blackve76

    Which shocks should I get for my VF Redline?

    Years ago I bought FE2 shocks and struts pull offs basically brand-new of eBay for $50 delivered. Lots of people remove std stuff for aftermarket so you might get a bargain. I agree if you like the handling etc before just go same gear.
  27. blackve76

    Holden dealers threat lawsuit against GM

    Doubt it seems lots of dealers ( multi franchise) are off loading Holden's to close mid yr. With the way GM is treating them I can see many caring about after service
  28. blackve76

    VF2 SSV Bolt ons.

    Your start kw and tuned and a big difference for OTR tune only just stating the original run is very low, have you got the chart by any chance love to see it.
  29. blackve76

    VF2 SSV Bolt ons.

    208rwks factory is very low for a LS3 assuming it's a auto that's a 6l number.
  30. blackve76

    VF2 SSV Bolt ons.

    VF2 have lower diff ratios from factory
  31. blackve76

    Holden dealers threat lawsuit against GM

    https://www.caradvice.com.au/837828/exclusive-holden-dealers-take-on-detroit-allege-deceptive-conduct/ Sad end to the brand, odd in some ways as surly dealers knew the end was coming with sales performance
  32. blackve76

    I think we have reached peak stupidity

    Worst part is the misses job list around the house she's been to Bunnings already.
  33. blackve76

    I think we have reached peak stupidity

    Bet govt mandates call centres have to be in Australia after this. Mobs like Qantas **** me off pay no tax to govt battle with employees with wages and plead poor at the drop of a hat. Lad flying back from US now college closed down United Airlines $1300 Qantas wanted $4000 wtf and that's one way
  34. blackve76

    I think we have reached peak stupidity

    Lost mine today technically, still employed(casual) but no idea when work will start up again, picking son up from America so we are all going to do the 14 iso deal to ensure all good. Plenty of home jobs to do and a few car bits.
  35. blackve76

    I think we have reached peak stupidity

    Generally lower life expectancy so there a younger age group so hopefully not to bad. The conspiracy theories are starting and China devastating the world's economy seems legit,
  36. blackve76

    I think we have reached peak stupidity

    FFS the reporters at press conferences asking questions are the dumbest [email protected]#ts.
  37. blackve76

    Four-wheel-drives and our new obsession

    Bloody X trails an CX3 CX5 are a joke, these idiots get on the highway and think there senna trying to overtake b doubles etc. I own a PX2 ranger with tray for work duties it's a good drive although fuel economy is great with fuel at 99c the VF just hit 7000kms long live the V8