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  1. Xplaya

    Oil Pressure High.. Even when engine not running . Sensor?

    Turned out to be oil pressure sensor. Cold start idle is sitting on 300 kPa. When warm it sits on 200 kPa. Is this normal? I cant remember what it use to sit on, i thought it sat on 300 kPa but cannot remmeber now.
  2. Xplaya

    radio upgrade

    If you are upgrading to the one in the 2nd picture, pretty sure you need to get the unit programmed to you VIN.
  3. Xplaya

    VE SS right hand side front end knock

    This video may help to double check you have connected everything right, or if you are missing something
  4. Xplaya

    VE HSV indicator flashing fast

    If all LEDS are good, then its likely the module. I would try the wiring harness fix first, Its the cheap option. Im not sure if anyone in NZ sell them though, last time I went to Holden about it, they had nothing, and that was years ago. You would have to buy them from EBay. If you are happy...
  5. Xplaya

    VE seat back removal

    Yeah, they just on there with clips. Just yank it out. Closer to the clips the better. Cant remember exactly where they are lol
  6. Xplaya

    Oil Pressure High.. Even when engine not running . Sensor?

    Thanks was wondering about this. Unplugged it and 0 kPa reading. The price @ Holden NZ, Genuine = close to $280! Aftermarket = $150. Genuine Import from AUS = $99. Bloody Hell Holden is a rip off here in NZ.
  7. Xplaya

    Oil Pressure High.. Even when engine not running . Sensor?

    HSV LS3. No Engine Light. 5W/30 Nulon. Had Ryco Filter last few months, but swapped out for AC-Delco yesterday to see if that was the issue. Out of nowhere, my oil pressure on the HSV gauge & DashCommand, has been showing 600 kPa at idle rising to 800 + kPa (Normally sat on 300 kPa). If the...
  8. Xplaya

    A/C re gas?

    Is Hychill a stop leak? Or just Aircon Refill. Wouldnt mind trying this stop leak stuff first
  9. Xplaya

    A/C re gas?

    Any luck with your issue? Or did you find a nice price to fix yours lol
  10. Xplaya

    Aircon Leak inside Cabin?

    Damn. This explains the big price :(. Im not sure if Evaporator and Condenser are next to the same area but after finding this link. https://www.facebook.com/DougallsAutoElectrics/posts/1056905554334186 Sh#t no way I will be doing this job o_O:eek::confused:
  11. Xplaya

    Aircon Leak inside Cabin?

    Took my car into the shop the other day as I have lived without Aircon for couple years now. After the check, they came back to me saying there are no leaks at all in the engine bay, it must be inside the cabin. They quoted me a significant number to do this job as they say the dash needs to...
  12. Xplaya

    Ssv headunits

    TBH if you going to upgrade you are better off upgrading to Series II or Aftermarket. Series 1 SSV headunit is below average these days. Doesnt even have bluetooth audio and weak output power
  13. Xplaya

    Headlight swap

    if you have a series 2 Omega then they wont fit flush if it's a series 1 headlight. 99% certain will be straight swap with the loom side. I have a set of HSV headlights (They the same headlight as SSV / CalaisV) at the moment on my desk I can try get some photos if need
  14. Xplaya

    Is it Worth upgrading exhaust??

    If you change to 3" alone doubt you will feel any gain. Re-Tune after may give a small gain. it will be the sound difference you have to ask yourself what you would prefer. 3" may drone more then 2.5"
  15. Xplaya

    Decelerating speed, when I step off the gas?

    e2 Clubsport Manual. I feel like the car decelerates at a faster rate then it use to while in gear? I got a Check Engine Light / limp mode about 3 weeks ago, got all the usual lights that turn off. ABS / ESP etc. Took it to my mechanic and he read / wiped the codes. There was a dealer code he...
  16. Xplaya

    VE Dash strips in Rado Silver?

    Im planning to wrap mine in carbon fibre wrap lol hopefully it comes out right. Otherwise I will just strip it off and think of another plan.
  17. Xplaya

    ve omega brakes

    What ceramic pads did you go with? I have a new set of DBA 4000 T3s and still deciding which pad to go with. The Brake Dust on the stock pads were horrible. So been thinking about going Ceramic.
  18. Xplaya

    Ve v6 to 6litre conversion

    If you are doing the Labour yourself, then it should be straight foward swap. Thats if you have a VE Calais and not a VY. You mention both so dont know which one you have.
  19. Xplaya

    VE Stereo upgrade problem.

    Thanks alot mate. A lil worried about chopping the stock amp wiring at this time lol. But damn why did they have to be different. I might try find a plug that might plug into the stock amp loom and see if I can go that way. But thanks again will give the loom a go.
  20. Xplaya

    iDrive installation

    You mean the electronic Throttle Cable? Yeah, its a mission to get too. The Boot release is right above it. But do able.
  21. Xplaya

    VE Stereo upgrade problem.

    Hey mate. Did you have any update on this? How did things go? What did you end up doing. I currently have a Sub hooked up using a Amp / LOC connected to the Rear Sub Speakers which run off the stock HSV amp. Was thinking of using the same harness you have here, and hooking up another amp for...
  22. Xplaya

    Upgrading VE Stock Speakers - How To

    Curious did you do a before and after test? With the speakers and stock system, and then adding the Sony system? Am thinking about that Sony amp you quote, as I like the sound of plug n play. But I do have a amp I can use, do you know if the harness itself is for sale? Where I could just plug...
  23. Xplaya

    Fuel pump issues ve r8 clubsport ls3

    Curious, how do you know when your fuel pumps fkd? Check Engine Light? Ive only owned my e2 for near a year so far.
  24. Xplaya

    VE afm mods

  25. Xplaya

    VE SV6 Mufflers

    Yeah imo aftermarket mufflers on the sv6 sound sporty, and horrible when you floor it. I liked the sound of SS Rear Mufflers with middle muffler delete.
  26. Xplaya

    Hsv ap racing brakes on ve

    So they are not single use bolts? You can re-use them? Or was there a special way to take them off and re-use
  27. Xplaya

    How to replace/remove front quarter panel VE SV6

    I wanted to do this, and was annoyed with the missing photos lol. Fortunately I have managed to fix up the images for everyone. Hope this helps. I do not have the images saved. So if they go again, we might lose them for good :p...
  28. Xplaya

    VE SSV Oil Pressure Gauge 1-3-5

    Am I reading this right? 6.2L LS3. 2009 model should idle @ 41kpa?
  29. Xplaya

    putting video on the iq screen.

    Give TazzI a message. His software might help. https://forums.justcommodores.com.au/threads/software-on-elm-street-obd2-engine-diagnostic-software.243045/
  30. Xplaya

    Which throttle controller is best

    I can only speak of the stealth 2.0. The stealth 3 or 4 maybe be different. The stealth 2.0 gets power from the OBD2 port (Although they do sell a double obd2 port adapter) or you can hardwire it as it wouldnt be to hard, It only utilizes the power and ground. I read the Mace gets its power...
  31. Xplaya

    HSV Brake/Tail Light not working

    Have you swapped the right tail light onto the left connector to see if its definitely the tail light and not the internal wiring on the car itself?
  32. Xplaya

    Hsv ap racing brakes on ve

    Did you find out about the rears needing them?
  33. Xplaya

    Reverse Camera Install

    Usually there is nothing plugged into that harness circled, (Pretty sure its there for extra lighter ports even though I have never seen a VE that actually uses it), the blue wire is highly likely aftermarket. Blue is usually the colour for Remote ON wire in aftermarket systems, do u have an...
  34. Xplaya

    Throttle controller

    My mates buzz out on these little things over the holidays. Gave them a test drive on eco mode, pulled over to the side for 5 seconds, switched to SP mode and told them to go. They couldn't believe how much it changed lol
  35. Xplaya

    VE SV6 throttle lag

    Hi mate i suggest you look for instructions online. But the chip is plug n play above the accelerator pedal. How dd u find the controller?
  36. Xplaya

    Advice on possible upgrades for VE

    If you can afford it definitely go CAM. Otherwise OTR Headers + Tune is still good, and nearly half the price of a Cam job.
  37. Xplaya

    Cat converter!!

    Damn. Thats daylight robbery right there.
  38. Xplaya

    Ve commodore amp install

    You realize his will look different to yours? Unless you have the same aftermarket System like he does?
  39. Xplaya

    Ve commodore amp install

    What did the install involve? Did you not have to do any ECU programming? Any modifications to stock wires? or just plug and play>?