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  1. Tasmaniak

    VZ ute full sound system upgrade

    Hey buddy, that’ll be a tidy little setup you’ll have there. Usually when I’m doing crossovers in a Commodore, my crossover gets mounted in the kick panels of each side. This is also the easiest place to intercept the wiring. There is absolutely no benefit to running new wiring from the...
  2. Tasmaniak

    My ve commodore single din solution

    So this thread caused me to finally log back in after 18months. Why? What was the reasoning for putting a single din down there? The only thing I can think of is that using the replacement fascia is too cost prohibitive? In which case... fair enough!
  3. Tasmaniak

    Post your car audio system and pictures

    Just to add to that... many 6.5” speakers are imposters!!!! Well, sort of. They are listed as being a 6.5” but are in fact a 6” but have mounting tabs for a 6.5”. Easiest way to tell is to look at the speakers mounting holes. A TRUE 6.5” will only have 4 screw holes whereas a 6” will have a...
  4. Tasmaniak

    New style double din in VS

    It would be a case of cutting out the centre section between the radio pocket and the pocket below and some trimming of the top of lower pocket to allow the screen to come down. I’m going to assume there will be a 10-15mm gap between the bottom of the screen and the bottom of that lower pocket...
  5. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    No unfortuately. Tried taking them multiple times with and without flash but it just shows a nice shiny surface.
  6. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    Thats because you are the man Ryder. Still really impressed with the VW you did for us. Anyway, not much to update. The RACV assessor contacted me annd I explained the situation regarding the orange peel, panel gaps could've been better but one was a disaster and the Merc star logo sits proud...
  7. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    While I appreciate your input, I think you might have a couple of things back to front.
  8. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    Waiting to hear back from RACV regarding getting it assessed. They wanted me to take it back to the original repairer to which I reminded them that I've already complained to them and was told it was within "specification" and on top of that, I wasn't keen on the two hour round trip for them to...
  9. Tasmaniak

    Ventured back into Holden land VT S1 Calais V6 Mangtec

    So... completed everything on the list and then sold it off. Replaced it with an e36 BMW with complete AC Schnitzer body kit, Antera 101 16" rims and Remus exhaust. Kinda like this one so looks like I will hang on to it for a bit.
  10. Tasmaniak

    VE Key Transponder Removal

    True. To completely remove it, you will need to cut the key away from it. It is glued in place. Done dozens of them for remote starts.
  11. Tasmaniak

    VH 2 Door Commodore - ADAYER SPORTIF

    So I stray away from JC for a bit... then this happens. Like stockies... stalking in the background lol
  12. Tasmaniak

    Comprehensive Road Test Just for a Map Update?

    Not neccessarily, but they are still responsible regardless. In regards to their insurance, it would totally depend upon their actual policy. E.G. My policy covers third party damage, so and so forth... but since I so rarely need to drive a customers vehicle (2-3 times a year and rarely leave...
  13. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    I honestly thought it would've been 2K but in reality, I'm happy with acrylic. The colour is a gloss black and no metallic. Im happy with the colour, blending and depth. Just the peel...
  14. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    I'll be speaking to RACV today. As yet, they are unaware of my concerns. They've always been fairly helpful in the past. I'm guessing that they've done it quickly and cheaply on the premise that the majority of Mercedes-Benz owners don't know what to look for. I know that a 13 year old C class...
  15. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    Thats right. I remember now that insuramce companies are pricks like that. Often having a preset amount of what they'll pay for a particular repair. Still I just can't accept this. I don't want to be an arse but I'm beyond disappointed over the quality.
  16. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    Thanks for that. Actually it's my understanding that peel is fairly common in the very high end hand painted cars as most of the time that orange peel occurs is human error. Looking over my car I can now see that most of the deep swirls from the POs cut and polish are actually STILL...
  17. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    Exactly right, there is a spray painter on JC that I'd wantes to try and arrange but his shop isnt a Mercedes approved repairer apparently and hence I would not get the lifetime guarantee on repairs. This is the avenue I'll be using for repairs, but first wanted some opinions on if Im asking...
  18. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    Would they need to reclear and then buff it again afterwards?
  19. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    Interesting point. They could argue though that the paint is better than how it went in... with lots of scratches from preuous owners poor attempt at a cut and polish. Although, there is harshly any orange peel throughout the rest of the car. I'm even happy to accept some light peel in their...
  20. Tasmaniak

    Did my smash repairer lie to me?

    Today I picked up my wife 03 C180 Kompressor from a smash repairer in western suburbs of Melbourne. We went there because they one of only two approved Benz repairers for RACV. The other place was closer to us, but we went with these guys because they had a really scmick and clean workshop. Plus...
  21. Tasmaniak

    ///Mock3 "Luxury" Edition

    Hey Hak, would love to get some pointers from you regarding the RTABS. particularly anything that you had saying "Wish I'd known that before I started!" also any tools you found useful or wish you had. Just got swapped the Calais to a mate who needed a reliable car and I've taken on his E36 318i.
  22. Tasmaniak

    Hi Sharon, only just saw your message. Do you still need the code?

    Hi Sharon, only just saw your message. Do you still need the code?
  23. Tasmaniak

    Alpine Crossover wiring

    Yes, the sold are woryh it. You could have intercepted the speaker wires before they go into the doors and spliced your crossover wires in there instead of feeding the cable through the door. You had the right idea in the first place.
  24. Tasmaniak

    Which crossovers should I get

    10uF 50V Bi-Polar RB Electrolytic Capacitor | Electrolytic | Capacitors | Passive Components | PRODUCTS | RY6810 | Jaycar Electronics .55¢ from jaycar and will create a -12db slope for all Hz below about 2.8khz
  25. Tasmaniak

    vy commodore how to access fuse box

    Also... The bulbs are blown... If it was a fuse, none of the dash lights would work.
  26. Tasmaniak

    Complete VN,VP,VR,VS,VQ,VG Headunit Guide [56k warning]

    Dude. Stahp! Joo mekkin me feel old!
  27. Tasmaniak

    Ventured back into Holden land VT S1 Calais V6 Mangtec

    Just like Britney Spears, I did it again... from a friend of the family I've purchased a one owner 98 S1 V6 Calais for a grand total of $300! My reason for buying it was that our Prado was just costing way too much to drive each day $150/week foor Prado and after two weeks in the Calais Ive so...
  28. Tasmaniak

    Aftermarket double din head unit stuck

    I felt it had to be done... Am I going to hell now?
  29. Tasmaniak

    electrical issue with Holden Vectra

    Could be an earth point also worthwhile checking the voltage output of the alternator.
  30. Tasmaniak

    Budget build for vh need advice.

    Actually I think 500hp for less than 15K is quite acheivable. Especially if youre prepared to use second hand parts and spend time researching. Also the condition of the rest car will play a part. My choice would be the LS swap hands down. Already plenty of power to begin with. Given that one...
  31. Tasmaniak

    The Thread for Those That Have Left Us Before Their Time Was Up (the trolls)

    So many lols in this thread! As for the guy who used to own a green VN and his name started atarted with Rat... I'm lost as to who that could be.................. loooooooooollolololololol..........lol.............llloooooooooollololol........
  32. Tasmaniak

    Supercheap $20 Speaker special 65% off

    Id rather buy new factory speakers than those. When i sell a car and rip the stereo back out of it... thats what i put back in.
  33. Tasmaniak

    Radio and can bus

    Research alpine ve series 1
  34. Tasmaniak

    Gardening / Landscaping

    FWIW it's worth... we apparently need a bigger table. That table I showed earlier is now for sale lol.
  35. Tasmaniak

    Where to buy bulk portable hard drives

    Cheers mate. Appreciate the input.
  36. Tasmaniak

    Where to buy bulk portable hard drives

    Hey guys, looking to purchase about 10x portable HDD. Essentially I'm converting all the old family videos and want to distribute them on HDD to the family. I'm happy with either USB 2 or 3. Although 3 would definetly make it quicker for myself... but not necessary once completed. I'm...
  37. Tasmaniak

    Gardening / Landscaping

    Are they a bit closer together?
  38. Tasmaniak

    Gardening / Landscaping

    Beautiful Dane. Fantastic coat.
  39. Tasmaniak

    Muslim children walk out when national anthem is sung

    Your agnostic atheist white arse contradicts you in your username. Lol